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Chapter 758 – The Fairies Dimensional Pocket II.

Laylay landed on Felixs shoulder and held Nimo within her arms.

He was sleeping peacefully, not knowing that his size was as small as an ant.

‘I hope I wont pass out this time. Felix wished as he drank the Pooh-Pooh solution.

If the materials used to make the solution were poisonous, Felix would have an immunity to those side effects.

In a few seconds, his heartbeats began to accelerate while his head felt as heavy as a boulder.

Soon, he was assaulted by a nasty headache, following an irritating dizziness that tried to force Felix into passing out.

However, it wasnt enough to push Felix into fainting with all the experience he had under his belt.

So, Felix had experienced the minimizing effect personally, allowing him to see himself turning smaller and smaller.

A moment later, Felixs was fully covered under his clothes, not being seen at all.

His size was barely twenty centimeters!

No one reacted to this since it was happening to everyone all around the sphere.

‘F*ck, maybe I should have just passed out and let them take care of me. Felix massaged his temples, hoping to get rid of that annoying dizziness.

‘Your mind is finding it difficult to adjust to your new size. Lady Sphinx said,Fainting would have been better to give your mind a chance to rewire itself and adapt a little to its new environment.

The Pooh-Pooh solution was one of the fairy races miracles as it allowed anyone to get minimized with almost no side effects.

However, the adapting process was up to the person himself.

In worst cases, there were a few people, who were in constant headache due to not getting accustomed to their new sizes.

‘Whats done is done. Felix said while beaming his clothes in his AP bracelet.

Then, he beamed a minimized outfit made from nanobots and wore it.

Since his AP bracelet was made from artificial symbiote skin, it was versatile and able shape-shift as he pleased.

Thus, he turned it into a belt around his waist.

“Oh You didnt faint!” Laylay exclaim in shock after spotting Felix standing on the ground in new clothes.

“For real”

“How did he pull it off”

“Did he consume something before taking the solution”

When the others heard her, they all lowered their heads in surprise and eyed Felix.

It wasnt a common occurrence to see someone able to keep his head intact after drinking the solution.

“If only everyone was as tough as you, we wouldnt have been too busy taking care of them.” Laylay sighed in displeasure as she flew towards Felix.

Seeing that he was all dressed up and ready to go made her even more happy to be his guide.

“Hold my hand, I will take you to your house.” Laylay extended her fair hand at Felix and waited for him to grab it.

Now that Felix had the same size as Laylay, he would be lying if he said that they werent too attractive for their own good.

Just this fairy alone would cause chaos within countries if she ever grew to a regular size.

Unlike the witches, the fairies had two genders, which meant they were able to have intercourse and enjoy it.

Felix knew that some rich and authoritative bastards use a players wish to gain access to the fairies kingdom, so they could have their way with one or two.

The fairies werent immune to money, which meant there was a prostitution business alive and kicking within the kingdom.

“Sir Felix” Laylay titled her head cutely after seeing him space out.

“Oh, sorry about that.” Felix shook those thoughts and took her hand.

Then, she flew with him towards the sphere without an issue.

One of the miracles of the pooh-pooh solution was reducing the weight of everyone drastically, making them as light as a feather.

Soon, the fairy penetrated the white sphere, forcing Felix into closing his eyes to avoid getting dizzy again from crossing dimensions.

A few moments later, Felix started feeling a gentle breeze caressing his skin and a touch of sunlight, heating his face.

When he opened his eyes, he couldnt help but feel at peace internally just by the mere scene before him.

A waterfall submerged within a forest of blue leaves, making it seem magical.

The waterfall was strawberry pink and swishing over the rocks joyfully.

It was thundering down into the pool like a gigantic water spout.

When it toppled into the ecstasy-pool, it foamed it at the bottom.

The rest of the pool was as clear as cellophane, enabling Felix to see down into the rocky bottom.

Fronds of forest-blue plants waved gently in the depths.

Just as the scene couldnt get any more magical, he saw a gaggle of geese-looking animals grazing by the bank and quacking as they fooled around it.

Yet, the most mysterious thing out of all of this was the size of the waterfall trees, and animals…They were minimized too!

‘An entire tiny world for fairies is hidden in this dimensional pocket. Felix said in admiration,I dont know if it is man-made or a work of nature.

But, it is one of the most beautiful and magical places in the universe.

