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After Felix sent Olivia away, he immediately went to take a shower first and change his dirty clothes.

15 minutes later...

He stepped outside naked with only a short towel covering his nether region.

After a while, he got dressed properly and sat on the side of his bed with his eyes closed in deep concentration.

Felix was currently reading the newly unlocked information after reaching 15% in integration.

This information might only display the name of the ability he unlocked, or sometimes, it might even introduce all the details about it.

A few seconds later, he opened his eyes with a dumbstruck expression on his face, not daring to believe what he just read.

What the **, How could I obtain two passives at once!! He exclaimed out loud while standing suddenly from the bed after seeing that he unlocked two passives from the passive pool!

This had never happened before to anyone, not even for a 6th stage bloodliner.

Everyone was bound to have only 1 ability picked from the ability pools after completing each 15% of integration until they reach 99% with a total of 6 abilities.

Three passives, Three actives.

But Felix somehow picked 2 passive at once just from reaching 15% a single time!

This is big, this is so **ing huge!!

Felix gripped his fists tightly in excitement over the meaning of being able to pick two abilities each 15%.

He understood pretty clearly that if he was able to unlock two abilities in each 15%, it meant that in every stage of his bloodline path, he would have a total of 12 abilities! Double the amount of everyone!

6 Passives and 6 active abilities.

A number only a peak 6th stage bloodliner managed to get after a hellish journey in his bloodline path.

But still, Felix might be able to share the same number of abilities as them, it didn\'t mean that he had the same strength as them.

Heck, he would be flattened into pastry by one slap from a bloodliner of such strength.

After all, each replacement stage boosted the body, the mental, and the energy tank immensely.

To the point, a peak 6th stage bloodliner was able to resist a 4th stage most powerful attack merely by his physical or mental defenses.

It didn\'t matter if the attack was elemental, physical, or mental.

Such a gap in integration wasn\'t closed easily by abilities.

Nevertheless, Felix having 12 abilities in the purification stage, where his peers only had 6 abilities, was truly pure bullying.

However, all of this was merely a hypothesis of Felix after seeing that he obtained two abilities at once.

It could be just a one-time thing or he simply got lucky and picked two passives instead of one.

So he self-controlled his excitement and lowered it down a notch.

He then started pondering deeply on the cause of this anomaly.

Honestly, it was pretty obvious that it must have been the primogenitor bloodline doing.

After all, he controlled the poison element like a limb.

How could he have a limit to the number of abilities or such bull** that only commoners like Felix had

It made no sense for a being at the peak of the universe to have such limitations to his strength.

This signified that Felix, who merged with its bloodline should have either the limitation removed, or at least reduced just like in this case.

After analyzing the reason of the anomaly, Felix dropped the matter entirely, since only after reaching the lesser purity would he knows if what he concluded was correct or false.

Let\'s take a look at those passives.

I hope lady luck smile on me and pick something worthy of this bloodline. Felix prayed for good luck with closed eyes, trying to continue reading the information from where he left.

A few moments later, he opened his eyes with creases on his forehead, frowning over the passives names that he just read.

Super Strength is a pretty standard passive that is known for being one of the best ones in the passive pool.

But what the hell is Poison Immunity Does it mean I will have complete immunity to all types of poison!

Confused and somewhat elated, he scratched his chin and reread the names of the passives he just unlocked.

*Super Strength* and *Poison Immunity*.

He totally ignored the 1st one, as it was a fairly known ability that could be unlocked from the majority of beasts.

However, the 2nd one truly messed up his head, as he never heard of it before!

There was no such thing as *Poison Immunity*, but merely, *Mild Poison Resistance*, or at best *Advanced Poison Resistance.

As for immunities That was only possible for a specific type of poison.

For example, *Paralyze Immunity*, *Dizziness Immunity*, or even *Headache Immunity*.

But to have total immunity to all types of poisons in the whole wide universe! His mind just couldn\'t comprehend how was that possible.

Fuck it, there is only one way to find out.

He clicked on his spatial card inventory, then tapped on the Double-Headed Viper Poison Gland that he bought before to test the limit of his poison resistance.

He assumed that he would unlock it if he merged with the AnoMamba bloodline.

Because it was common knowledge that the first passive ability was almost always a resistance, immunity, or a defensive passive.

Rarely someone would unlock an offensive one from the passive pool at the very start.

But now he planned to test the total immunity claim by using the famous Viper poison gland that could instantly kill a commoner with a single touch or a whiff.

Felix did not drink the gland or bath in it.

He simply brought a bucket from the bathroom and popped a tiny hole on the gland skin, pouring the content slowly in the bucket.

After doing so, he retrieved the gland to his spatial card, not daring to throw it in the trash, lest it kills a servent by accidentally touching it.

Felix stared at the purplish poison in the bucket with an eager expression.

There was not a hint of nervousness or fear in his eyes.

After all, he spent the majority of his past life playing with all types of poisons and toxic objects.

So without hesitation, he submerged his hand in the bucket for a couple of seconds.

Yet, he felt absolutely nothing on his skin.

Just like his hand was in a bucket filled with warm water and not deadly poison.

Thrilled, his lips couldn\'t help but spread wider and wider until it created a creepy grin on his face.

Hehe, for me to feel warmness instead of pain while touching this deadly poison, it only means that I truly obtained immunity. Felix murmured lightly while lifting his hand from the bucket slowly after the successful test.

But he kept it above the bucket to drip from the poison, as he didn\'t want his carpet to have some drops on it.

The last thing he wanted was for his room to have a deadly poison smell.

After a while, he cleaned his hand thoroughly with his shirt.

Then lifted the bucket in front of his mouth and drunk a mouthful unworried about the consequences.

F*ck me!! How can poison be this delicious! He cleaned his mouth with the same shirt while burping in enjoyment.

Did this passive mess with my tasting buds He wondered in bewilderment after not expecting it to taste that good.

He knew that drinking poison wouldn\'t harm him, but merely give him stomachache in a worse scenario.

However, to actually taste like a cold cola during summer, was truly a surprise for him.

After successfully testing his new immunity.

He retrieved the bucket and the shirt within his spatial card, not leaving anything in the room that had any relation to poison.

Just this passive alone made all my efforts and coins that I wasted worth it.

Not to mention having extra passive. He said with a heartful laugh after seeing the pleasant returns of chasing after this unknown demanding bloodline path.

This only made his resolve to continue threading on it more firm.

It\'s time to test the super-strength passive.

Hopefully, I obtained a good boost. He lay on the bed with a smile and requested the Queen to log him in.


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