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Four months later...

Have you heard The president has reclaimed another infested planet.

Really I stopped being surprised after he restored the 20th infected planet.

I still can\'t believe that he has saved more than 50 infested planets in less than a few months.

Two mercenaries were sitting at a bar, taking shots while discussing the latest viral news in the empire.

In front of them was a holographic screen, showing an old freed planet from the clutches of the void creatures.

The troops had just arrived and began rebuilding void bases in the least affected areas.

The stream chat was popping off with an emoji that resembled Felix greatly.

The citizens were more than happy about Felix\'s glorious victories against the void invasion.

They had no idea how he was doing it, and they didn\'t care as much as the politicians.

They were satisfied that Felix was looking out for them.

For the first time in the guardian empire, the citizens were hearing victories after victories instead of a loss streak of failures.

When the numbers of void creatures on those planets were published, everyone lost their minds and started to believe that Felix was sent by god to save them from the invasion.

Who could blame them for reacting like this

The total number had reached 89 million void creature more or less!

Both the army and the guild were struggling to deal with just a few active millions in the entire empire!

Yet, a single person had come out of nowhere and took care of 89 million void creature in a mere four months.

In the eyes of simple civilians, this was a miracle that no man was able to achieve.

The only reason everyone knew that it was him, Felix had accepted all the black missions available and actually completed them.

Since the completed red and black missions appeared on the mission boards, the news had gone viral every time a black paper materialized on it.

Felix didn\'t accept those missions to make himself famous but for the rewarded void points.

He had no need for them, but the mercenaries in his guild could use an upgrade to their equipment.

Since the void points, the equipments, items, and all the sellable resources were provided by the SGAlliance guild headquarter, Felix had nothing to lose.

He rewarded those void points to all the mercenaries in his guild and even the army soldiers.

In turn, they used them to rob the stores clean and force the guild headquarters to refill them over and over again.

Just like that, the human race\'s defensive line against the void invasion had been enhanced while the officials in guild headquarter were left to weep, but no tears came out.

Who would have anticipated that someone was capable of finishing tens of black missions in less than four months

It was impossible even for dragons and the metal race known for possessing the most terrifying advanced weapons in the universe.

After everything that Felix had done, how could he not be glorified in the guardian empire

All the mercenaries and army soldiers backed him after his wicked stunt with void points.

The civilians were on the brick of worshiping him as their lord and savior, the chosen one who get rid of the void invasion once and for all.

At this moment, his reputation in the empire was so high up, everyone started beseeching the Milky Way Summit to replace commander Samuel with Felix.

Too bad, the Milky Way Summit had made a new meeting but not to do as the citizen wished, but to question Felix about his secretive methods.

After all, Felix had demonstrated that he could travel from one edge of the empire to another in a mere few months without using any wormholes!

This was more important to those leaders than the fact that he could get rid of millions of void creatures.

Do you have any updates on what happened in the summit

Don\'t you know The president has ignored their invitation! It was funny seeing them calling for his name, but he never appeared.

The mercenary said loudly and was followed with booming laughter from everyone in the pub, who heard him.

Haha, he really has the balls of steel to reject the summit.

In this galaxy, no one dared to say no to the summit.

After all, the summit ruled the galaxy and everyone on it.

Offending those leaders signified that living in the galaxy would be a chore. 

Yet, Felix didn\'t even bother to address them.

Why would he do so His guild presidency couldn\'t be affected by them and commander Samuel was on his side.

Felix was smart enough to make Commander Samuel relation with him a bad one.

This way, he would not be replaced by the summit anytime soon.

In addition, Felix wasn\'t scared of anyone nowadays.

He had recovered more than 50 infested planets in the past months.

This entailed that he had already created an army of void creatures that was able to bring ruination anywhere he pleased!

Tens of millions of void creatures were at his disposal, waiting to be unleashed.

The best part, Felix and Mistress Candace were were capable of opening void rifts anywhere they wanted.

