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Three months quickly passed by after the movie release.

Felix\'s claim that the profit would double or triple turned to be completely true, as the movie went insanely viral within a couple of days after its release.

Every news channel, Show platforms, and even streamers spoke about it and recommended it for their viewers to spectate it as well.

This led to a viewership explosion that pushed the movie to be ranked number 1 in the weekly box office for a continuous period of a month, raking tons of profits while doing so.

After that, it gradually began to decline in the ranks until it reached rank 7 in this month.

No matter how amazing a movie was, it would always fall off the trend slowly as newcomers take the interest of viewers away.

But remaining within the top 10 for three months straight, that\'s an already huge achievement that was not done for a long while now.

But still, this movie was only released within the Alexander Kingdom and did not manage to penetrate the markets of other kingdoms and empires.

However, that was enough for Felix to have his bank account filled with 1 billion and a half and still continue to increase gradually!

For now, Felix wouldn\'t bother with the lack of coins, as that amount was enough to sustain him for quite a while and let him completely focus on his bloodline path, without getting annoyed about earning coins each time to support him.


Felix was currently in the capital city of the neighbor kingdom Coronia, browsing through the market streets to buy whatever he needed for the last push in both his affinity enhancement that reached 94%! and his bloodline integration that only needed 5% to reach lesser purity.

He already emptied Looby shop from high tier poisonous serpent types bloodlines, and he did not dare to buy other poisonous species to try his luck.

He would rather buy from other kingdoms with extra tax than roll the dice on a spider bloodline having a serpent ancestral bloodline.

As for the high-grade stones, he truly struggled to buy them from other kingdoms, since each shop that sold them always prioritized their regulars customers over foreigners.

So, the only thing he could do to buy them was to slap the sellers with his large donger bank account until they agreed.

This strategy worked like a charm, but still cost him at least 40.000 SC to 50.000 SC for each stone! This was not even considering the taxes he had to pay for them to arrive in his place.

But all of this struggling would soon end, as he only needs 6% more and he would reach 100%.

At that point, he would stop bothering about his affinity and focus on other things.

Felix spent at least one hour going from a shop to a shop, yet they either had no stock left or simply ignored him after seeing that he was a foreigner from another kingdom.

It was pretty obvious, as there was a large tag above his head that says \'I am a foreigner\'.

That tag cannot be removed no matter what, as it was the only way to separate visiting foreigners from permanent residents.

The only way that could allow one to avoid having it in the first place, was by using a VIP premium teleportation device, made specifically for reputable individuals.

Sadly, Felix didn\'t reach yet that reputation bar to get access to using those devices, even though he was quite rich.

However, he was still allowed to customize the tag as he pleased, and so, Felix walked on the streets with a tag having a middle finger at both of its sides pointing in every direction.

No one was spared.

Zero f*cks given by Felix towards the furious reaction of the people around him or the sellers he met.

He knew that he would get ripped off either way.

So why not do it with style

After a while, he got tired from wandering around and entered a coffee shop to take a break.

Immediately after stepping inside, everyone left the shop with angry expression after seeing the middle finger pointing at them constantly.

No one could drink in peace in such a condition.

In this way, Felix had the entire coffee shop to himself.

After drinking peacefully for a couple of minutes, Felix paid for the coffee and left to start another round of browsing.


10 minutes later...

Inside a well-decorated shop, Felix was bargaining out loud with the shop owner while having his hand gripping the seller collar.

Meanwhile, the seller was no pushover, as he was also doing the same to Felix.

You are going to **ing sell it to me with 40.000 SC a piece, or else I will beat the ** out of you! Felix raised his hand in a punching gesture, threatening him with bloodshed eyes.

This was the first shop in a while that was willing to sell him high-grade stones.

But the seller was asking for an outrageous price of 60.000 SC a piece!

Felix knew that he would get ripped off, but not to this degree.

His brain was not full of ** to accept this deal.

Hence, this led to the current state of Felix about to really beat the owner without mercy.

Over my dead body! if you won\'t buy those stones with my price, go back to your backwater kingdom and get them. The owner merely scoffed at Felix\'s threatening attempt.

Then **ing die! Felix immediately began beating the dumbfounded shop owner after the peaceful negotiation fell through.

He truly kept to his word.

You bastard, stop or I will call the enforcers to arrest you. The shop owner cried out loud, while curled up like a defensive ball, protecting all of his sensitive vitals.

One look and anyone could guess that he had experience getting beating up.

Felix instantly stopped beating him and escaped the shop after hearing about the enforcers that could block his account from accessing the UVR for a week minimum if he gets caught.

There was no way he would overstay his welcome after so.

That\'s right you better run. The seller exited his shop, carrying a broom with a puffed-out chest.

All of the people who saw a foreigner escape from his shop began to clap their hands in praise over the seller\'s effort of exiling the foreigners from buying their resources.

Heck, there wasn\'t even enough to go around for them.

Yet, even foreigners were lusting to get a piece of their pie.

Thus, any shop owner who refused to deal with foreigners earns a good reputation within the city.


Felix teleported to another kingdom\'s capital city after he bought absolutely nothing from Coronia capital city.

He stepped outside the teleportation company while praying in his head.

\'Please be the one, please be the one.\'

Felix already visited three kingdoms before, and this was the fourth one now.

He already secured an epic tier 5 bloodline with 280 million SC.

The only thing left was the stones.

Fortunately for him, this time he managed to meet a seller that wasn\'t greedy or gave a ** about his foreign identity, as he sold him all the stones that Felix wanted for merely 35.000 SC.

Quite cheap considering that he always spent 40k plus each time.

After finally securing the stones Felix sighed in relief and logged out to take a break and make an order for his items to reach him from the wormhole company.

He already had everything prepared to reach lesser purity, the only thing he needed was the stones, and now that he bought them he could make an order for everything to reach at once by fatty.

He couldn\'t waste fatty\'s free shipping contract by ordering one by one.

He only had 10 free attempts left from the original 17 attempts.


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