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Felix spawned in his newly bought standard house that had two floors and one basement.

Felix spent a quite large sum on buying this house since it was within the inner circle of the capital city, where all of the centers, markets, and companies were concentrated.

He would rather spend more coins on getting this one than to buy a cheap house on the outskirts of the city and spend more time traveling to reach the inner circle.

Felix scanned the basic decor of the house and left it as it is without changing or adding anything.

He preferred keeping things simple.

He then stepped outside and locked the door shut, planning to head towards the Supremacy Games Administration Office.

Anyone who wanted to start his climb in the SG platform must first sign a strict contract in this office.

A contact that presented all the rules, terms, conditions, rewards, and more of such, during the participation in the games.

A fully conclusive contract that had been modified over and over again for a million years until a solid version without a single loophole had been created.

This was how the players die in real life if they died in a game!

The moment Felix signs, his life would be bound to the SG rules.

Hence, If he died in a game, his consciousness which was connected to the Queen would be crushed by her without mercy.

No one could escape this fate, not even the son of a race leader.

The Alliance kept going smoothly only due to those strict rules that were being enforced by the Queen AI.

After a while, Felix got out of the hovering cab and stood in front of the unique looking Administration Office.

It was made of a two structure building.

The first one designed in this shape \'ⴳ\' completely made out of white glass, meanwhile the other structure was composed of black glass in the shape of \'ⵖ\'.

Those were two letters from the common universal language and they meant \'S\' \'G\' in English respectively.

In other words, they were abbreviations for Supremacy Games.

Felix entered the \'ⵖ\' shaped building, as this one was responsible for all the paperwork of the Alexander kingdom SG branch.

He passed through the line of participants who were queuing to join the deadly games, hoping to change their poor fate and strike rich.

After all, if they won a single game they could wish for richness, and it would be fulfilled.

As long as it was within reason.

Felix stood in front of the receptionist and asked politely for the fastest appointment.

Sir, the earliest free appointment is 6 hours from now.

Do you want to reserve it She asked professionally with a light smile.

Yes, please.

I will pay upfront for the services. Felix put his bracelet in the scanning device, and 100.000 SC was deducted from his bank account.

This was merely the payment for signing the contract, nothing more, nothing less.

This fee was added later to limit the newbies\' large numbers surge.

Thank you sir for your cooperation, do you wish to wait in the normal lounge or the VIP lounge She asked.

Neither, I am leaving.


Felix immediately turned his back and left the building swiftly.

He was not stupid to waste 6 hours doing nothing but paying for their expensive drinks and food.

He would rather go to the Training Center and spend those 6 hours practicing his abilities and creating new methods of using them more efficiently.

That was exactly what he did.


After 20 minutes, the hovering cab stopped in front of the training Center, which appeared just like a large-scale gym that had 80 floors with see-through glass windows, showing bloodliners either sparring with each other or practicing on machines, somewhat resembling the ones Felix used on the Measurement Center.

Felix changed his formal clothes to a training outfit with a snap of a finger and walked to the training center.

Sir! Sir! Mind considering to join my club It has rooms that have dummies AI with medium difficulty.

Plus, our leader is a renowned 1st stage bloodliner!

Handsome, join my Diamond of Hearts club instead! It was founded by a group of beauties.

Trust me, you will never feel lazy in their presence.

I can promise you a date if you choose to join my Limitless Club.

Please consider.

Immediately after he stepped inside, he was surrendered by three cute girls chirping rapidly, each relying on their own techniques to steal his attention from their competitors.

Felix looked at their hazy puppy eyes and firmly rejected their recruitment.

No thank you.

Without waiting for the 2nd round of harassment, he wiggled away from their clutches, heading towards the elevator.

Tsk, Impotent bastard. One of them left in irritation to hunt for other prey.

Meanwhile, the girl who promised him a date pulled a mirror from her AP bracelet and touched her face gently while murmuring.

How can he resist my cuteness I wasted 200.000 SC on modifying my face.

Hehe, your face is so fake, only a blind person would actually fall for you.

Maybe you should stop promising them dates, you are creeping the newcomers away. The last girl that was beside her, sneered and walked away, trying to seek another newbie.

Sima! You b*tch I had enough of your insults! The girl did not back down, but took it a step further and threw the mirror at Sima\'s head!


Ouch!!! Sima yelped in pain after the mirror made clear contact with her scalp, causing a small wound to open up right above her forehead.

blood drops began to slide slowly from the wound down her flushed red cheeks.

You slut!! you asked for it. Sima yelled furiously, and jumped on the girl, grabbing her hair viciously.

Of course, her hair wasn\'t spared as well from being pulled and dragged around.

Instantly, their fight turned into a hot catfight for the bloodliners on the first floor, and the streetwalkers outside to spectate.

No one broke them apart or bothered to report this to the management team.

They merely gawked in enjoyment with lewd expressions at the two girls ripping each other clothes with their sharp nails.

Felix, who indirectly started this, was nowhere to be found on the first floor, as he already took the elevator and reached the 21st floor.

This time, only two males asked him if he wanted to join their clubs politely.

Felix rejected them with a head shake, and they left him alone in peace after.

\'Sigh, the competition for newcomers is really as fierce as ever.\' Felix sighed in frustration over having to deal with the upcoming tens of requirement offers, as he knew that in the Training Center, there were about 35 clubs or so ruling those 80 floors.

In the earlier days, there were actually 80 clubs, each ruling one floor, but they were later either annexed and devoured by stronger clubs or merged with other ones to defend their training territory.

This was how the Training Center was being operated now.

The strong get more floors to train in and practice, while the weak could only get kicked out of the center due to lack of space.

After all, there was only one Training Center in the entire capital city and it could not hold every bloodliner who wished to train peacefully.

This was not like other companies or centers, where one just needed to wait in line for his turn, but a place where a bloodliner needs to earn his entry ticket by fighting his way through the floors, and the higher he climbs, the better the training equipment, rooms, and AI dummies he would find.

Felix stopped at the 21st Floor because he was positive he could win against a bloodliner here and take his place rightfully, without having to pass a club trails to secure a spot.

Even though those clubs were ruling the floors, they were not working in a dictatorship system, where either you join them or scram.

In fact, they operate on one rule; you want to train on a floor Simply challenge one and take his spot, or pass our trails and secure one.

Felix was planning on taking the challenge route.

Confident, he cracked his knuckles forcefully while walking inside the noisy training floor.

Who wants to be a good lad and give me his spot He smirked, as he taunted everyone who was in his plain sight.


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