This was one of the reasons why everyone needed to drink the Pooh-pooh solution.

This was no place for giants.

“Lets go, there are plenty of better scenes to enjoy.” The fairy tightened her grip and flew with Felix towards the woods.

In a few minutes, they reached a wooden gate that was guarded by two male fairies.

“Entry ticket.” One of them said sternly.

The moment Felix showed it to them, they dropped the stern presence welcomed him in a heartful manner, “I hope you enjoy your stay in Lagoonwood Town.”

It might be just a town, but it was bustling with vigorous life that most modern cities lack.

Children fairies were were giggling as they chased after another.

People from different walks of life could be seen exploring the market or chatting with fairies to know more about them.

There was absolutely no presence of technology around.

The transportation method were hummingbirds operating as taxis.

The elevators were wooden platforms controlled by sentinel vines.

The houses were built inside the trees while the plaza, marketplace, business district were all on the ground level.

Although the trees were also minimized, they were still gigantic enough to turn them into livable houses and take advantage of the spacing between them.

“Lets get you settled at your house first.” Laylay took Felix to the transportation station and picked one of the hummingbirds that were parked on a branch.

“Wanna learn driving” Laylay asked as she offered the lead to Felix.

“Most definitely.” Felix grinned faintly as he held the lead.

Then, he jumped on the hummingbirds back.

The hummingbirds here were actually not as small as the ones on Earth.

They were bigger, had fluffier feathers and a sharp beak.

“To control a hummingbi…”


Before the fairy could finish her explanation, Felix already took off on the hummingbird, flying at an unimaginable speed!

“Stop!! You will crash into someone!” Laylays face lost color immediately at the image of crashing into another hummingbird.

She brought herA game and chased after Felix…Her speed wasnt to be underestimated at all.

In fact, she was faster than a hummingbird when she went all out, allowing her to catch up to Felix in a few seconds!

“Drop the lead! Drop the lead! Let it fly on it own!”

The fairy shouted at Felix from the side, knowing that the hummingbird taxi would keep obeying Felixs directions regardless of what as long as he was leading him.

Felix ignored her and continued enjoying the ride, not fearing for anything.

In his previous life, he drove hummingbirds for months until he mastered riding them.

Adding the fact that he had perfect vision made it impossible for him to crash into someone else.

“Is this really his first time here”

As he kept weaving through the leaves, branches, and other hummingbirds, the fairy stopped shouting at him and just followed him with a look of disbelief.

“Can you lead the way” Felix asked as he drew nearer.

“Ah, you should have followed me from the start! You already missed it.” Laylay scolded the moment she broke from her daze.

“Sorry about that.” Felix coughed.

‘Why am I this unlucky to end up always with troublemakers. Laylay huffed in annoyance.

As a premium ticket payer, Felix had been assigned Laylay to be his personal guide and assistant.

It might not be the royal treatment that the VIP ticket payers experience, but it was far better than what he went through in his previous life.

He was thrown into the town to fend for himself without a single clue on what to do!

After a short while, Felix had reached his house.

Well, it was somewhat of an apartment inside a hollow tree that was housed by many other apartments stacked on each other.

This made the tree resemble a residential skyscraper.

“Hmm, not bad.” Felix expressed his satisfaction when he saw that his apartment had two rooms, a kitchen, and a restroom.

Everything was carved from wood, giving the apartment a basic appearance.

Still, Felix wasnt complaining about it since the basic entry tickets payers were forced to live in a single room with other people.

“Since you decided to keep your AP bracelet, every item that cross a certain size will be blocked from being beamed in our kingdom.” Laylay informed as she stood before the door.

“I know.” Felix nodded.

“You also need to take care of your pet.

If he caused any trouble, it will be on you.” Laylay warned while giving Nimo to Felix.

“Okay.” Felix took Nimo and placed him on the bed.

Then, he covered him with sheets made out of blue leaves and left him to sleep in peace.

“Do you have any other questions” Laylay said.

“Is there a way to meet the Fairy Matriarch without owning a VIP class entry ticket” Felix wondered.

“No.” Laylay replied bluntly, “The Matriarch is extremely busy and does not meet anyone without a good reason.”

“I see.”

“If you have a treasure that you want to give it to her, you can hand it to me.” Laylay smiled innocently, “I will be giving it to her and check whether she liked it or not.”

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