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Chapter 816 – The Roars of Dragons.

“I cant see **.”

When the viewers finally opened their eyes, they were met with a mushroom cloud, covering the entire area.

Since they could still see Felix highlighted with a red outline, Micheal could not interfere and remove the mushroom cloud.

In his mind, the fight was still on going.

Hence, he simply requested the Queen to highlight Riverbleeder with a green color too.

‘Riverbleeder has been eliminated.

‘Say what again Micheals eyes widened in shock at her announcement.

Knowing that Queen Ai had no reason to play jokes made him even more unnerved about the situation.

‘How the hell did he die!! Micheal swiftly removed the mushroom cloud.

When he saw that Riverbleeder was nowhere to be seen, he couldnt help but gulp a mouthful in terror.

‘Did Landlord kill him amidst the explosion

This thought coursed through the viewers minds after realizing that Riverbleeder had suddenly disappeared!

When Felix got teleported back to the abyssal platforms automatically, they were left even more confused about the current development.

“The f*ck is going on I closed my eyes for a mere second!”

“Did Riverbleeder get caught in his explosion or what”

“This is too freakish! Its a god-damn dragon for gods sake! How can he suddenly die so fast!”

“Replay! Replay!”

Neither the viewers nor the champions took the news easy.

They could accept Exodials death under Felixs hands since he was forced by the environment into touching the void domain.

But, Riverbleeder

No matter how they spin it in their minds, they simply couldnt see a way for Felix to kill Riverbleeder unless he messed up big time.

Thank god for the existence of replays.

When Micheal replayed the fight, he made sure to remove the explosion to not hinder their vision again.

This allowed everyone to see how Felix opened two void rifts between Riverbleeder.

He fired a thin void beam from the rift above and instantly teleported to the void rift below while Riverbleeder was still in a dodging animation.

Then, he fired a more deadly void beam, forcing him into a defensive posture.

As seen before, it merely delayed Riverbleeders inevitable death by a mere millisecond…

When the replay ended, the players below Felix could only stare at him akin to looking at a nightmarish monster.

‘He is really too cunning…I love it. Ambereyes heart skipped a beat as she stared at Felixs wide back.

She was impressed greatly by his swift and cunning assassination of a dragon…Especially, when she knew that it would be impossible for her to achieve the same feat, no matter how she tried.

Her Time spells were overpowered alright, but it didnt allow her to one shot a freaking dragon.

“Dear lord…He actually killed him more cleanly than Exodial.” Barbyclaws sentiment was shared by the rest of the shell shocked viewers.

“Landlord proves once and for all to every single doubter!” Micheal brought the mic near his lips and shouted excitedly, “That he is undoubtedly The Real Dragon Slayer!”


While the viewers didnt know how to accept such information, the few dragons in the stands all unfolded their magnificent giant wings and roared into the sky.

“They are actually cheering for him…They are f*cking crazy!”

“Holy, I have never seen dragons cheering for even each other!”

“How enviable…The f*cker will be treated like a king when he enters Icarius galaxy.”

The champions lost it when they saw the immense respect shown to Felix by those proud beings.

Throughout the history of the platform, no player had ever made a dragon cheer for him willingly.

This had just established Felixs position within the dragons hearts.

The more he slayed, the more respected he becomes!

“Congratulation Sphinxy, your little champion really pulled through for you.” Lord Quetzalcoatl chuckled.

“He isnt so bad.” Jorōgumo licked her lips seductively, “I am starting to see why the three of you are teaching him together.”

“Tsk, they keep relying on one kid to carry wrinkly asses always.” Saurous clicked his tongue in irritation, “Its quite shameful if you asked me.”

“Is that a sore loser I am hearing” Thor asked with a confused look, appearing like he was trying his best to locate Saurous.

Some primogenitors chortled after seeing Saurouss expression getting twisted immediately.

They loved seeing him losing his ** every time he gets cursed by Thor.

