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Chapter 849 – l Will Never Speak Trash About Poison Again.

Before Felix and the others could celebrate the success of their strategy, they were shocked to notice that the remaining poison puppets started exploding!!

Phew Phew…

Felix and the rest reacted extremely fast and used their abilities to take cover against the poisonous projectiles!

Felix created many void rifts that acted as shields.

On the other hand, his teammates hid within their shells while pulling giant solidified walls.

Sadly, the poisonous fragments were too potent, they managed to penetrate past the walls and land on their shells!

The moment they touched their shells, they bounced away, not able to penetrate it as well.

However, they left many purplish discoloring on them that were being spread in a slow manner throughout their shells.

“F*ck this, I am leaving!”

Not able to handle the bombardment anymore, Slagwing was the first to throw the towel and retreat downward by digging another tunnel.

“You f*cking retard!” Felix cursed furiously after Slagwing bailed on his post.

Felix knew that retreating was the only solution at the moment, and he intended to do so.

However, it wasnt as simple as digging downward or jumping in the void realm.

He knew that the only reason they were not being run over was due to Nina and Slagwing keeping the tunnels reinforced.

Now that Slagwing had bailed on them without warning

Boom Boom Boom!…

Countless poison puppets broke through the rubble and charged towards them akin to suicide bombers!

Felix knew that the moment they enter their range, they would start exploding yet again!

“Leave! I will cover your back!” Felix commanded.

“We will be waiting for you.”

Webor, Nina, and Rotspawn didnt hesitate to follow Slagwing, knowing that Felix wouldnt be killed by those poison puppets no matter what.

Boom Boom!

Since Nina left her post, the rest of the tunnels were broken through immediately.

Felix wasnt concerned with the increased number of the poison puppets.

He waited until the majority were near him and then activated his void domain.

Just like mote flying towards the fire, the poison puppets kept disappearing into the dark sphere.

Although Felix had expanded it to the limit, many poison puppets had escaped the void domain and chased after his teammates by digging their own tunnels.

‘It looks like master isnt micromanaging them but still gives them general orders. Felix reasoned after seeing that the rest of the puppets kept avoiding his domain.

When Felix did a quick calculation, he realized that his domain had barely killed more than a hundred poison puppet.

His void energy was on the verge of exhaustion for a mere hundred puppets.

He didnt need to return to the surface to understand that Jörmungandr was probably making thousands of additional puppets.

He was absolutely right.

Jörmungandr could be seen chilling while continuously enlarging his already overwhelming army.

5% strength meant that his elemental pool could sustain making even hundred thousand of those puppets if he wanted!

‘This is hard, this is far too hard. Felix knitted his eyebrows,I understand that we merely need to impress the primogenitors to pass the floor, but how are we supposed to do that when each ability used can kill us numerous times

The only hope that Felix had about the game was the fact that the copies would not be as smart as the real deal.

This would make it a bit easier to pull fast one on them…If not, they would get killed infinitely until the end of the game.

Knowing that it was futile to keep his void domain active, Felix swiftly entered the void realm and used it as a shortcut to meet his teammates.

However, when he arrived and saw their condition, he knew that the battle was already over.

“Captain…I dont feel so good.” Webor said with a faint voice and droopy eyes.

Felix wasnt focusing on his face but the purplish dots that were spreading all over his skin.

They had already covered his entire shell, making Felix conclude that this was the doing of the poisonous fragments.

“I cant believe the poison was potent enough to affect you through your shell.” Felix smiled bitterly as he eyed the rest of his team.

All of them exhibited the same symptoms as Webor.

Felix knew that they had a mere half a minute or even less before the poison take their lives.

‘I will…never…speak…trash…about…poison…in..my life…ever…agai..

Before Rotspawn could finish his sentence, his eyes had been sealed shut.

Webor, Nina, and Slagwing went away quietly a few seconds later.

Felix didnt even try to save them with medicine, knowing that he would need hours first to research the poison composition…Then, he needed to experiment several antidotes on them.

Even then, it was doubtful if he could create the antidote for this horrendous poison.

The moment Jörmungandr sensed that his poison had taken the lives of Webor and the others, he snapped his finger and cancelled all of his abilities.

As promised, he used three abilities…Poisonous cloud, poison puppets, and lastly puppet explosion.

They were more than enough to put them in utter despair without requiring Jörmungandr to move even an inch from his position.

After doing so, he teleported them outside the battlefield and rejoined the group.

The moment Felix allowed his teammates to perish, he was considered as lost the fight.

“Chins up, you guys did better than expected with the little knowledge you had about my abilities.” Jörmungandr comforted with a gentle smile after seeing their downcast expressions.

Even Felix started to have his confidence crack a bit.

“Indeed, I firmly believe that the fight will go in a different direction the next time.” Aspidochelone nodded.

It was common sense that fighting with Intel was a hundred times much better than doing so blindly.

It allowed them to predict what was about to come and prepare for the worst situations.

“Highly doubtful.” Rotspawn shook his head in frustration, “So what if we knew about elder Jörmungandrs killer poison or his other abilities We still have no way of defending against them.”

“Seconded.” Nina sighed, “Our abilities get poisoned too and if we get touched by the slightest particles, we end up dying either way.

How can we fight like this”

Heavenly turtles were known for their indestructible shells and amazing earth manipulation…Sadly, against Jörmungandrs true poison, they amount to nothing.

“The only reason I survived both battles was because of my immunities.” Felix smiled bitterly, “If we fought against elder Cherufe, elder Erebus, or even Madam Kumiho, I will be the first to go if I dont hide in my void realm.”

For the first time in a very long while, Felix was given a reality check about his current strength.

When he kept slaying dragons left and right, he was getting a bit overconfident in his strength, making him believe that he was close to the peak.

After all, he was slaying members of one of the strongest races in the universe.

In his eyes, even if he wasnt at the peak yet, he was getting there.

But now He realized that his void abilities, physical strength, smarts, and elemental manipulations meant absolutely nothing against the real deal.

In fact, he wasnt even fighting with the real deal…Just a tiny, tiny fraction of it.

This was more than plenty for him to wave the white flag.

When his masters read his thoughts, they couldnt help but give him funny looks.

“Kid, you are still not even thirty.” Thor bumped Felix in the head as he chided, “Yet, you dare believe that you can defeat us Even at 0.1%, any random primogenitor can still wipe the floor with you.”

Felix was used to his fast pace of improving, he forgot that the primogenitors didnt reach such a level of intellect and strength without their own struggles.

They lived for billions of years for gods sake…The things they went through were simply unfathomable to Felix.

Even if they lowered their strength below Felix and reduced their elemental manipulation, he would still receive the thrashing of a lifetime.

You simply couldnt put a price on billions of years of experience.

“I know now.” At ease, Felix exhaled deeply after getting rid of those negative thoughts.

He understood that his strength was still not even in the radar of primogenitors, but it didnt mean that it would always be like this.

As long as he kept working hard, he was bound to achieve the same height.

“Take a break, you will be fighting Aspidochelone at 10% of his strength soon.” Thor informed.

“With all due respect to elder Aspidochelone, I doubt that will be helpful to us now.” Felix shook his head as he asked, “I prefer if you used just 5%.”

Felix wasnt delusional to believe that the outcome of their fight would be any better than the previous two battles.

5% was already enough to put them in utter despair.

He would rather not find out what would happen to them against a primogenitor with 10% of his strength.

“Slow and steady, agreed.” Aspidochelone smiled as he nodded in agreement.

“One more thing.” Felix gave Slagwing a indifferent look and said, “You are out.”

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