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Felix reached the hotel in only 10 minutes by using the newly constructed highway that connected the airport and the hotel.

The chief constructors decided to first build solid paths in the island, to facilitate the movement of their vehicles, since it was impossible to rush the construction within two years if the paths connecting the island were uneven.

Felix gave the green light for the chiefs to do as they please after he left.

Honestly, it was the best decision he made, simply because he knew absolutely nothing about construction.

It was always better to let the professional do their jobs than to arrogantly give retarded orders just because he was the boss.

This was the result of Felix leaving his hand out of everything.

Two buildings were done, two others were on the way, and the last one had just begun construction.

Felix immediately went to his suite without bothering anyone from doing their job.

Good thing, he wore sunglasses hiding his eyes, as every lady he met on the way gave him a 2nd glance, appreciating his handsome appearance.

But that was it, non of them left their work station to hit on him since Felix was emitting an obvious \'don\'t approach me vibe.\'

After entering his bedroom he removed his clothes and straightway took a quick shower.

A few minutes later, he wore a new pair of clothes and left the suite, planning to scout the buildings\' situations to get it over with as soon as possible.

After all, he was about to enter the UVR and remain inside for a quite long time.

Felix drove by himself towards the Seaport to check on how the remodel turned out.

12 minutes later, he parked near the dock and exited the jeep.

Immediately after seeing the new seaport, he could only nod his head in praise.

Even though nothing major changed from the design itself, nonetheless, all of the equipment now looked brand new and clean with red and yellow luster on them after the paint job Berry did.

The entire seaport now only needed employees and workers to handle its operations.

Alright now the residential area and the hospital. Felix didn\'t spend even two minutes in the seaport before reentering the jeep and driving rapidly in the direction of those buildings.

After 5 minutes he arrived at the center of the Island that turned into a large residential area able to host tens of thousands of employees and their families.

Felix did not step outside of the jeep but merely spectated everything from the window of his car while driving by.

Even though the design was quite standard, it still had all of the foundations needed for a residential area, such as school, gyms, grocery shops, parks, pools, and more.

The only thing missing was college, but he couldn\'t do much about it.

At the end of the day, this was just an island, and not a single professor would stay away from the academic scene to teach in the middle of nowhere.

However, Felix already had within the employment contract, that students would have all of their travel expenses from the island to the college free of charge.

Felix specifically wanted for all of his employees to feel complete on this island without lacking anything, making his Island a paradise for families.

Shortly after, he parked near the hospital and entered a clean-looking glass building.

He surveilled each room and found that everything was proper just like a large hospital.

The only complaint he had was about the bad shapes of the medical equipment and how outdated they were.

Since I already obtained the transfer contract, I can start replacing those equipments with brand new ones.

I can\'t have my VIPs insult my island due to them. Felix made a mental note, while walking further down the hospital.

Soon he reached the elevator and clicked on the top floor where the VIP rooms were supposed to be.


10 minutes later, he left the hospital completely satisfied.

Everything he saw was perfect, except for the equipment.

But that was not Abigail\'s fault.

She did her job wonderfully.

Now it was his turn to upgrade the hospital.

Without further ado, he called his aunt Marry and informed her about the current situation.

Don\'t worry dear Felix; I will call Leila to give me all the details of the equipment needed after so I will send you a fine. She said calmly.

Alright thank you aunty.

I will leave the payment for Leila to handle as well.

Goodbye dear, and thank you for your gift again.

You made me happy after seeing all of my friend\'s envious looks. She giggled like a girl in her teenage days.

She truly seemed overjoyed by the everlasting youth potion.

As long as you are happy aunty, talk to you later. Felix hanged up, smiling.


1 hour later, the blue fatty worm brought Felix his VR pod and left while throwing some insults at Felix for no reason.

Felix touched the large silver metallic pod gently, and felt the smoothness of its material.

He then clicked a blue button at the side, and the glass door slid to the side revealing the comfortable interior.

He stepped in and lay down for a few seconds, then stood up in satisfaction.

Good the measurements are correct. he turned slightly to the left and clicked another button.

This time a small window of glass brightened up, showing 60 blue tubes of nutrition.

Felix opened the window and lifted one of them.

One will last me for a week, which means I can stay inside the UVR for 60 weeks straight without worry about my health. He murmured.

Although he could stay that long inside the UVR, Felix never planned on doing so, since he needed to keep integrating his bloodline from time to time.

But that was only if he possessed the required Jörmungandr bloodline.

Otherwise, he could stay as much as possible inside until he found some.

After few minutes of checking the condition of the pod, Felix was quite satisfied by what he saw.

He exited the pod and lifted it up like a feather, planning to install it in his bedroom.

A few minutes later, he finished its installation and called for Leila and Jack to come to his room.

Both of them were already near the hotel, so they didn\'t take much time to arrive.

Felix brought them to his bedroom and showed them the pod.

He then began explaining how he planned to spend those three months in the hotel.

This is a VR Pod that I bought.

I will use it to spend the majority of my time inside.

So don\'t allow anyone to enter and bother me.

I will call you whenever I am out.


Yes young master Felix. they bowed their heads, trying their best to hide that a hint of envy after seeing the famous VR pod that could allow one to live as long as possible inside the UVR.

But they didn\'t dare greed over it or disobey Felix, especially now after they spent a huge amount of effort to get into his good shoes.

Felix excused them with a wave of a hand and removed all of his clothes.

He then stepped inside the pod and lay peacefully.

Queen please activates all of the pod systems.

How long do you plan to stay inside Sir Felix

It depends on the situation.

Alright Sir, the systems are on.

You can start whenever you like.

Good, begin at once.

Immediately after, a needle connected with a tube penetrated his left arm and started injecting the blue nutrition moderately.

Since Felix was using the best of the best nutrients, he wouldn\'t need to urinate or defecates for the entire duration.

Felix bought the best merely to avoid relying on the other unspeakable tubes under his rear, which were prepared for the broke poor users.

Like Felix in his previous life.

He never wanted to experience that horror again.


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