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Chapter 830 – The Bet and The Finals!

After realizing that his flame orb had been completed, Red Mercy expelled a massive torrent of flames around him, hiding him thoroughly.

Then, he turned towards the space worms and flew at them akin to a flaming Phoenix!


‘Kill him!

‘Go all out!

Starfollower and the other two dropped all notion of retreating and reinforced their assaults!

Phew Phew! Phew!

Spatial blades kept flying past Red Mercy by a hair strand, making the viewers held their breath in amazement at his maneuverability!

Alas, their amazement died quite fast…The moment Red Mercy crossed the eighteenth hundred meters line, he started to find it harder and harder to evade all blades simultaneously.

This resulted in having half of his right wing completely sliced apart without an ounce of resistance!

No matter how strong his defenses, slicing space would result in anyone suffering the same consequences!

WHOOOSH!! Slice!

Because of his damaged wing, Red Mercy lost his balance.

This made him lose his left leg due to another passing spatial blade.

Yet, Red Mercy refused to stop charging towards the space worms!

He toughened through the pain and opened his jaw wide open, then he released a surge of crimson flames at Starfollower.

‘KEEP AT IT! Starfollower shouted telepathically while teleporting next to Voiceless.

He didnt know whether that was Red Mercy last ditch attempt or something else…Whatever it was, he wasnt stopping when they were so close to slaying him!

Unbeknownst to everyone, within the torrent of flames, a small flame orb was spinning rapidly while absorbing the surrounding flames.

When Red Mercy saw that it had gotten as bright as the sun, he didnt hesitate to make a sharp turn and push his flame thrusters to the limit.


He flew akin to a rocket towards east, not bothering to even glance behind him.

“What th…”


Before Starfollower could react to Red Mercy abrupt escape, the hidden flame orb finally reached its absorption limit and went off automatically!

Starfollower, Voiceless, and Truthhunter werent given even a split second to commence teleportation before they got eradicated out of existence…

The explosion didnt even touch them…They died by mere heat, not able to resist it.

THUUD! Thud! Thud!

Meanwhile, Red Mercy was forced into falling to the ground by the explosion shockwave.

He tried to pull away from it, but it was far too big to avoid it.

After the dust settled, Red Mercy could be seen being half buried within a dune.

Felix and the viewers could only stare at him with widened eyes, too stunned by the explosion to react properly.

No one had expected such an outcome!

“He really did them dirty.” Asna commentated causally while sipping coke.

“I really didnt expect him to use a tactic.” Pleased, Felix gave a slight head nod at Red Mercys unmoving body.

Just like everyone else, he was fooled by Red Mercy into believing that he was simply winging it to recover his pride.

He had already established that he was too lazy to use his brain when he could blow everything with his nukes.

But, they never expected that he would be creating a flame orb sneakily and then fire it by hiding it within a flame breath.

How could the space worms see through his strategy when they were confident that he was a muscle head

“Dunes team out!! Red Mercy really clutched it by a fine strategy!” Micheal commentated passionately, “Who would have thought that Red Mercy will use his brain!”

Although Red Mercy won the fight fair and square, Micheal was still taking shots at him, not fearing for his life at all.

“Your descendants have played good.” Cherufe smiled widely as he eyed Lord Dune, “They just were rushing too much into slaying him due to Summerspirit and Nethercutter, they forgot to place their safety as priority.”

“It happens.” Lord Dune replied calmly, not caring that his team had been eliminated by a single dragon.

Unlike some primogenitors, he was merely here to take a breather.

He didnt give a ** if he won a game or lost.

Thats why he never had any champions in the platform.

He merely picked a couple known descendants who already climbed on their own and gave them the opportunity to represent him in the event…Nothing more, nothing less.

“Congratulation to Cherufes team for qualifying to the finals!” Micheal applauded as he watched Summerspirit and Nethercutter cursing Red Mercy in the arena.

“If you pull the same ** in the finals, we will request lord Cherufe to replace you in the five vs five game!”

They didnt give a damn that Red Mercy had helped them qualify to the finals without lifting a finger.

It made them look bad since he had taken care of two fights now alone.

If he repeated the same soloing crap in the finals, they would honestly feel too ashamed to even accept the reward.


Red Mercy thoroughly ignored their curses and insults.

He simply smirked faintly and teleported outside the arena.

Now that he had recovered his pride, his fury had been settled and became more chill.

‘Should we beseech the lord to replace him anyway Summerspirit suggested with a irritated expression.

If it were up to them, they would have kicked him out after his first f*ck up in the quarter-finals.

He wouldnt even continue this tournament, dont even mention the last game in the event.

‘No, you know how he is. Nethercutter shook his head,He cares only about the results.

As long as Red Mercy is winning the fights, he wont bother himself with other matters.

‘Lets just hope the f*cker get his head straight in the finals. Summerspirit sighed,We cant get careless against the dragonslayer.

‘True, his methods are getting scarier and scarier. Nethercutter shivered a little after being reminded of Felixs latest new strategy.

They knew that his crescent battleaxe was going to be a pain in the ass to deal with when Felix could simply use it as a teleportation medium to bring his void domain to them!

‘Our teams have reached the finals. Lady Sphinx spoke telepathically with Lord Osiris,Are you getting nervous Your team seems to have internal issues.

‘No. Lord Osiris replied,Issues or not, Cherufe will not allow them to ruin his win with their drama.

Before the first fight in the tournament ended, Lord Osiris had contacted Lady Sphinx and informed her of his choice.

He had placed his wager on Cherufes team since they had the highest chance to win the tournament.

From the fact that Red Mercy won two fights alone, his reasoning was in place.

‘We will see about that. Lady Sphinx smiled.

Lady Sphinx might be showing a confident outlook, but she was a bit nervous from within.

After all, it was twenty monoliths that would be lost if Felix screwed up in the finals.

Thats why she had yet to tell him about the bet.

She knew that he was already pressured enough to win the tournament to secure a favor from a primogenitor.

She would worsen it if she informed him of her massive bet on him.

Right now, Felix wasnt thinking about anything related to the tournament.

He was simply chilling with Nimo and Asna, trying to ease his mental exhaustion as much as possible.

Two days might not be enough to achieve so, but it was much better than getting nothing.


Two days later…

Felix, Rotspawn, and Webor had been summoned back to the arena under the cheers of the spectators.

Now that only Felixs team and Cherufes team remained, naturally everyone started cheering for them.

As much as they hated Felixs cheesy and dreadful tactics, they abhorred seeing dragons win even more!

Unexpectedly, even the dragons in the stands were roaring for Felix, cheering him to win against their own team!

‘Did Red Mercys actions finally pissed even the dragons or am I just too handsome today Felix felt a bit at lose for words at the sight of everyone chanting his name.

“You sure are popular today, captain.” Webor chuckled as he waved his hand, enjoying the cheers too.

Whoosh Whoosh! Whoosh!

Before Felix could replay, Red Mercy, Nethercutter, and Summerspirit had appeared next to them after three flashes of light.

When they heard that everyone was cheering for their opponents even the dragons, they frowned in displeasure.

But, they remained quiet and turned to look at Felix.

“We finally meet, Landlord.” Red Mercy smiled, “I have been dying to fight you since the day you slayed Exodial.”

“Is that so” Felix scratched his chin, “But, are you ready to take me Based on your previous performances, you seem quite agitated.”

“Ohoho.” Red Mercy narrowed his eyes dangerously as he smiled coldly, “My head wasnt in its right place at those fights.

But dont worry, you will be seeing the real me soon.”

“Is that so” Felix gave an easy-going smile and said, “You will be seeing the real me too.”

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