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Chapter 809 – Ten Players Remained!

“The aftermath really sucks.” Felix mumbled in pain while stepping out from a newly created void rift.

He looked around him and couldnt help but smile faintly at the destruction he had caused.

It was painful to grow up to such a colossal size and return to normal in less than a minute, but it was worth it.

“I guess that idiot is dead.” Felix stretched his arms while getting teleported back to the abyssal platforms.

How could Gloomripper survive when even the arena got absolutely eradicated

Since Felix had won the fight, he was transported straight above Gloomrippers platform.

When he opened his eyes, he found out that Ambereye and the rest of the forefront players were gazing at him closely.

“Hello there.” Felix greeted causally, “Sorry for taking too long to join the party.

I had to get rid of some garbage first.”

“You missed nothing.” Ambereye replied with a gentle breathtaking smile.

“At least you made it quick…Respectable.” A dark red scaled dragon smirked while gazing at Felix from above.

“Welcome.” A navy blue space worm with three short antennas nodded at Felix as a greeting.

All of them treated Felix with respect after his latest series of challenges.

If he was still being underestimated after wiping the floor with five champions in a row, something would be seriously wrong with those people.

Especially when he literally had just grown to the size of a titan and blew the arena into oblivion.

‘Good, he is ignoring me.

Meanwhile, Darkoon was sighing in relief at sight of Felix not acknowledging his existence.

Before Felix challenged Gloomripper, he still had hope that he could take Felix down inside his world of darkness.

But after seeing Gloomrippers fate His confidence was utterly shattered.

Now, he was just glad that Felix wasnt planning on continuing his hunt.

‘Useless f*ckers! Everyone is so f*cking useless! Livid, Wendigo cursed inwardly after seeing Darkoons reaction.

He knew that Darkoon had given up on dealing with Felix.

The worst part He actually felt glad that Felix had spared him.

It wasnt because he cared for Darkoon.

He just didnt want to have his champions getting kicked out at the start of the game like Manananggal and Saurous.

‘Welcome to the club. Saurous sighed hopelessly, feeling thoroughly sapped out with having his hopes getting crushed time after time.

‘We can still win in team formats. Manananggal said,Our champions are radiant players, and he will need to face three or even five of them simultaneou…

‘Just stop. Saurous waved his hand,I am done with putting my faith in those morons.

I will be happy if they just f*cking win a game against him.

They were always enforcing their champions to hunt down Felix and kill him no matter what.

But, those series of failures had really put a dumper on their hopes to get it done.

Now, Saurous merely wanted a win against Felix, so he wouldnt feel like crap when dealing with Thor and Jörmungandr.

Back in the abysmal platforms, the players had been just exposed to the next question.

It was related to the civil racial war between the Ionians and Exonians.

‘Who was responsible over intensifying the conflict to the point it turned into a full-blown up civil war. Felix read the question twice while knitting his eyebrows.

Based on the historian books that he had been reading, the answer was elementary.

‘Logically, it should be Khanphis Khan…But, its just too easy. Felix could see that a few players had already locked their answers the moment they read the question.

He knew that most of them must have written Khasphis Khan, but he couldnt confirm it.

Players werent allowed to see the red or green circles above each others heads.

‘Starfollower hasnt locked in his answer yet. Felix pondered while glancing at the space worm to his right,He must be thinking the same as I.

‘I recall reading that Khanphis Khan was merely the final spark that started the whole civil war.

But the true instigator was his son Khainin Khan. Felix closed his eyes as he recalled.

The history books that Felix read focused more on Khanphis Khans story.

As for what his son did Not many of them covered it in details like someone was actively trying to hide it.

Felix believed that it must be the Ionians doings, who were trying to rewrite their history after winning the civil war.

Who could blame them

What Khainin Khan did could never be tolerated by anyone.

He kidnapped the third princess of the Exonian empire and raped her for years until she was impregnated with two sons.

