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Chapter 789: Going Further and Beyond!

The Sleeper wasnt that proud to enter a battle royal without a surrender coupon when a dragon was in it.

Since his strongest attack failed to achieve anything against Felixs domain, there was no point in remaining in the game, when he knew how it was going to end.

The moment he disappeared, Queen Ai announced the end of the eight round!

Soon, the island began shrinking again and stopped until it reached the lakes region.

“I refuse to die like this!”

Agitated and lived, Exodial breathed ruggedly as he watched the blue hue closing in on him.

Although he knew that his dragon breath was useless, he decided to give it ago again.

It was better than doing nothing and watching his ending draw nearer and nearer.

So, he began bombarding the lake with a nuke after the other, not stopping even when the mushroom clouds had yet to disperse.

Huff Huff!

When he was done, his wide chest kept raising and falling as he displayed a truly pathetic image.

Nevertheless, Exodial didnt care at all about his rough appearence.

He went near the dark sphere and flapped his wings at it.

‘Please, please, please…

Alas, when the dust settled, the void domain remained hovering proudly.

‘I am going to die…

After seeing it, Exodial finally fell into utter despair.

He knew that he was left with two options…Either wait until the blue hue erases him or go for a hail marry and dash through the void domain.

He still hadnt tested his reflective scales, and he intended to leave them as a last resort.

-The ninth round and final round has been concluded, the map will start shrinking in ten seconds.-

Queen Ais announcement truly came at the worst moment for Exodial.

Alas, she didnt care about his existential crisis.

The moment the time arrived, she pushed for the blue hue to continue doing its job.

This time, the blue hue pushed through the crater zone, devouring it in a slow and painful manner for Exodial.

He couldnt even fly into the exosphere or such since the sky had a ceiling…It was very high, but it was still blocking anyone from escaping the islands atmosphere.

After the island stopped shrinking, the Queen announced,The game is going into overtime…You have ten minutes to conclude your fight before the island will restart shrinking until nothing is left.

This announcement was a death sentence to Exodial…It merely informed him that this was going to be his last ten minutes.

Whats worse, he couldnt even bargain with Felix or such since this was a champions game.

So, he was left floating in the air and contemplating his life in utter silence, having absolutely no clue what to do next.

He wanted to rage, he wanted to curse, but he was a proud red dragon…If he still had control over one thing, it would be the way he dies.

“This is too heartbreaking to watch.” Sage Marshal sighed.

Even the rest of the viewers didnt know how to react to this situation…Before them was a flying dead dragon, and they were going to witness it live.

Dragons lose in the games, but they rarely die in them.

So, seeing Exodials death was actually a very rare experience that most of them had yet to see before.

Everyone watched in silence as time went by…Before long, the overtime duration had ended.

Immediately after, the island began shrinking yet again…This time, it wasnt going to stop at all!

“Landlord and Exodial have three minutes at best before the island get completely erased.” Sage Marshal informed.

“He is actually going to win it…” Olivia murmured with a dazed expression, feeling too surreal about everything.

Just a few years ago, Felix was considered as the outcast of the family.

An outcast, who shunned everyone and everything, due to not being able to accept his parents death.

An outcast, who was believed to accomplish nothing in his life.p an da no v el

Now, he was going to create history in less than three minutes!


Felixs fans were already celebrating early over his victory, feeling too overwhelmed by the thought of their idol winning the first diamond game for humans!

“Drinks on m…Hmm”

Just as Leo wanted to celebrate Felixs victory with a round of drinks, his eyes caught an unbelieving situation.


“What is he doing!”

“I dont get it!”

The viewers were just as shocked as him.

Without warning, Felix had actually cancelled his void domain and entered the void realm!

He did so the moment only three hundred meters remained on the islands diameter.

Everyone was confused by this since they knew that he had already secured the win.

Even Exodial had accepted his fate and was waiting for the blue hue to give him courage to dash through the void domain.

google p an da no v elChance! Exodials eyes brightened up after spotting the disappearance of the void domain.

As long as the domain wasnt there, he could handle anything thrown at him by Felix.

Unbeknownst to him or the viewers, Felix wasnt satisfied with just the win.

He entered the void realm for a simple reason…To kill Exodial and claim the Dragon Slayer Title!

He didnt even need to do anything risky or fancy.

Felix merely stood on the ground and began creating another domain in the void realm!

In a few seconds, the void domain was big enough, it would consume Exodial in a split second.

Still, Felix waited for the island to keep shrinking even further.

‘F*ck, f*ck, f*ck! Did he jump into the void realm to be more secure!

Exodials hope was shattered the moment he realized that Felix might not ever come out again.

He wasnt even given the opportunity to dash through the void domain.

Seeing that the blue hue was merely a couple of meters away from touching his large wings, Exodial was forced to land on the ground and minimize his size as much as possible.

He curled up like a ball, not realizing that in the mirroring realm, Felix was waiting for him to take this decision.

search p an da no v elCheckmate. Felix smiled coldly as he opened a a giant void rift right on top of Exodial.

The instant Exodial noticed the space fluctuation and saw the void rift emerging, he figured out Felixs aim immediately.

Unfortunately, he wasnt given even a second to attempt and do something.

The void domain was pushed out by Felix slowly and touched Exodials horn.

Then…There was no then, Exodial was turned into a memory in the minds of all viewers around the universe.

That tiny touch was all it took for a proud dragon to be thoroughly wiped out from existence.

Reflective scales Perfect defenses Reversed scale is the only weakness None of that mattered to the void domain…


Stunned and astonished, the spectators could only stare at the newly risen spherical void domain with parted lips, not having the proper words to describe this twist.

They knew that Felix could be considered as won the game, but no one expected him to go further and beyond by slaying Exodial personally!

>Congratulation to the Champion Landlord for being The Last Executioner!


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