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Chapter 840 – Meeting Elder Cyclope.

“We are” Felix raised an eyebrow, “Isnt it better to wait until I secured the hammers pieces first”

“There will be no point in gathering them if he rejects your favor.”


Based on the updates he kept receiving from Malak and the rest of his subordinates, they had reached another impasse with a small piece that had changed hands at least four times.

There were still many pieces spread out too, making Felix understand that it was going to take months or even years before collecting all pieces…If not ever.

So, getting confirmation from Cyclope must come first before committing to this insane hunt.

Fifteen minutes later…

Felix could be seen sitting on a sofa while wearing a gray suit without a tie.

His masters were sitting next to him in casual clothes, not caring too much about the formality of meeting elder Cyclope.

In a few moments, elder Cyclope entered the guest room and sat on the opposite seat to Felix, making their eyes in direct contact with each other.

“Welcome my humble abode.” He smiled sincerely as he greeted.

“Thank you for receiving us at such a short notice brother Cyclope.” Thor replied politely.

When it came to Cyclope, Thor was always on his best personality…He respected him a great deal compared to the rest of the primogenitors due to Mjölnir.

“I believe you know why we are here.” Lady Sphinx said calmly.

“Since you brought your champion, I understand its related to the favor from the event.” Cyclope chuckled as he eyed Felix with his giant singular pupil.

“Speak kid, what do you desire from me” Cyclope smiled kindly, “I will try my best to fulfil it if its within my powers.”

Cough Cough!

“Its nothing big.” Felix coughed as he mumured, “I want your help in repairing Mjölnir, my masters hammer.”

“What is he talking about” Cyclope turned to Thor with a stern expression.

‘F*ck, I knew this will happen. Thor cursed in his mind, knowing that Cyclope wasnt pleased one bit.

It wasnt because of Felixs request but due to the fact that Mjölnir was broken.

Thor knew that Cyclope cared a great deal about it.

Unlike the other divine treasures, Mjölnir was special to him and Thor was asked to take great care of it.

“It ended up breaking somehow after my battle with the old snake.” Thor decided to be truthful, “I had no idea how it happened, and who was even that strong to shatter it like that.

I expected it to travel through space unhindered until the day someone worthy find it and treasure it.”

“Wait a second…” Cyclope was startled to hear so.

It might not seem like Thor had said much, but he had deducted that he must have died in the battle with Jörmungandr!

There was no other reason to leave his most precious hammer wondering in space aimlessly while he was asleep somewhere as everyone believed.

“You guys have actually died…”

“Yep.” Thor smiled bitterly, “I hope you can keep it yourself.

We dont want those dogs from the Darkin faction to learn about it.”

“Do you really need to tell me that You know I am a vault of secrets.” Cyclope assured while rubbing his eyebrow, still a bit shaken by Thors confirmation.

When Jörmungandr and Thor returned to the primogenitors council, everyone assumed that they didnt end up killing each other during their epic battle.

After all, there were no spectators.

Jörmungandr and Thor didnt want to correct them since they preferred being perceived as normal by them.

If everyone had known that they were mere wisps of consciousness, they would have received a entirely different treatment…Especially from the Darkin faction.

In addition, it would make more sense that Felix must have been bestowed with their perfect elemental manipulations instead of Lady Sphinx finding a unique method to give him a limited version of it.

This would create so much trouble for Felix, he wouldnt have been able to survive until this point.

“I dont know how exactly you guys were revived, and its not my business to know.” Cyclope soon glared at Thor, “But, I am greatly disappointed in you, brother Thor.

How can you treat Mjölnir like that”

“I admit that I screwed up a bit, but I am holding my ground in my decision.” Thor said calmly, “I would rather let Mjölnir wonder the universe, than give her to someone who is deemed unworthy or hide her somewhere.”

“I believed that after a few hundred million years, she would regain her consciousness and start making her own choices.” Thor sighed, “I really didnt think that someone will break it.”