Imagine opening a void rift in populated capital cities, allowing millions of void creatures to gush out akin to a flood.

The Summit What a joke.

Felix wasn\'t afraid of even the top thirty races in the SGAlliance.

He finally found a shield that was strong enough to give him such confidence to confront at least those authoritative figures.

Why would he play ball anymore


Where to now, Sir Felix Mistress Candace asked while standing next to Felix in his bedroom.

Let\'s go home. Felix said calmly, I have more than enough void creatures to leave a mark anywhere I go.

Felix could be said to have achieved everything that he desired from the guardian empire and more.

He hatched Nimo, he became the guild\'s president, he reclaimed fifty infested planets, he created a void army, he \'recruited\' Mistress Candace, he found a way to travel through the void realm, and finally, he left the best impression with the citizens, soldiers, and mercenaries.

He was more than satisfied with his experience in the guardian empire, and it was time to return home.

The war is getting worse and worse for the federation alliance.

I need to prepare to join it before Royal Army spread out even more. Felix added.

The rules to win the war were simple.

Kill the ten assigned leaders or force out a surrender.

If none of this worked, then destroy 90% of the enemy forces.

Since some ten assigned leaders would be hidden discreetly and protected heavily, it would be impossible to hunt them down.

The only known assigned leaders from both sides were Zosia and emperor Rawal.

The other nine could be anyone...Even a random homeless person on the street.

Felix didn\'t want the Royal Army to spread out even more so if his original plan didn\'t work, he wouldn\'t need to travel across the entire battleground to hunt down those fleets.

Should we move now

Wait, I will be feeding Nimo first. Felix said while pulling Nimo from on top of his head.

He was already as big as an adult cat, making Felix\'s neck sour every time Nimo laid on his head.

Alas, it was already a habit, and it seemed like it would be a pain in the ass to correct it. 

Nimo had grown this big only because Felix was feeding on each day consistently.

It would have been hard to keep him well-fed without affecting his army if it wasn\'t for the void realm.

Felix created a small void rift in his bedroom and stepped inside with Nimo. 

Sup fellas. Felix greeted the hundreds of colossal void raccoons in the area with a casual smile.

Each one was made out from a hundred thousand void creatures to millions!

Such a scene was enough to make anyone\'s blood run cold.

Yet, Felix chuckled as he made Nimo dance playfully.

All those horrific monsters began to dance with them, appearing like a choreographic dance crew.

That\'s it, move \'em hips. Felix laughed in enjoyment.

Eee Eee!

Meanwhile, Mistress Candace eyelids twitch at the sight, feeling emotionally abused by the image of Nimo happily dancing.

After all, that\'s the future law guardian and her lord...

Okay, enough fooling around. Felix patted Nimo on the head and sent him to eat.

Nimo opened his mouth widely and began drawing the void energy in the area akin to a black hole.

In a few minutes, Nimo burped with a satisfied expression and a bulgy stomach.

Felix dragged him by the neck and returned inside his spaceship.

He turned his clothes into a spacesuit and created a comfy backpack.

Felix placed Nimo in it and nodded at Mistress Candace.

It was finally time to return home, The Mother Earth.

Felix had never forgotten the day he escaped from the planet like a coward due to his SG secret identity being found out.

At that time, he was worried about backgrounds in the Mariana Empire catching him and extracting all of his secrets.

He was forced to escape to the Witch Empire and embark into a journey that had changed him mentally and physically for the better.

Yet, he was still using a secret identity and hiding in the shadows in the guardian empire akin to a thief.

That\'s because he wasn\'t strong enough to protect his secrets from the greedy hands of those backgrounds.

But now

There was no need for Lancelot Kelly to exist anymore.

He didn\'t give a ** that everyone would find out that he was Lancelot Kelly.

He was Felix Maxwell from Earth...He would be returning to his home as such.

If anyone has a problem with it.. Felix smirked confidently, I am waiting patiently for their arrival.

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