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Chapter 808: lnfinite Energy Size Manipulation=

Although he disappeared completely, the darkness pool continued to spread out in every direction.


It didnt stop even when half of the map had been captured by it!

“As expected of gremlins.” Micheal commentated, “They will not fight unless they set up the perfect stage for their abilities!”

Meanwhile, Felix merely moved to the edges of the arena and kept refueling his void energy.

His eyes never left the approaching pool of darkness.

When he saw that it was about to reach him, he blinked above the arena.

Then, he kept levitating by standing about a small void rift.

‘It will rise soon. Felix thought while gazing at the darkness pool finally devouring the entire arena floor.

As he said, the darkness pool around the edges began to rise in the air, creating dark walls.

Then, they climbed higher and higher while curving inwardly.

Before long, they connected in the center of the arena.

This resulted in the creation of a humongous darkness dome that covered the entire arena!

“The World of Darkness has been created!” Micheal shouted.

“Damn it, captain should have made a move to stop it earlier.” Webor said.

“Indeed, I dont know why he didnt even try to hinder Gloomripper.” Barbyclaw agreed.

“Its not like it is easy.” Rotspawn shook his head, “Gremlins cant be hit while they are within their darkness.

The only way to harm them is by affecting the darkness they were hiding in.”

“We know, but moving earlier is much better than moving now.” Barbyclaw retorted, “How can he fight him now while the entire arena has been engulfed in darkness”

“He is not a dragon, you know He cant just nuke the entire arena and destroy the world of darkness with it.”

All of their confusions and inquires were shared by the rest of the viewers.

Everyone knew that dealing with Gremlins in the darkness was a pure nightmare.

Firstly, they couldnt be detected by any ability at all.

This meant that Gloomripper was completely invisible within the world of darkness!

Secondly, they could move freely in all directions and at an unprecedented speed, making them seem like they were teleporting.

Thirdly, they could control the darkness externally to attack their enemies anyway they liked.

Since it was impossible to see anything within the world of darkness, how could anyone avoid those attacks

“He needs to use his void domain and place it in the center.” Asna suggested with a mouth full of popcorn.

“Thats the smartest plan to deal with this situation.” Mistress Candace agreed while pouring Asna a cup of wine.

“Though, he might end up being considered as the passive one by the Queen.” Asna frowned.

“Most likely.”

Felix couldnt do anything if he created a large void domain.

Meanwhile, Gloomripper could continue to attack the void domain to let the Queen know that he was being proactive.

Five minutes later, both of them would still be alive and get teleported back to the abysmal platforms.

However, Felix would have gotten nothing while Gloomripper would receive immunity from challenges for three rounds.

‘Hehe, I hope he starts firing abilities from outside the dome. Gloomripper wished while staring at Felix from an edge of the arena.

He was thoroughly hidden, making it impossible for Felix to locate him.

He already planned counter-measure if Felix decided to bombard the world of darkness with abilities.

He might not kill him, but he didnt need to if he wanted to simply avoid losing the challenge.

‘This is the perfect moment to try that out. Felix cracked his neck calmly, not feeling an ounce of worry about losing this fight.

Everyone was thinking of ways for him to not be considered as the passive fighter, but Felix never thought that way.

Without further ado, Felix entered the void realm under the surprised looks of the viewers.

“Has he chosen the void domain strategy” Webor wondered out loud.

“Hmm, what is he doing”

Before his teammates could confirm it, they saw that Felixs highlighted outline in the screen was starting to grow in size!

“Haha! As expected of my Felix.” Asna laughed in amusement, “If he doesnt like his odds, he just flip the table.”

“Oh my, I didnt think he will use it now.

You guys are in it for a good show.” Thor grinned widely as he spoke with his peers.

“What do you mean” Lord Quetzalcoatl inquired while watching Felix continue to grow in size rapidly.

“Tell me Lord Quetzalcoatl.” Jörmungandr chuckled, “What do you get when you have an infinite amount of energy and size manipulation”

The moment the primogenitors heard so, their eyes were widened in shock after recalling that Felix possessed size manipulation from Jörmungandr and free access to the void realm!!!

Even Lord Khaos raised an eyebrow in surprise after finally making the connection.

All of them didnt consider it since they knew that the primogenitors with size manipulation were always required to hunt for neutral energy to sustain their size.

“Doesnt that mean he can potentially grow even larger than any creature in the universe”

Siren said with parted lips while watching Felix continuing to grow even though he had already surpassed half a kilometer in height.

He was even taller than Burj Khalifa!

“Theoretically, yes.” Thor soon shook his head, “But he still a human with a limited elemental tank.”


“He might have infinite energy, but he can use it merely to sustain his biggest size.” Jörmungandr mentioned.

As he said, Felix was forced to stop growing the moment he reached one kilometer in height.

Lord Osiris pressed on Felixs outlined body in the void realm and made his energy intake visible too.

“Sheesh, that must be tough on him.” Kumiho exclaimed after seeing that every pore in Felixs body was sucking in a flood of void energy akin to a carpet cleaner.

The absorbed energy got instantly consumed after entering his body!

This created a vicious circle of constant absorption and consumption to sustain such a colossal size.

While the primogenitors were focusing on the ability itself, the viewers were still unable to get over the fact that Felix was able to reach such a titanic size!

He was so large he would make dragons and heavenly turtles resemble ants if placed next to his feet!

“How is this even possible…” Micheal mumured with a look of utter disbelief.

Alas, he wasnt given even a second to regain his composure as Felix finally decided to make his move.

He tapped in to his untouched void energy within his tank and opened a gigantic void rift right above the world of darkness.

‘Huh The hell Why the void rift so big

The instant Gloomripper saw it, he was left confused.

Unlike the viewers, he had absolutely no idea about what was transpiring in the void realm.

In his mind, he believed that Felix was waiting for him to let down his guard before opening a void domain or something.


He could never fathom the extent of Felixs capabilities and thought process.


So, when he saw a ginormous fist emerging from the void rift, his heart almost jumped out of his throat.

Before he could even comprehend the horrifiying reality before him, the fist penetrated his darkness dome and punched the arenas floor!


The force within that punch was so heavy and powerful, the arenas tough floor stood absolutely no chance against it!

The floor blew up into fragments and got hurled out akin to bullets by the shockwave of the blast!!

Thud thud thud!!…

The invisible barrier around the arena was bombarded by the fragments nonstop.

The champions in the stand all guarded themselves reflexively, too horrified by the punch to even remember the existence of the barrier!

In a few moments, they finally came to their senses and eyed the massive cloud of dust with stunned looks.

The arena was wholly covered by the dust, making it impossible for them to see the aftermath.

“What did I just witness.” Micheal mumured with a dazed expression.

Seeing that the dust cloud was hindering his vision, he quickly got rid of it by a mere wave.

“Dear lord…”

“Holy **!”

“How can he still be considered as a human!”

The players and the viewers were thoroughly stupefied by the dreadful sight before them.

The spacious wide arena that was stretching for at least six kilometers was nowhere to be seen.

What was left in its place was a deep bowl shaped crater and millions of destroyed fragments at the edges of it…

Yet, no one focused on either of those things…Their disbelieving eyes were affixed on a print of a colossal fist…It was printed right in the center of the crater and was as deep as a well.

If this image was shown to any random person, he wouldnt hesitate to believe that this was the doing of a gods fury…Not a human!

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