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Chapter 814 – l owe You One.


Thats right!

Felix already knew that his abilities wouldnt harm Ambereye at all…But, he didnt care.

He aspired to win the game by simply overwhelming her with tens of thousands of abilities in the last minute!

Because she would be forced to go completely on defense, she would be considered as the passive part in this fight.

If we have taken the total numbers of abilities fired into consideration, Felix would easily sweep over everything that she used in the past four minutes!

He only needed to sustain the same activeness for one minute.

“Felix…” Asna bit her lips in worry, knowing that it wasnt easy on Felixs body to be this hyperactive.

Everyone was unable to see Felixs condition due to his light surpassing speed, but if he stopped for a second and returned to the real world, they would be utterly horrified at the sight of his body being completely red!

Thats due to his hearts beating five hundred times a minute, making his blood boil!

Yet, Felix didnt even care about it.

He kept his focus entirely on one thing.

‘Faster, faster, faster, faster… He repeated in his mind while nonstop blinking from a void rift to another.

He mostly kept using just his void seekers since he could refuel his tank simultaneously.

When Micheal displayed his energy intake, everyone sucked a cold deep breath at the sight of cloud of void energy covering Felix akin to a meteors tail!

“No wonder he is firing so many.” Red Mercy said.

“Dont tell me he is planning to sustain the same firepower for over a minute” Riverbleed raised an eyebrow in surprise, “Is he trying to win with being the most active”

When even Riverbleeder managed to reach this conclusion, there was no way Ambereye wouldnt have realized it by now.

Unfortunately, Felixs neverending bombardment was too pressuring, she wasnt given even a second to think of a solution to switch things around.

‘As long as he keeps attacking me from the void realm, I cant do anything…

Still, Ambereye figured out that even if she was given a breather to think things through, she knew that nothing could be done.

Felixs strategy was simply too perfect if he just wanted to win the game with being the most active!


‘How is he still going strong! Ambereye was truly shocked by Felixs persistence.

She believed that he would have tapped out thirty seconds ago, giving her time to attempt and regain momentum over the fight.

Alas, the fight was left with mere five seconds in its lifespan and Felix was still spamming abilities like his life depended on it.

“Three! Two! One!!” Micheal shouted excitedly, “Its over! The fight is over!”

He didnt even need to shout it out loud as the moment the countdown reached zero, the Queen erased all abilities in the arena and returned it to its peak state.


Meanwhile, Felix got kicked out of the void realm against his will.

Thankfully, Queen knew better and teleported him back to the arena while wearing his default clothes.

“How is he even alive…”


Asna couldnt help but cover mouth in anguish after seeing heated smoke coming out of Felixs skin.

He was sitting on his knees with his head lowered and arms dangling at the sides with no strength left in them.

The smoke might be hindering the viewers vision, but everyone managed to see the condition of his skin…It wasnt pretty at all.

It was crimson red like he was being cooked inside an oven.

-Since no winner has been decided in the allowed duration of the fight, I hereby declare Landlord as the winner due to being the most active player.-

Queen Ai wasnt concerned with Felixs condition as she announced monotonously.


The moment Felix heard the announcement, he smiled in triumph while having his eyes closed shut…Then, he finally gave in to the exhaustion and fell face first on the floor.

He didnt pass out as he fought the urge to remain awake no matter what.

He knew that the moment he lost consciousness, he would be doomed.

This enabled him to hear upcoming footsteps.

He knew that it must be Ambereye, but he wasnt scared of her harming him during his weakened state.

The moment the battle ended, she was incapable of harming him.

Most importantly, Ambereye didnt have a single thought of hurting Felix.

When she reached him, she sat next to him and lifted his head gently.

Then, she placed it above her soft thighs.

“You are really weird…Who will try so hard for an artifact and a chance to enter spirit realm” She sighed exasperatedly after seeing that he was bleeding from his seven orifices.

She didnt even need to touch his cheeks or forehead to check his temperature, she already knew that it was almost close to boiling degree.

“You..Wont…Understand.” Felix replied under his breath, feeling like his throat was on fire with every word he spoke.