If it wasnt for their sons inheriting both the qualities of an Ionian and an Exonian, he would have never been found out.

At that era, interracial marriages were banned between the Ionians and Exonians.

When the Exonian emperor found out eventually, he threatened to start a war if his daughter and her two sons werent returned.

If this were his sole request, it would have been taken care of easily.

However, he asked for Khainin Khan to be sent as a prisoner to receive his punishment.

Unfortunately, Khanphis Khan loved his son dearly.

There was no way he would give him away to be tortured for decades and even centuries.

Instead of refusing the conditions out right, Khanphis Khan decided to make the first move in the war.

His reasoning The Exonians had planned to kidnap his son.

At that time, the news about their negotiation wasnt made public, making it easier for Khanphis Khan to strike by using a mere lie.

After the Ionians won the civil war, the history books focused entirely on what Khanphis Khan did and ignored the rapist bastard Khainin Khan.

History books were always written by the winners…The fact that this happened before the SGAlliance Era made it easier to manipulate the history.

‘F*ck it, lets lock Khainin Khan. Felix finally decided to trust his guts.

More than 50% of the players had already locked in their answers.

He knew that taking more time to think would merely cause him to end up getting nothing even if he answered correctly.

“And, pencils down!” Micheal joked after seeing that the timer had reached zero.

His joke didnt work that well when everyone had already answered in the first five seconds.

“Lets see your results.” Micheal grinned, “I bet you will be surprised.”

//1) The Maker—-Answer: Khanphis Khan./Timer: 0.5 second.

2) Twilightstride—-Answer: TKhanphis Khan./Timer: 1.5 second.

3) Dusthand—-Answer: Khanphis Khan/Timer: 1.7 second.

12) Landlord—-Answer: Khainin Khan./Timer: 2.5 second.

13) Ambereye—-Answer: Khainin Khan./Timer: 2.7 second.//

“F*ckkkk!!” The Maker was the first to curse with an ugly expression, feeling he had played himself.

He wasnt delighted at all to see that he had claimed the first spot.

How could he feel happy when his answer was colored in red

The same applied to the majority of players, who instantly locked their answers instead of thinking too deeply if the question had another meaning.

Meanwhile, Felix sighed in relief after his deduction turned out to be correct.

“I am glad we had the same thought.” Ambereye smiled charmingly while peeking at Felix from above.

“Likewise” Felix titled his head in confusion, not knowing whether she had any meaning behind her sentiment or she was simply being friendly.

High elves were known to be friendly and gentle even though their status was that of nobles within the universe.

“Is that b*tch hitting on him” Asna squinted her eyes dangerously at Ambereye.

Now, that her relationship was confirmed with Felix, and they even kissed, she was expressing her emotions more publicly.

Oblivious to Asnas jealousy, Felix chose to lift his platform instead of challenging another player.

It was time to focus on the climb to reach the crown instead of wasting it on meaningless challenges.

Ambereye, Riverbleeder, and Starfollower thought the same.

They all lifted their platforms and continued being in the front row.

As for the players with wrong answers

They werent spared from having their chains being cut off.

Two players had already lost three chains, making their platform slightly unbalanced.

‘They will most likely challenge another player in the next round. Felix reasoned while peeking at their situation.

For the first time, Felix was 100% confident that no one would challenge him willingly.

They would rather challenge Fog Crawlers, Spirit Foxes, Spider Kin, Shadowborns, and Mermaids, then touch him.

He had established his dominance in the past challenges and secured his spot as one of the four most dangerous players in this game.

The other three were naturally, Ambereye, Riverbleeder, and Starfollower.

As he expected, in the next couple of rounds, those players with four to five chains being cut off had been forced to change their platforms no matter what.

They challenged each other while ignoring Felix and the other three.

Some won, some lost, and some ended up being killed.

Since those challenges occurred at least two times in every round, the players began dropping akin to flies.

By the time the thirteenth round arrived, only ten players remained alive from twenty-four.

All of them werent easy to deal with!

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