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Chapter 770 – The Snowy Mountain Range.

The alliance always had this position in place for the number one player in the entire platform.

Thats because it was the greatest motivation for the players to keep climbing no matter what.

If Felix became the eleventh ruler, it meant that his entire race would jump from the bottom of the inner circle within the alliance straight to the top with him.

It was the simplest method to become a ruler but at the same time the hardest of them all.

It was even harder than climbing from PGPlatform.

At least, in that platform, many teams from different kingdoms, empires, and other backgrounds push the entire race together through the ranks of the alliance.

But in the IGPlatform Felix needed to do it all on his own.

As Sage Marshal mentioned, Felix still needed to climb two more ranks and fight against the top ten players, who were direct contestant to the current eleventh ruler.

Well, he shouldnt be called the eleventh ruler since he was already a member of the ten rulers…Thats why, no one ever heard of the existence of an eleventh ruler.

Felix knew that he wasnt even close to scratch him.

In fact, even the top ten players werent confident in fighting him to reclaim the position from his hands.

He was simply that terrifying…If Felix had to guess his strength, he didnt doubt that it was pretty close to primogenitors.

Such a monstrosity was the current number one player.

How could everyone not laugh at Felixs bold goal when they knew all of this

In a short while, the interview segment was concluded, allowing the players to get teleported above the island.

When Felix looked below him, he couldnt help but smile in satisfaction.

He was placed a few kilometers away from the snowy mountain range.

With a single blink, he would be on top of a mountain right below an active thunderstorm.

‘Oh, it seems like we have been split into four quarters for each zone. Felix commentated after counting the numbers of players above the snowy mountain range.

It was twenty-five exactly.

He was counted with volcanic region since he was placed above its borders.

‘Even better. Felix grinned faintly.

Felix realized that the players would be memorizing their opponents in the same region as them.

This meant, they would not expect him when he makes an appearance in the snowy mountain region in the first minute of the game!

As for the other three champions Felix had spotted them placed above the forest region and desert region.

This entailed that he wouldnt be meeting them until the second or third phase of the game…If they managed to survive until them.

“Are you all ready!” Sage Marshal shouted passionately from the platform.


He was met with the loudest cheer he heard in his entire career, making him grin from ear to ear in happiness.

Without further ado, he started the countdown and the spectators joined him when the count reached ten.

Their harmonized loud chant boomed throughout the entire stadium!

If the spectators didnt have protection over excessive noise, most of them would have their ears ruptured by now.

“Three! Two! One! RELEASE!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The players fell from the sky into their regions, appearing like little dots compared to the size of the island.

Felix made sure to keep inching closer to the snowy mountain region while keeping an eye out for any abnormalities from the players.

So far, none of them seemed to be pulling anything weird as they kept trying to reach the ground as fast as possible.

The thirty seconds grace window would be activated the moment a player touched the ground.

Since it was global, this meant that the last players to fall would have a shorter time to adapt to the environment before they get thrown into a fight.


Felix landed into the ground akin to a meteor, leaving behind him a gigantic crater on the volcanic lower surface.


Felix jumped outside the crater and used his x-ray vision to scout the surrounding area.

Immediately, he spotted four unique sets of skeletons that were spread out in ten kilometers radius.

‘Shadowborn, an orc, centaur, and an elf. Felix easily figured out the races belonging to those skeletons.

Still, Felix ignored them and turned to face the snowy mountain region…He wanted to avoid fighting players, who already knew of his approximate position.

It was much better to be an invisible predator.

Without a delay, Felix beamed his symbiote suit and put it on him.

He was already used to wearing it and had a fine control over all of its aspects.

Then, he beamed a yellow potion and drank it in one gulp.

This was one of the three potions that he concocted.

It was called Shadow Veil Potion.

It allowed Felix to hide his smell, his aura, his infrared radiation, and anything that might get him found out.

This was an improved recipe to an already existing potion in the market called Camouflage Potion.

Felix was handed this recipe by Lady Sphinx for practicing rank 3 potions.

It was at least ten times better than the original version since it could last for more than half an hour and its effects were quite potent.

After noticing that his marks had been hidden successfully, Felix exposed his hands and activated void seekers.

He didnt want the void energy to touch his suit.

Felix understood that he needed to be extra careful when using his void energy around his symbiote suit.

It had high resistance but it wasnt immune.

If it wasnt for so, Felix would have entered the void realm the moment his feet touched the ground.

Then, he could easily start assassinating one player after the other like they were in a playground.

Unfortunately, his symbiote suit had been tested to have enough resistance to remain within the void realm for utmost twenty seconds before falling apart.

If Felix didnt want to continue the game nude, then, he needed to be extra careful while using void energy around it.

“What is Landlord attempting to do” Sage Marshal wondered while placing the camera on Felix.

He was spotted aiming the void seekers into the closest snowy mountain to him.

Still, it was twenty kilometers away at minimum.

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Felix blasted the void seekers into the sky and watched their trajectory closely.

“Is he attacking someone we dont see” Olivia titled her head in confusion while spectating the game with the rest of the earthling team.

“Who knows” Hina shrugged her shoulders.

Sage Marshal kept one camera placed on Felix and used one to follow the trajectory of the void seekers through the thunderclouds.

In a few seconds, the void seekers emerged from the thunderclouds and began descending into the mountains peak.

Sage Marshal switched the camera into the mountains peak, believing that a player must have landed there or something.

However, he found nothing.

“The hell is he tr…Huh”

The moment Sage Marshal returned the camera to the void seekers, his eyes bulged out of their sockets at the sight of Felix falling into the peak!

“What How!”

“Am I tripping or did Landlord just teleported”

“How is that possible!”

The viewers were left absolutely gobsmacked by Felixs sudden appearance on the peak that was twenty kilometers away from his original position!

The worst part The screen was split into two parts, showing Felix and the void seekers.

Yet, the viewers didnt even realize how Felix disappeared from one side of the screen and emerged on the other.

It was a legit teleportation!

“He must have travelled through the void realm, but how was he able to do it so fast” Sage Marshal was baffled just like everyone else.

No one had seen Felix use blink before.

This made them unable to comprehend what had just transpired.

“How is this f*cking fair!”

“This is too much!”

“Void element and void realm should be banned from the games!”

“If he doesnt need void rifts to blink through the void realm, then our idols are f*cked.”

The fans of other players felt scared for their idols after imagining Felix appearing out of nowhere and kidnapping them into the void realm.

“Void bloodline is really overpowered…How the hell did his organization managed to create one”

Meanwhile, Zosia and the rest of the federation alliance were left at awe at the phantom organization, believing that the void bloodline was its masterpiece.

After all, there was not a single void beast spotted in the history of the universe.

It was farfetched to believe that Felix had lucked out on one.

On the other hand, the primogenitors didnt comment, but they did peek at Lord Khaos after Felix used his first void ability.

Seeing that he was as expressionless as ever, they couldnt figure out what was on his mind at all….

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