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Chapter 879 The Angel And The Devil Ll

‘Hell no! Asna glared at Felix after seeing that he was actually considering her offer.

‘Babe, its the heir of the white dragon clan, one of the four major clans in the royal family. Felix said with a serious tone,She can be my way in the royal family to seek a method to obtain the ancestral scales.

Felix knew that the reason the dragons royal family didnt have a name was due to its peculiar structure.

Instead of having an emperor or an empress and their family members, the dragons royal family consisted of four major clans.

The Red Dragon Clan, The Black Dragon Clan, The White Dragon Clan, and The Green Dragon Clan.

pᴀɴda nᴏvel Those clans rule over all the dragons around the universe.

However, there could never be peace with four leaders acting at once.

Hence, after a century passes, the current elder dragon was required to battle a challenger for his throne.

The challenger naturally arise from within those four clans.

If the elder dragon won, he could keep his position for the next hundred years.

If he lost, he gets degraded to the position of his clan elder while the challenger becomes the new elder dragon.

Anyhow, obtaining solid connection with those four major clans wasnt an easy task.

‘Look at her eyes, she is clearly not planning to help you from the UVR but actually meet you there. Asna mumbled in annoyance.

‘You are worrying too much.

There is no way Lady Yggdrasil or the elvish officials will allow their only heir to leave their realm. Felix shook his head.

Heir or not, the universes dangers didnt discriminate. 

“I would love to meet this friend of yours.” Felix smiled.

“You agree” Selphies eyes widened in happiness.

“Agree about wh…”

“Give me a second, I will go pack my stuff right now.” Too excited, Selphie ignored Felixs question and logged out before their eyes.


Speechless, Felix could only stare at Selphies empty seat, not daring to turn around and look at Asna.

He could feel her fuming dreadful eyes, boring a hole through his cheek, making him understand that he had f*cked up big time.

“I can, I can explai…”

“You bastard!! I will kill you!” 

Alas, Asna was too pissed to listen to his excuses as she jumped on him akin to a drunken crazy woman and started hitting him in the chest with her purse.

“This is domestic abuse!” Felix cried out loud.

“You better call her and tell her to f*ck off as far as possible!” Asna threatened while giving Felix a death stare.

“You know damn well I cant do that.” Felix retorted while holding her arms to stop her abuse, “It will make me look like I am playing with her…Trust me, she doesnt have permission to travel outside.

She is purely acting on excitement.”

Felix was still adamant that Selphie wouldnt be given permission to visit the Icarius Galaxy.

He knew that she was crushing over him hard, making her make such a rapid and irrational decisions.

But, when her crazy plan get noticed by Lady Yggdrasil or the elvish Queen, she would be stopped immediately.

“For your balls sake, you better be right.” Asna threatened one last time while standing up.

“I am right, I know I am right…Just chill out for a bit.” Felix fixed his outfit while returning to his seat.

“With being this worked out, I guess you are starving.”

“Screw you…Spicy chicken wings with rice and fries.”

“I bet you wouldnt have ordered this if Selphie was still here.” Felix mumbled under his breath while scrolling down the menu.

“Bastard, you really want to get a beat down.” Asna gave him a death stare but didnt act on it, knowing that he was right.

In a few minutes, both of them had two buckets of fried chicken and table full of side dishes.

While they were feasting on their food, Selphie was in a heated discussion with Lady Yggdrasil about her sudden interest in heading towards Icarius Galaxy.

As Felix anticipated, it wasnt going well for Selphie.

“Girl, I have never been interested in romance or such nonsense, but even I know that showing youre desperate for his love is a major red flag.” Lady Yggdrasil frowned as she chided Selphie.

“You havent seen his girlfriend in person.” Selphie bit her lips as she retorted, “Even I felt a attracted to her…There is no way he will give me time if I dont take such drastic measures.”

The moment Asna was introduced to Selphie, her mind went absolutely blank for a few seconds due to her destructive beauty.

To worsen it, Asna went all out in her dress and style, making her resemble a diva coming for the kill.

If it wasnt for Felix acting up to wake her from her daze, she would have embarrassed herself before Asna.

Ever since then, she knew that stealing Felix from Asna was going to be even harder than understanding the time element runes.

When Lady Yggdrasil saw that Selphie wasnt planning on taking a no for an answer, she could only sigh in exasperation.

“You are going to get hurt badly.”

“I dont care.” Selphie said with a resolved look, “He already rejected me once…Whats even worse than that As they say, you cant kill whats already dead.”

“If only you displayed this kind of determination in learning about time runes, you would have already mastered 20% of them…” Lady Yggdrasils lips twitched at the sight of her daughters fanatic expression.

She knew that elves could get easily obsessed if they wanted something badly, but this was definitely not going to be healthy for her in the long run.

“Whatever, you can go if you managed to convince Alfreda.” Lady Yggdrasil waved her hand in annoyance.

“But mom…Big sis will definitely block me.” Selphie gave her a puppy look, “Cant you talk to her, she listens to all your commands.”

“Thats your problem to solve.” 

Not planning to entertain her any further, Lady Yggdrasil kicked Selphie out of the royal garden.

Selphie could only sigh helplessly and walk back to her room, knowing that if she wanted to convince the current Queen, she would need a good damn excuse.

‘I can do it…As long as she doesnt find out about Felix.

Selphie knew that if the Queen got a whiff of her crash on Felix, she would be banned from seeing him again.

It wasnt because he was a man but simply due to his race.

It was known universal wide that Queen Alfreda hated nothing more than the human race.

No one knows if she was simply being racist or something horrible happened to her that was related to humans.

Whatever it was, Felix would never get her approval even if Selphie spoke of him as the best human to ever exist.

A few minutes later…

Selphie could be seen walking towards a humongous oval milky white gate that was guarded by two fair skinned elves in green armor.

The armor was made out of green vines and leaves, making them appear one with nature.

When they saw Selphie walking towards them, they lowered their heads and pushed the gate wide open for her.

“Thank you.” Selphie nodded politely and stepped inside.

What came before her was a vast throne chamber that was vibrating with life and exuberance.

Everything was colorful and well lighted, making anyone wonder if this was an actual meditation room instead of a throne chamber.

There were two thin long rivers running at the sides of a yellow carpet made out of golden wheat.

The rivers were filled with colorful and unique looking fish, which were swimming back and forth.

The ceiling was a glass dome that allowed direct contact with the sun, feeding the mesmerizing trees and flowers situated all over the throne chamber.

Naturally, there were birds nesting on those trees and paying rent with their pleasing chirps that made chamber extra lively.

At the end of the chamber, a giant white tree was in the middle.

Inside the trunk, there was a perfect natural made hole that had a single big green pillow.

The woman sitting on it would make souls escape from mens bodies if it meant being able to get close to her…

If Selphie could be thought of as an innocent gorgeous angel, then this woman would be seen as a natural-born goddess.

This was Alfreda Olafiel, the Queen of the nine elvish realms and one of the ten rulers of the SGAlliance!

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