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Chapter 821 – Against The Fog Crawlers.

An hour later…

Felix could be seen sitting above Webors head while accompanied by Rotspawn on the arena floor.

The three Fog Crawlers were floating next to them.

“You guys know the rules.” Micheal nodded at them both and said, “Good luck and may the best performing team win this battle.”

Without further delay, both teams had been teleported on opposite sides of a futuristic ghost city.

There were many unique designed skyscrapers and hover vehicles parked on the sides of the roads.

Thankfully, the roads were wide enough for Webor and Rotspawn, allowing to move freely without breaking into buildings.

“Brace yourselves, its about to get even creepier.” Felix said while zooming on a magnificent towering cloud of fog approaching them slowly.

“Fog Crawlers are truly fast workers.” Micheal commentated as he pinpointed at the camera at the three dragonfly-like creatures.

They might be small compared to heavenly turtles, but they were still pumping a neverending flood of fog from their shoulder blades.

While the fog was being spewed, they controlled it to spread out in the front, knowing that the fight would most likely be held in the center of the city.

“Get ready to turn into formless shape at any given moment.” Gasmouth ordered emotionlessly, “They might crawl from beneath us.”

Simplespirit and Deadlymist nodded in understanding while continuing to pump out fog.

“If Fog Crawlers have one glaring weakness, it must be their inability to turn formless while casting their fogs.” Micheal advised, “Landlords team must make a move on them as fast as possible before they engulf the entire city in their fog.”

Felix didnt need to be advised as he had already prepared many strategies on how to deal with Fog Crawlers either in individual or team-based games.

“Lets show them what we came up with.” Felix patted Webors head twice.

“You can count on us.” Webor assured as he pulled his thick neck slowly within his shell.

Felix kept sitting in a mediation position on his head, not worried that he would be crushed within the shell or such.

“Landlord has completely disappeared within Webors shell!” Micheal commentated with a surprised look, “Why did he do so For protection Surprise ambush Isnt it better to hide in the void realm”

All of his questions were valid, and it looked like the viewers were as confused as him.

“I will open the way.” Rotspawn said as he dug himself through the asphalt like it was made out of marshmallows.

It took him merely a couple of seconds to reach half a kilometer deep underground.

Without hesitation, Webor followed him through the tunnel.

When they got highlighted by red color, the viewers werent surprised to see them heading towards the fog crawlers.

“It looks like Landlord is planning to ambush from underground for some reason.” Micheal said.

In his eyes, ambushes from the void realm were unparalleled.

After all, they allowed him to literally be on top of his opponents without being sensed.

‘What are you thinking Thoughtful, Selphie rested her chin on her palm as she eyed Felixs highlighted outline.

She knew that Felix was almost unstoppable when given the right tools to play with.

Having two heavenly turtles at his disposable was the same as giving wings to a tiger.

‘Am I bad to wish that he loses Selphie curled her lips,Im such a klutz.

I should have proposed another bet that isnt related to him.

She wanted him to win and be happy but at the same time, she didnt want to lose her bet.

‘Ahhh, whatever! Whether he wins or loses, he will need to come to my realm. Selphie smiled,He will most likely stay a few years if I requested.

One could only wish that she would retain the same desire and confidence in wooing Felix after she meet Asna face to face…

“They finally arrived below them!”

Selphie snapped out of her daydreaming after hearing Micheals exclamation.

‘Oho, I see.

When she looked at screen, she quickly concluded why Felix decided to remain with his teammates.

‘Since the fog crawlers are as silent as ghosts and doesnt need to walk on the ground, there is no way those two will be able to locate them without Felix. She reasoned.

She was absolutely right.

Felix was guiding Webor and Rotspawn by using his infra-ray vision.

It wouldnt have been possible if he did so from the void realm since his AP bracelet will be destroyed.

When that happen, he would not be able to send messages by using the Queen even though they were in the UVR.

Games followed strict realistic standards…The only thing allowed was recovering the AP bracelet if destroyed since most players couldnt operate effectively without it.

‘We are right below them, you may begin. Felix ordered as he squinted at the three fog crawlers.

‘Dont screw up this time, Webor. Rotspawn warned,Our synergy needs to be perfect or else it will be for naught.

‘I got this. Webor nodded with a serious expression.

‘I believe in you guys. Felix waved his hand and jumped outside Webors shell.

Then, he entered the void realm and traveled to the surface of the city.

He made a quick calculation in his mind and then picked a unique position above the fog crawlers.

Under the intrigued eyes of the viewers, Felix extended his palm forward and created a small sized void domain that surrounded him alone.

He kept it affixed in this size and waited patiently for his teammates to follow up with the plan.

Rumble Rumble!!

‘Here we go.

Without warning, towering thick walls rose from the ground in a wide circle around the fog crawlers.

‘When need to exit it now! Gasmouth shouted an order after seeing that the walls were curving inward, trying to connect with each other to lock them within a dome!

‘The walls are too far! We wont make it in time!

The other two agreed with his idea and acted upon it immediately.

The circle diameter had reached one kilometer more or so, making it almost impossible for the fog crawlers to cross over them before they get connected!

“Brilliant! Rotspawn and Webor are working on each half of the dome!” Micheal shouted in excitement as he placed the camera on those two.

As he mentioned, Rotspawn and Webor were teaming up for the creation of this magnificent and gigantic dome!

It would have been absolutely impossible for them to create one this big and fast all alone!

‘Lets fly out of here! Simplespirit suggested while looking up.

Because the walls were too far from each other, it would take a bit more time to connect and enclose on the fog crawlers!

Gasmouth and DeadlyMist acted immediately upon Simplespirits idea.

Naturally, they werent flying with their wings.

They knew that it would be risky to keep themselves exposed during an ambush.

So, they turned into theirghost state and controlled their fog to fly them outside the dome.

Unfortunately for them, Felix was waiting exactly for this reaction.

The moment he saw them getting close to him, Felix opened a void rift in their path and exited it quickly while still inside his void domain!

Immediately after he exited it, the void rift collapsed on itself.

Felix ignored it and created a small one for to put his palm in it and continue to fuel his void domain.

This time, he went all out, getting his domain to expand to a hundred meters as quickly as possible.

‘Retreat!! Gasmouth shivered after seeing that his fog kept disappearing through the void domain.

He realized that his fate wouldnt be too pleasant even if he entered the void domain in hisghost state!

‘Go aroun…Shit, its blocking the exit!

Just as he wanted to fly around the void domain, he realized it was situated perfectly under the opening!

To make matters even worse for them, the walls had never stopped curving towards the center for even a second!

In the end, the fog crawlers were forced to seek other methods of leaving the dome besides this one.


After the dome was finally closed shut, utter darkness befell within it.

Fortunately for the viewers, the streetlamps went on automatically, gracing them with a bit of light.

Alas, because of the fog spreading within the dome continuously, those light poles didnt provide much help.

This made Micheal highlight all the players with different colors.

“It looks like they have been trapped successfully.” Selphie wondered, “But, whats the point The dome is one kilometer wide and tall, it will be truly difficult to kill them within such a large space.”

As she said, Gasmouth and the other two didnt panic or freak out after being locked inside the dome.

They knew that as long as they remained in their ghost state and kept their distance from Felixs void domain, they would be freed soon.

After all, Rotspawn and Webor could not keep such a towering dome erected forever…

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