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Chapter 794: Working in Secret

Two hours later…

Felix and Asna returned home while locking hands.

Their fingers were intertwined, making it safe to assume that it went well in the restaurant.

It was really a smart decision by Felix to strike the iron while its hot and continues their date even after Asnas freak out.

They didnt do anything dramatic or such…They just talked until Asna started feeling more comfortable again and stopped worrying over her first kiss.

When the date was about to end, Felix made sure peck her in the lips to let her know that her kiss wasnt going to be the last.

“Another date next weekend” Felix inquired as he watched Asna climb the stairs.

Her perky rear and curves really drew him in, but Felix controlled his demons, knowing that sleeping with Asna required a lot of work and time.

Just a simple kiss was enough for Asna to run from embarrassment, he didnt even want to imagine what would she do if he decided to sleep with her now.

“I will go if its a movie date!” Asna answered out loud after she entered her room.

“I will pick the movie then!” Felix shouted back while changing his clothes to his pajamas.


Upon hearing her acceptance, Felix couldnt help but smile in satisfaction.

He knew that if this conversation happened a month ago, it would have taken fifteen minutes to convince Asna.

‘Baby steps Felix, baby steps. He chuckled with himself while bringing out the recordings given by Lady Sphinx.

It was time to do his research over the upcoming event.

There was merely four months before it starts, and he needed to give out his decision much earlier than that.

He started with a recording of an individual game.

It was a game based on another version of the king of the island.

The same game that Felix had played.

As for the champions, there was more than fifty participant.

When he read the list carefully, he realized that each primogenitor was allowed to send two champions for the individual game.

“How is this no different from a duo game mode” Felix frowned.

“You dont have to worry.” Lady Sphinx replied, “It was done like this to bolster the numbers of players in the game.”

“Yes, alliances are banned, and only one winner would emerge in the end.” Thor added.

“I see.” Felix nodded.

It did make sense…There were many primogenitors in the universe, but Felix knew that not everyone was going to send a champion.

Not mentioning the ones that died.

“Why are there no radiant players here” Felix inquired after seeing that all the champions were diamond ranked.

“Individual games are limited to only platinum and diamond ranked players.” Jörmungandr said, “Radiant players can only join the team-based games.”

“Interesting…” Felix scratched his chin, feeling more conflicted than ever about joining the team-based games.

Radiant players were literal monsters.

If a vampire made it to radiant rank, it meant that he had thoroughly mastered his blood manipulation to the point he could control blood from half a kilometer.

The same applied to werewolves, winter wolves, and the rest…Now imagine those players were champions.

As for dragons and heavenly turtles

Well, they werent really stronger than Exodial and the Sleeper.

After all, those two monsters would have reached radiant rank in less than a year if they got lucky with games spins.

For the next hour, Felix watched three recordings, each for a single game format.

As expected, the team-based games werent a joke.

It was a gathering of beasts…The fights could be prolonged to hours or ended in a split second.

Since it was team-based battles, coordination and teamwork played a considerable part in securing the win.

“So, the three vs three game is tournament-based format while the five vs five game will be random.” Felix concluded from analyzing the majority of games picked.

When he saw that most of them didnt have an execution mechanic, he started to feel more inclined about joining them.

He had void domain with him…This entailed that if ** hit the fan, Felix could always hide within it for safety.

No one could do anything to him then.

Yet, the thing that motivated him the most was the decade clause.

Felix was informed by Lady Sphinx that primogenitors could not use the same champion in the event for another decade.

It was done like this to keep the event always interesting and filled with new champions.

The primogenitors didnt want to keep watching the same faces fighting each year.

This signified that if Felix joined the individual game only, he would be locked out from the event for ten years.

It was truly a waste of a massive opportunity to get primogenitors favors or divine treasures.

“You can train harder and join the next events.” Lady Sphinx said, “No one is pressuring you to join this particular gathering.”

“I know, but I doubt that a couple of years of training will be enough to destroy radiant champions.” Felix shook his head.

Felix already thought about joining the next year event or the one after it…But, he soon realized that there wasnt much to improve that could make a huge impact.

His external poison manipulation would take at least decades of effort to increase its range from his petty twenty meters to half a kilometer like them.

If he mastered the conversion technique and was allowed to unseal his lightning inscriptions, he would still be at the starting point of that element.

As for his physical strength Felix needed to reach 6th mark and replace Lord Khaos bloodline to actually obtain a drastic enhancement.

But if he did so, he would lose his void abilities and most importantly…His void domain.

He could not etch both void domain and void immunity…It was a no-brainer that Felix would pick void immunity.

From the moment Felix decided to integrate with Lord Khaos bloodline, he realized that it was simply a passing element.

Nimo was the bet, not the element.

So far, Nimo was still growing and discovering his abilities…Felix was confident that Nimo would not disappoint him.

Right now, Felix felt that his void domain was hist safety net against radiant players…He didnt want to join the event without it.

Not until he was certain about his strength.

“Cant you help him out with void immunity” Thor asked Lady Sphinx with a serious tone.

“He just won you two monoliths and another noteworthy treasure.” Jörmungandr mentioned, “I believe he earned at least an attempt from you.”

Usually, Thor and Jörmungandr wouldnt make such requests or bother Lady Sphinx with them.

After all, she knew what she was doing.

However, this was void domain…One of the ultimate abilities of primogenitors.

They could not stand by and watch Felix erase it forever with a single thought.

“You guys are thinking too lowly of me.” Lady Sphinx glared at them, “You think I havent been working on it”


“For real You didnt say anything.”

Lady Sphinx give them an irritated look and said, “Since the moment he unlocked it, I have been researching on ways to help him keep it.

I am doing it for myself as well.”

“What do you mean”

“If he kept it, I will have more time to explore his domain and figure out a method to create my own.” Lady Sphinx shared with them her plan.

Sure, it might look like Lady Sphinx was doing this for her selfish reasons, but if Felix heard her, he wouldnt be complaining at all.

As long as he could keep void domain, he would allow himself to subject to any experiment to assist Lady Sphinx into developing her own domain.

“It had been a while now since he got the domain, did you find out a method yet to keep both abilities” Thor asked with a hopeful tone.

“Why do you think I hid it from you and Felix” Lady Sphinx sighed, “I didnt want to give you a false hope that it was doable to synthesize void immunity.”

“I see…” Jörmungandr smiled bitterly.

It was clear that Lady Sphinx was struggling in her experiment to develop void immunity.

With her intelligence, it was possible to create void resistances with some hard work.

But, void immunity

That was a different concept.

Felix needed immunity to void since his domain could kill him with a mere touch if he didnt have it.

Not even a peak resistance would be enough to protect him from his domain.

“Dont tell Felix anything.” Lady Sphinx warned them, “I swear that I will beat you up if he heard a whiff of this.”

“Cough, of course.”

“Dont worry…”

They understood that Lady Sphinx cared enough for Felix to keep such a secret from him.

It was better to keep him in the dark and tell him the good news than rise his hope to the ceiling just to crash it.

Since Felix had absolute confidence in Lady Sphinx capabilities, it would be a truly hard blow.

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