Back in the game, Felix was separated from the crown by a mere five meters.

Because he had eliminated his challenger, the remaining players could only wish that he would fail to answer three times in a row.

Alas…Such a miracle wasnt going to happen any time soon.

To make matters worse, the next round had a jigsaw puzzle, one of Felixs favorite games since young.

He solved it in less than three seconds and locked in his answer while the rest were still half way done.

The moment Felix locked in his answer, he relaxed his tensed shoulders at last.

‘I did it…I actually did it.

The pressure of losing this game had truly put a dent in his mentality…Felix would rather lose ten games in a row than lose this one.

‘Its done…

‘Sigh, well, at least I am not dead.

‘As expected of Lady Sphinx champion…His knowledge truly put ours to shame.

When the players saw his relaxed state, they stopped trying to piece out the jigsaw puzzle, knowing that the game was over.

As they expected, the moment the ten seconds countdown ended, Micheal started clapping with an eager expression while looking at Felix.

He didnt even bother showing the players the answers list.

He simply pinpointed the camera on Felix and the crown, then he requested, “Will you do the honor Sir Landlord”

“With pleasure.” Felix smiled as he chose to lift his platform.

Clap Clap!…

Ambereye started applauding with a happy smile, supporting Felix wholeheartedly in his victory.

Some players followed her footsteps and applauded in good spirits while some were too butt hurt to bother.

“Thats my captain!” Webor bragged out loud in excitement, not caring about Slagwings ugly expression.

Barbyclaw, Nina, and Rotspawn started cheering out loud too by chanting Felixs name.

The only ones who supported them were the dragons, who started roaring thunderously throughout the entire stadium.

“I guess he is worthy of a bit of applause at least…He did kill a dragon again.”

“I cant wait to battle it out against him in the team-based games.”

“I bet other humans will lose their minds if they watched him now.”

Majority of the champions in the stands felt that it wouldnt harm to join the applause after such a magnificent performance by Felix.

If he won by luck or such, they wouldnt have bothered to even mention his name…But, Felix had fought against seven players one by one and defeated them all.

The fact that he won against even a four elementalist spellcaster and a dragon made it even harder not to admire him.

Naturally, vampires, astrians, and gremlins remained as quiet as mice in the stands, knowing that their ancestors must be pissed as hell.

Clap Clap…

Under the cheers of the spectators and the players, Felix picked the golden crown in front of him and placed it gently above his head.

Boom Boom Boom!

The moment he did so, fireworks started exploding in the sky above the arena, making the atmosphere even livelier.

Felix and the rest of the players were summoned back to the arena to join the festivities.

The moment that happened, most of the spectators stopped cheering on Felix and switched to their brothers and sisters.

‘Well, it was fun while it lasted. Felix chuckled after realizing that he stopped hearing his name being chanted.

He literally heard it for a second at best.

“Landlord has proven to be the most worthy player in this game to take this legendary artifact home with him!” Micheal howled while lifting the crescent battleaxe above his head, attracting everyones attention.

The battleaxe was such a well-designed and terrorizing weapon, the players couldnt help but feel envious of Felix.

Epic artifacts required close connection to Dwarven grandmasters to forge them.

Plus, a minimum half a trillion as fees.

Meanwhile, legendary artifacts were simply work of art…Only Dwarven emperors were capable of forging them.

In fact, the only way to be the emperor was by successfully forging a legendary artifact!

It was that difficult…

“Thank you.” Felix bowed his head slightly at Micheal while picking up the crescent battleaxe from his palms.

The instant Felix held it in his hands and felt its perfect weight and balance, an electrical shock coursed through his nerves.

“This is it…This is my weapon.” He mumured with a burning look in his eyes, feeling at least two times stronger than before.

He knew that was a mere misconception, but he truly felt that this weapon was made for him!

‘I never considered myself to be an axe wielder. Felix smirked as he placed the crescent axe on his shoulder,But, it doesnt look too shabby.

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