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Chapter 847 Cant Be Defeated!

‘F*cking hell! I cant stop it! Rotspawn cried in his mind as he kept firing a torrent of mud at Felix uncontrollably.

He felt like he was a mere spectator within his own body…Hell, he was certain that even his emotions could be manipulated if Thor wanted.

“I am quite certain that my copy will be using this ability against you guys if you end up fighting it in the 5th floor.” Thor informed calmly while controlling the three heavenly turtles to keep pressuring Felix.

Felix couldnt do anything but keep evading their attacks.

He was unable to fight back neither could he target Thor when he was in a complete elemental form, making him untouchable.

“So, I advise you to think of a way to free them out of my restraint.” Thor said.

Upon hearing so, Felix realized that Thor wouldnt have said that if this abnormal ability wasnt without limitation.

‘The infused parasitic discharge must have hijacked their nervous system and not completely destroyed it. Felix pondered as he kept dodging all sorts of earth-based abilities,This allows master to control them with his external manipulation.

Felix understood that controlling someone mentally was a thousand times much easier than this.

After all, mind controlling someone simply enable the controller to give out orders to the affected individual.

He would be carrying them out subconsciously.

On the other hand, the parasitic discharge gives complete manual control to the body and mind!

This allowed Thor to be more free in his control to the point he could even use elemental abilities by sending out the appropriate signals…But at the same time, it had a heavy toll on the mind.

Felix knew that if it was him, he wouldnt even be able to control a frog to walk!!

‘Its unfathomable how can he achieve such a complex control over three bodies remotely but as long as I get rid of the discharge, they will be freed from his control!

Without further ado, Felix blinked next to Rotspawns left leg and released a high disorienting voltage through his skin.

Rotspawn started spasming for a few moments before falling into the ground without a single ounce of strength in his limbs.

‘What did you do captain! I cant fe..el an..yt..h..ing! Rotspawn exclaimed in horror as he remained static on the ground, not moving an inch.

‘Did I just paralyze him Felix frowned while sensing the electrical signals within Rotspawns body.

They were faint throughout his entire body, and they were getting fainter.

Felix realized that Rotspawns organs would start failing in a few seconds at best.

In half a minute, his brain would shut down entirely!

“Why do think I never taught you this ability before” Thor shook his head as he appeared above Felix.

“Forget the difficult manual control part, you wont even be able to hijack someones nervous system.” Thor explained calmly, “Its a very delicate process that requires a perfect understanding of the nervous system of the life form you are trying to control.

That common discharge has been created with the perfect voltage to infuse itself within your teammates nervous system.”

ρꪖꪁⅆꪖ ꪁꪫꪚⅇ​ꪶ​ “If its lower, they wont even sense it…If its higher, they might feel a tiny prick on their skin.” Thor stressed, “It has to be flawless.”

“No wonder…”

The fog had been cleared out of Felixs mind after hearing his explanation.

He believed that by shocking his teammates nervous system, he might be able to remove the parasitic discharge and give them their control back.

Unfortunately, his interference had made it much worse as the moment he tried to kill off the discharge, Thor simply decided to kill off the host!

It wasnt that hard when he literally controlled his emotions and even thoughts.

“Does this mean the only two options left are either force you out of your external manipulation range or avoid being invaded by those parasitic discharges from the get go”

Felix didnt like those two options one bit.

Kicking off Thor out of his external manipulation was almost impossible when he could simply transmute into lightning.

As for avoiding the parasitic discharges It wouldnt be easy when they were so small, it was almost impossible to spot them.

“You should understand now.” Thor comforted, “Your goal isnt to defeat or kill a primogenitor copy but to impress us, so we can allow you to pass the ancestral floors.”

“I see…” Felix sighed exasperatedly.

Although he knew that defeating Thor wasnt going to be an easy task, he didnt expect him to be this difficult to deal with even he had just 1% of his strength.

Although the copies in the game were going to be much easier to handle than dealing with the real deal, Felix already dropped any thoughts he had about killing them.

He couldnt even handle Thor while he had lightning immunity, he didnt dare what would happen to him when he lands against other primogenitors.

Right now, he would be happy if his teams performance had warranted him a pass to the next floor.

“Prepare for your next fight.” Thor clapped his hands and teleported everyone outside the jungle, “We are done here.”ρaꪁⅆa ꪁꪫꪚⅇ​ꪶ​

There was no point in fighting when he had taken control over Felixs team and making sure that it would be impossible for Felix to save them.

“Did you have to demoralize them this hard” Aspidochelone scolded Thor after seeing his descendants depressed expressions.

“They had to understand what they will be dealing with.” Thor shrugged his shoulders as he beamed a bottle of dark liquor.

“Lets take a ten-minute break.” Jörmungandr proposed, knowing that fighting them at the moment wouldnt benefit them at all.

The entire purpose of the spar was to teach them and set them straight for their upcoming game, not to bully them.

So, after seeing that some color had been restored in their faces, Jörmungandr challenged them with 5% of his strength.

“Go easy on us master…” Felix coughed.

“You dont have to worry.” Jörmungandr smiled, “I will be using two three abilities at best.”

‘Three ability Felix gulped audibility, feeling even more nervous at the sound of that.

Too bad, Jörmungandr didnt intend to explain any further.

He teleported them to an medieval city with a ruined towering castle and destroyed wooden houses.

Even the walls surrounding the town werent spared as they were completely toppled over.

Felix and his team were placed near the northern wall while Jörmungandr had teleported himself to the center.

‘How are we going to fight him Webor shivered,I cant even imagine what he can do with 5% of his strength.

‘With all due respect to elder Jörmungandr, he is still a poison user. Slagwing smirked,We just need to protect our skin with a solid armor and refrain from reducing our breathing to the minimum.

‘Agreed. Nina nodded,Captain is immune to poison, and we can easily hold our breaths for hours without an issue to our performance.

‘We just have to worry about his physical strength. Rotspawn added.

‘I doubt he will be fighting us with his fists. Slagwing smirked,Its already known that elder Thor and elder Jörmungandr are rivals.

Since elder Thor has defeated us while using mostly his element, I firmly believe that elder Jörmungandr will do the same.


‘We can actually win this!

While his teammates were getting hyped up about killing his master, Felix remained as quiet as a mouse.

He could see that his master was being underestimated due to his element.

After all, there wasnt any good representation of poison element for a very long time now, making them subconsciously trust in their counter-measures.

But Felix understood the true horror of poison in the right hands…He truly feared for his life in this fight even though he was immune to poison.

‘Let them be happy while it last. Felix kept those thoughts to himself and began preparing to ambush Jörmungandr.

He didnt even need to scout ahead to know that Jörmungandr must be waiting for them in the center of the map.

In a few minutes, they agreed on a simple plan that should work if no one butchered his part.

All of them moved at once, heading towards Jörmungandr from different directions.

They were wearing brown solid armor that covered every inch of their skin, exposing only their eyes.

Meanwhile, Felix didnt jump into void realm as he hid within Webors shell while carrying his battleaxe.

When everyone got to their locations, he asked if they were ready.

The moment he received confirmation, he gave out the order to attack simultaneously!

Whoosh Whoosh!

The four turtles began hurling giant solid boulders, spears, swords, and all sort of ranged abilities at the chilling Jörmungandr.

‘Keep it up!

Felix stressed as he watched Jörmungandr evade the abilities effortlessly…Even when it was impossible to be dodged, he simply waved his hand and the boulders get blown out into tiny fragments.

It was a futile offense since Jörmungandr possessed 5% of his strength, which meant his physical defenses were even more abnormal than dragons and heavenly turtles combined!

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