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Chapter 795: The Universal Hall of Fame!

“Speaking about experiments, I remember that you have been experimenting on a potion that is capable of enhancing Felixs elemental tank.” Thor mentioned.

When they first discussed having Felix participate in the event, Lady Sphinx mentioned that she would be working on a potion that could cover Felixs elemental tank weakness.

She didnt bring it up to Felix for the same reason.

“I am still working on it.” Lady Sphinx answered, “I believe the final test will be carried out in the upcoming month.”

“Dont get your hopes up, it will be just a temporary enhancement.” Lady Sphinx added.

“Well, its better than nothing.” Jörmungandr said.

“How long will it last” Thor inquired, “Does it have any negative side effects”

“A couple of years at best.” Lady Sphinx eyed him calmly, “Do you think I would have taken such a long time to create the recipe if I wanted to have side effects”

When Lady Sphinx does something, it was either perfect or close to perfection…She was a firm believer of not half-assing anything.

Unbeknownst to any of this, Felix kept watching the recordings and marking dangerous abilities from some players he had never fought against.

For example, there was champion of the fog primogenitor, who was capable of putting the entire game map in thick fog.

The fog itself was harmless, but the creator was the problem…As long as he was within the fog, he was untouchable just like a ghost.

“Felix! Check the network quick!!”

Just as Felix wanted to dive in the details of this champion, Asna came rushing from upstairs with an excited expression.

“Hmm, something happened” Felix wondered.

Asna sat next to him on the couch and brought out a holographic screen.

It was a media conference held by the SGAlliance game committee.

There were five of them, and they were wearing an official red outfit that made them resemble flight attendants.

“Hall of Fame officials.” Felix murmured.

“Is this true Landlord has been decided to be included into the Universal Supremacy Games Hall of Fame!” A reporter asked.

“Yes, it is a unanimous decision approved by all committee members.” An elegant vampire with circular glasses replied to the question.

“But he didnt get any recommendation letters from the games judge!” Another reporter jumped in.

“They are called recommendation letters for a reason.” A pale blonde elf with a ponytail hairstyle spoke calmly, “We take them in great consideration, but we dont need them if we find a player worthy of being included in the Hall of Fame.”

Felixs latest game had finally moved the committee to take actions upon themselves and not wait for the judges to recommend Felix.

It seemed like Sage Marshal either didnt recommend Felix due to leaving before his interview, or he had already used his recommendation letter for another player.

It was most likely the latter…Sage Marshal wouldnt be that petty to hold it against Felix.

“Landlord has proven that he is more than worthy to have his name etched in history…Especially with his previous remarkable performance.” The vampire announced, “Thats why we have decided to etch his name with three achievements instead of one.”

“They will be, The First Dragon Slayer, The First Human to Win a Universal Diamond Game, and The Youngest Player to Climb to Diamond Rank.” The Pale elf disclosed with a faint smile.

“Seriously! Doesnt that mean he will be placed higher in the rankings”

“Thats huge!”

“The other Hall of Famers will protest on your decision! How do you feel about that”

The reporters exclaimed loudly at the announcement, knowing that most Hall of Famers had been included with a single achievement at the start!

The Universal Hall of Fame wasnt just there to etch names and be done with it…In fact, it was a ranking of the best of the best throughout the history of the platform.

The only way to climb such a prestigious ranking was getting more noteworthy achievements.

“Well, it happened at last.” Felix smiled while opening the SGAlliance main website.

He went to the Hall of Fame tab and pressed on it.

An ancient designed list was displayed before him, showing hundreds of names.

It started with the number one ranker and ended with a player who was ranked at five hundred.

“Where did they place you” Asna growled, “It better be in top fifty at least.”

“Gimme a sec.”

Felix typed his full SG ID in the search bar and pressed enter.

Immediately after, his name got highlighted at the top of the list with his three mentioned achievements.

“Nineteen…Not bad.” Felix expressed.

He was really satisfied with his placement in the ranking.

This was the most prestigious Hall of Fame for individual games.

To be ranked as nineteen from five hundred players throughout the history of the platform was truly an honor.

The ones ahead of him had plenty of achievements under their belts.

The first ranker was actually the fourth ancestral dragon.

He had more than twenty achievements written next to his name!

It might seem like a lot, but most of those achievements werent really that extraordinary.

For example, the ancestral dragon was the first to blow the game map into oblivion.

It would have been spectacular in the old days due to the platform having many loopholes, but now It was impossible to do it.

Each map was designed with a threshold for destruction to protect the game map.

There were many achievements that were just like this…Achievements obtained by taking advantage of the platforms early days.

Now It was an achievement on its own just to be included in the Hall of Fame.

Still, there were a few achievements that were great enough they garnered Felixs respect.

“Hehe, all of them are dead but you.” Asna laughed in a sinister manner.

“Well, it isnt easy to stay alive for over two million years.” Felix commentated while eying the deceased mark placed next to those names.

He was the only one alive in the top fifty list.

“Queen, what do I get for this rank” Felix inquired.

Players werent wishing enter the Hall of Fame for merely pride and honor.

It was for the benefits accompanied by their rank.

Queen Ai went forward and displayed all the benefits accompanied by his rank.

//-Permanent twenty percent discount to anything purchased in the prize pool.

-Permanent thirty percent increase to your wishes limitations imposed by your rank.

-A prestigious Hall of Famer badge with your name and rank on it.

-Direct Access to the fifth layer of the blocked information within the UVR.

-Authority to offer a single recommendation letter for players to join the Hall of Fame.//

“Not shabby at all.” Felix smiled with a pleased expression.

Since he was ranked pretty high in the list, it was only natural that the rewards would be exceptional.

For the Hall of Famers at the bottom of the ranking, they merely get two percent discount on the prize pool items and a badge.

“You must be pissed.” Asna chuckled while poking him in the cheek cutely.

“Hmm Why”

“You already wasted half of your game poin…”

“F***ck me!” Felix covered his face in agony after being reminded of his latest purchases.

If he had bought the natural treasures with the discount, he would have saved enough game points to buy another one!

“Next time dont leave the game too early.” Asna laughed at his misery.

Felix could only blame himself for not waiting a couple of minutes at the end of the game.

He was so used to not getting recommended to join the Hall of Fame, he simply stopped thinking about it.

“Ahhh, feels bad.” Felix leaned against Asnas chest and pouted cutely, “I need some comfort.”

“In your dreams.” Asna pushed his face away from her chest, knowing that he was up to no good.

Not wanting to give him more opportunities to take advantage of her, Asna swiftly went to the staircase.

“Tsk, whats the point of having her as my girlfriend if she cant even comfort me.” Felix mumbled in annoyance while returning to watching the event recordings.

“Did you say something” Asna narrowed her eyes at him akin to a hawk from the stairs.

“Nothing.” Felix coughed.

“Thought so.” Asna blew him a kiss to tease him and returned to her bedroom.

While they were being lovey-dovey, the news of him joining the Hall of Fame had gone viral on a universal scale…Especially, when he was ranked in the top twenty.

[It should have happened much earlier!]

[He was robbed of so many astonishing achievements in his past games.]

[Games in the human platform branch do not count…Unless, you want him to join the lesser Hall of Fame.]

[Congratulation Landlord! You have done us proud!]

It was only natural that his fans would feel thrilled by the news.

None of them were that surprised by the announcement.

After all, if Felix didnt make it to the Hall of Fame after slaying a dragon, then the entire platform should be boycotted for discrimination against humans!

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