Thor firmly believed that Mjölnir would manage to survive anything…Plus, it wasnt that easy to find her in this ever expanding universe.

“If this was the doing of the Darkin faction, they would have taken it with them even when they destroy it.” Jörmungandr said.

“Plus, if it were them, they would have realized that you guys have died in the fight.” Cyclope nodded, “It must be an outsider.”

Everyone nodded in agreement, knowing that Darkin faction members werent responsible over the destruction of Mjölnir.

This reduced the numbers of the ones responsible significantly.

After all, if other primogenitors had found out about the wondering Mjölnir, they would have treasured it as a collectable.

As for symbiotes or other less intelligent but powerful creatures They would have either devoured it or ignored it entirely.

“Its more likely that it has been destroyed due to being near a catastrophic explosion of a star.” Lady Sphinx shared, “Statistically, its way too farfetched, but its the only logical explanation.”

“True.” Cyclope agreed, “A supernova is more than enough to destroy the hammer even though its resistant to almost all elements…But, I wont know for certain until I see the damages done to it.”

Upon hearing so, Felix swiftly interjected himself in the conversation by beaming the broken black pieces of Mjölnir.

“Elder, those are few tiny pieces of the hammers head.” Felix clarified, “Mjölnir has broken apart in its cosmic form.

I have managed to gather this much and I know how to get the main body.”

“You dont even own the parts and coming for me to repair it” Cyclope gave him a weird look while fiddling with one of the pieces.

“Masters told me to do so since they dont believe that you will accept my favor.” Felix answered honestly.

“Good thing you listened to them.” Cyclope threw the piece back to Felix as he sighed, “This cant be repaired even if I wanted.”

Everyone was stunned to hear his verdict…Especially Thor and Felix.

Although Thor always annoyed Felix to drop the thought of repairing Mjölnir, deep down he wanted him to succeed.

He knew that if the Mjölnir was repaired, there was a small chance of its consciousness to revive if it was ever born.

“Are you sure” Lady Sphinx asked after seeing that Thor and Felix were too stunned to speak.

“I have nothing to gain from lying to you.” Cyclope shook his head, “The damage is far too severe on the materials.

In addition, most of the divine codex inscriptions have been either erased completely or had some of its words missing.”

“But, this is just a tiny, tiny piece of the whole thing.

I have been told that hammer has retained its shape, which meant it isnt severely broken.”


Logan had informed Felix that his crew had mistaken Mjölnir for being ruins site due to its unique hammer shape that could be spotted from a distance.

This signified that Mjölnir had most likely lost only 10% or so of its body.

“Felix, show some manners.” Jörmungandr eyed him sternly, “Brother Cyclope knows what he is talking about.”

“I apologize.”

Felix swiftly bowed his head at Cyclope, knowing that he had overstepped his boundaries by opposing him like this even when he emphasized it twice already.

Fortunately for him, Cyclope was a chill and kind primogenitor.

“Dont be.” He waved his hand and clarified kindly for Felix, “I dont need to see the complete thing to reach my conclusion.

The damages done to a small piece translate to the whole thing because the breaking part isnt the issue.”

Cyclope pulled another piece from Felixs hand and pointed at the blackened sides, “The hammers head is silver.

Yet, even the inner part of the hammer has turned black.”

Cyclope applied some force on the piece and then broke it apart.

He showed Felix the blackened inner sides and said, “You see This is an almost complete destruction of the material.”

“Yes…” Felix nodded his head with a bitter smile as he examined the broken piece.

“Even if I went ahead and decided fix the broken pieces together and restore it to its original shape, the moment I try to rewrite the entire divine codex on it, the hammer will fall apart again.”

“The material simply cant handle the activation of any ability.” Cyclope said.

Felix and Thor didnt need any more demonstrations to understand where Cyclope was coming from.

He was already patient enough to clarify everything over and over again.

If they still hadnt accepted his ruling, then it was on them being simply delusional…

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