“You are lucky I am somewhat fond of you.” Ambereye mumured while pointing her wand on his chest.

Then, she said softly, “Rewind exhaustion and wounds.”

Under the stunned looks of the viewers and players, Felixs crimson red skin turned lighter and lighter until it was back to its original complexion!

This was merely the external result, the real miracle happened internally.

Everything was restored to perfect shape like Felix didnt just went past the limit of his body and almost had a forced shutdown!

His heartbeats returned to normal while the fog clouding his mind had disappeared at once!

“Why did you do that” Felix inquired as he eyed Amber with a baffled look.

“I would have done the same to all of my respectable opponents.” Ambereye replied with a faint smile while helping Felix stand up on his feet.

“You guys are really too nice for your own good.

Arent you planning to challenge me again”

Felix didnt question her reasoning, knowing that high elves would never leave someone injured if they could help out…Unless, they were their enemies or such.

However, he didnt expect Ambereye to be this kind even in a game!

After all, any other player would feel happy about Felixs **ty condition and wouldnt hesitate to take advantage of it.

The fact that she could challenge him again made it even harder for Felix to figure out her thought process.

“I am not interested in fighting you again…I dont know why you are trying so hard to win this game, but I can feel that you wont stop unless you dropped dead.” Ambereye replied gently while tucking in a stalk of her golden hair behind her ear.

“Thats a given.” Felix confirmed it causally before asking, “You seem too nonchalant about this game.

Dont you want to win”

“Not really.” Ambereye chuckled, “I am just here to accompany my mom and fool around a little.”

“Your mom Come again” Felix was left at loss for words, feeling like he had misheard her.

Alas, before he could ask her again, Queen Ai teleported them both back to the abyssal platforms.

This time, Felix was the one on top of everyone.

“I owe you one.” Felix looked below him and thanked Ambereye with a serious look.

Healing him had truly helped him immensely, especially when he still had another challenge waiting for him.

“Just following my teachings.” Ambereye replied gently, not caring that the rest of the players were giving her a nasty look.

When they saw that Felix had won the game and was completely burnt out, they knew that he wouldnt be able to even answer the questions properly, dont even mention fight them on equal terms.

Alas, Ambereye had ruined it for them.

‘Whatever, at least he won it. Riverbleeder smirked.

Riverbleeder and Red Mercy were merely glad that Felix had clutched the game, giving them another chance to claim the win.

They didnt care if he was at his peak or at his weakest state…Red Dragons were too proud to wish for an easy fight.

“Lady Yggdrasil, did she speak the truth” Siren asked with eyes glimmering in intrigue.

The rest of the primogenitors all turned to Lady Yggdrasil, wanting to know if she was really Ambereyes mother!

It wasnt hard to deduct that Ambereye referred to Lady Yggdrasil.

After all, this was a private event and no one came with Ambereye besides Lady Yggdrasil.

“Yes, she is my adoptive daughter.” Lady Yggdrasil confirmed with a loving smile as she eyed Ambereye.

“Congratulation, didnt think you will adopt a child this late.” Siren said.

“You are playing with fire.

What if she died in the game” Saurous chided with a irritated look.

He returned to his obnoxious personality the moment Ambereye lost the battle and even healed Felix.

“She wont.” Lady Yggdrasil assured.

“You dont know that.” Wendigo frowned, “You are putting us in a difficult position now.”

Most primogenitors didnt have sons or daughters anymore…Just descendants from god knows how many generations.

This made it easy for them to not get attached.

So, even when their descendants die in the games representing them, they feel absolutely nothing.

But, it was different for children.

The ones with children preferred keeping them away from the champions games since it would affect its integrity.

After all, the primogenitors would be forced to make their champions show mercy for their peers kids.

If they got killed either ways, a much bigger issue would arise.

They didnt want their relationship to worsen in games that were meant for their entertainment.

So, it was better to keep them away from the games entirely.

“You dont have to worry too much.” Lady Yggdrasil smiled as she assured, “She wont be participating in any future games after this one.”

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