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Chapter 768 – Unexpected Appearence!

Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!….

On a wide red carpet that was placed above a spacious luxurious hall, many flashes of light began gracing the stage.

In a few moments, those flashes of light turned into players from different unique races.

Felix could be seen summoned in the center of the hall, where most players gathered.

Since the number of players reached a hundred, it was a bit crowded.

“So thats Landlord He doesnt look that threatening at all.”

“The first Void Elementalist…I must keep my distance from him.”

“Isnt he a cutie I think this is the first diamond game I see a human in.”

Chatter broke out immediately near Felix.

Just his race alone was bound to attract attention from those players…Dont even mention the fact that he was a void elementalist.

All the players here had dug all available information about Felix.

They would be lying if they didnt admit that Felix freak them out a bit due to his void army and ability to appear anywhere.

So, just because Felix was a human, none of them dared to underestimate him even if they showed the opposite.

Felix ignored everyones looks and walked towards a corner to rest a bit.

‘First time I see so many players from different races in one game. He thought to himself while eying everyone in the hall.

Felix was used to not having a human presence in his games by now.

But, it was more apparent in this game when the numbers increased significantly.

There were at least six vampires grouped up to the left…Bloodcoral seemed to be the ring leader as he was placed in the middle.

Five werewolves and three winter wolves standing nearby each other while glaring from time to time at the vampires clique.

Four Astrians hovering in the air without a flatter of their crystal wings.

Sunny was chatting with them while peeking from time to time at Felix.

Five Shadowborns chilling near the walls, appearing like they were merged with the shadows of the other players.

More than six players from the hive race were standing as a single unit like they were in an army.

Two of them were from the bee species and the other three resembled humanoid red ants greatly.

Since there was a hierarchy within their race, the lowest number official was commanding them.

Naturally, there were orcs, giants, elves, night elves, centaurs, dragonlings, serpent half-lings, and more!

It was truly a buffet of diversity and Felix had just joined the table as the first human.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Abruptly, two additional massive flashes of light occurred at the end of the hall, attracting everyones attention to them.

‘They are here. Felix narrowed his eyes at the sight of Exodial and The sleeper making an appearance.

One was a gigantic red dragon with a indifferent stare and the other was a humongous turtle with a lazy look.


“Wake me up when the judge arrives.” The sleeper yawned while withdrawing his head and limbs within his hexagon shaped white shell.

No one dared to chat near him lest they wake him up and end up getting targeted by him in the game.

The Heavenly turtle race might appear slow and lazy, but they were just as terrifying as the dragons.

Their shell was impregnable, and their earth manipulation was enough to put anyone in despair.

Meanwhile, Exodial didnt even bother to find Felix, Sunny, and Bloodcoral within the crowd.

He simply closed his eyes and covered himself with his monstrous wings.

The lively atmosphere had been affected heavily when those two monsters had shown up.

Thankfully, after a few minutes of waiting, the MC decided to grace the stage.

“Good morning everyone…I hope you rested well enough.”

A four-armed blue skinned man greeted with an easy-going smile before a podium.

He was wearing an mesmerizing outfit that had written sentences move freely on the fabric.

“Sweet, Sage Marshal is our judge.”

“At least, we will have our questions answered properly.”

The players seemed like they were satisfied with having a judge from the Sage Race.

Well, it was known fact that sages were free spirited and easy to deal with.

Compared to the other nine rulers, they were the most likeable within the network because of their personalities.

“Now, Now, since everyone here is a smart lad, how about we get right into it” Sage Marshal created a gigantic holographic screen that was displaying a large circular island.

The island was quite unique due to its many environments stacked in one place.

The northern zone had a long stretching snowy mountain range with thunderclouds on top of it.

The southern zone was just a typical golden desert with horrific sandstorms ranging frequently.

The western zone had an active volcano that was spewing lava from time to time.

The eastern zone was had a rainy forest with giant trees reaching hundreds meters in height.

Last but not least, the center of the island was a very shallow lake that had not a single rock or a tree in sight.

All four zones were connected to this lake.

“You guys will be teleported above those four zones randomly.” Sage Marshal smiled, “If you ended up above your preferable environment, then you can rejoice.”

Felix would love to land in the snowy mountain region or at least in a close proximity.

The thunderclouds above them appeared to be extremely active, and he could take advantage of them.

Just like him, the other players wished for environment that supported their element and abilities.

“Any burning questions”

“Will we be warned before the map shrinks”

“Yes, ten seconds prior.”

“How long will it take For the shrinking to finish in every phase”

“Its done at random.

Sometimes longer and sometimes shorter.”

“We need kills toqualify ourselves after every time a map has shrunken, correct So, if I killed someone with three kills, and I had three kills, does that mean I dont need to worry about Queens execution for the rest of the game” One of the vampires asked with a solemn expression.

“Thats correct.

Kills are transferable for this reason.” Sage Marshal smiled, “If they werent, everyone will be executed before they reach phase three.”

There were three phases in this game.

Each phase was further split into three rounds.

Since players required kills to survive each round, it would be impossible to reach phase three when players get eliminated by more than half in every round.

However, with kills transfer, this problem was solved.

In fact, it ensured that at least twenty players would reach the last phase safely…In other words, any player of those twenty would be more than worthy to win the championship.

“Is there any unique title to seek”

“Oho, we have a bold one over here.” Sage Marshal clapped his hands in amusement and suggested, “Since we have a dragon among us, the unique title will be The Dragon Slayer.”

Upon hearing so, the player refrained from thinking about this matter entirely.

The rest of the players also dropped the unique title from their minds even though none of them were seeking it.

Ending up as the last survivor out of a hundred monster was already going to be extremely challenging.

No one was dumb enough to split his focus on a title.

Meanwhile, Exodial didnt even flinch after putting such a target on his back…He simply kept his eyes closed shut while waiting patiently for the game to begin.

“I guess we are done here…Make sure to get some friends.” Sage Marshal made a peace out gesture with his four hands and teleported away.

While the players were seeking partnerships with others from the same race, Thor, Lady Sphinx, Saurous, and a few more primogenitors were gathered in the council.

A four champions showdown was already enough to attract them to spectate the game.

But, when it was related to the Darkin Faction against Jörmungandr and Thor, most of them preferred not to miss the drama.

‘Are you sure about not attending Lady Sphinx asked telepathically.

‘Yes, I have Candace to accompany me now, so there is no point in meeting those old fogies. Asna shook her head,Plus, I am afraid about having my identity exposed.

Lord Khaos warning is still ringing in my ears.

‘I see. Lady Sphinx nodded.

After Felix won his previous game, Asna was eager to watch the next game with Lady Sphinx and the other primogenitors.

However, after Lord Khaos appearance in Felixs consciousness space, Asna had removed those thoughts from her mind.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

“Lady Sphinx, I guess you wont tell us what you offered Lord Khaos to give up on his precious bloodline.” Kumiho said.

Upon hearing so, the other primogenitors ears perked up in intrigue.

Many of them had tried before to snag a bloodline bottle out of him for experiment purposes but to no avail.

Before Lady Sphinx could reply, Lord Khaos appeared out of nowhere on one of the seats at the top of the council.

“I gave it because I liked the kid.” Lord Khaos inquired calmly, “Is there a problem with it”

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