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Although they were vexed that he refused to inform them of his method, they were still smart enough to avoid discussing this subject.

Old dog Samuel will reject uniting with us even if we wanted. Hamaru replied.

Oh, the conflict.

Felix recalled that he didn\'t leave those two sides at peace with each other.

I will deal with the Commander, just prepare to make missions to send mercenaries. Felix ordered, Planet Gamora is still salvageable even though it has a gigantic hole.

The Fang and the others looked at each other and nodded their heads in understanding.

\'It seems like he isn\'t concerned about our last conflict.\'

\'Maybe, he truly wants to help humanity against the void invasion If not else, why bother try to reclaim other planets.\'

\'We can\'t know his motives yet.

Just chill and obey him for now.\'

The telepathic conversation was ended sharply, not wanting to expose themselves in front of Felix. 

Luckily for them, Felix didn\'t give a crap about them or their territories.

He had too much on his plate to harbor a grudge against them for attempting to ruin his reputation in the void base.

Since he was planning to create an army of void creatures by gathering them from infested planets, then it would be better to go all in and actually reclaim them.

It would do the galaxy a big favor, and he wouldn\'t be losing anything.

That\'s all there was to it.

By the way, you will keep leading the guild as usual. Felix mentioned casually, When it comes to major decisions, make sure to run them by me first.

Do this, and we will be cool with each other for a long time.

Upon hearing so, the five leaders showed an expression of astonishment.

Felix bringing this subject on his own was the same as easing their minds that he wasn\'t holding a grudge against them.

So, as long as they remain respectful and listened to his few orders, nothing much would change.

They were still going to have their authority and their territories would remain unaffected by him.

Honestly, this was all they needed to hear to let down their guards against him.

As veteran origin bloodliners, they knew when someone was being deceitful or truthful. 

Felix was too nonchalant in his speech to be lying to them.

We will try our best, Mr.

President. Toby bowed his head respectfully.

When the others saw this, they glanced at each other and followed his footsteps.

Since Felix was calling a truce, then they would gladly accept it.

That\'s all for today.

Have a lovely day. Felix teleported away after excusing himself.

His objectives had been concluded and there was no need to prolong his stay in the building.

He already used his authority to classify his Lance identity as confidential.

As long as he refrained from entering civilized planets that required identity check, he would be fine even after his ID expires.


In a few minutes at best, the news of a mercenary completing a black mission successfully had gone viral in the guardian empire. 

People had yet to finish discussing the universal thunderclap before this unbelievable news hit the network.

While everyone wondered how he pulled it off, Mistress Candace was even more confused than them.

\'When did the imitators posses the ability to command those babies Only the wrathful creators and The Lord can control them.\'

Mistress Candace knew that the void creatures could not be controlled even by her, one of the seven unique and strongest void creatures.

Only the Paragon of Sins and the wrathful creators had the ability.

\'Did he copy a wrathful ability to command them\' Mistress Candace shook her head, \'That can\'t be right, he has already taken a human form and can only use abilities related to humans.\'

Mistress Candace ruled out her guess.

She understood that the imitators could not switch forms as they wished.

It would take a very long time until they get the option to copy another form.

This was one of their limitations.

\'So, how did he do it exactly\'

Mistress Candace started to realize that she would be getting nothing out of Felix by simply waiting and watching from afar.

At the start, she merely wanted to have fun by watching \'the imitator\' fool around.

But this was a big deal.

Controlling or killing millions of void creatures was a serious matter that needed to be addressed.

\'It\'s time to pay him a visit and see his true motives...But, first let\'s see what he discussed with my toy.\'

Mistress Candace snapped her finger and was immediately teleported into another dream.

In this dream, there was a colossal colorful palace, that was inhabited by thousands of breathtaking maidens.

Mistress Candace walked past them and entered the throne chamber.

On a glamorous golden chair, sat a man with a long blue hair and a scar on his forehead.

He was an average looking man with a big happy grin as he enjoyed the company of his harem.

My Queen! You are back!

The moment he saw Mistress Candace, he immediately shoved the women away from him.

Then, he rushed towards Mistress Candace with a radiant eyes akin to a dog who saw his owner return from work.

I am not in the mood. Mistress Candace created a chair and asked after sitting, Tell me everything you discussed in the meeting with him.

Wilson looked disheartened by her rejection.

Still, he answered her truthfully and told her everything.

I see. Mistress Candace knitted her eyebrows, \'He is setting out to restore more infested planets Is he nuts Just because The Lord is in a slumber, it doesn\'t mean that we are free to side with the living.\'

After hearing Felix\'s plans, Mistress Candace was further pushed into her decision to meet with \'the imitator\'.

She quickly teleported outside the dream, not caring about Wilson, who was left rewardless after his snitching.

Just like Commander Samuel, he was also Mistress Candace\'s pet.

The only differnece between them was the time it happened.

He was the latest victim to Mistress Candace, and it took her a reasonable number of years to finally crack him and make him her sex slave. 

Just like the imitator having such a limitation, the void succubus also had one.

They had a limited number of targets they could enchant and turn into their sex slaves.

Each time they add another person above the limit, they give up on the first person they enchanted.

The process gets more difficult based on the mental defenses of the victim.

For example, she could never turn an official Bee from the hive race into her sex slave.

It would take eons and she would still fail.

\'Since he said that he will be reclaiming other planets, and he was just at planet Gamora, he must be heading to Nibiru.\'  Mistress Candace reasoned.

Nibiru was the closest infested planet to Gamora.

So, it was safe to assume that it was Felix\'s next target.

\'But first, let\'s check planet Gamora.\'

Mistress Candace was a void creature in nature and was able to travel through the void realm.

So, the journey that took Felix months to cross, it would take her at best twenty minutes.

Unbeknownst to her, Felix was still near planet Gamora, waiting for Nimo to wake up...


Fifteen minutes later...

Mistress Candace had reached her destination.

By using her void vision, she was able to see through dimensions unlike Felix, who needed to rely on his passive to do so.

\'Hmm Is that him\'

Almost immediately, she noticed the Dark Deviant spaceship moving at a normal pace in Nibiru\'s direction.


Naturally, she could not miss the gigantic void raccoon that was following them akin to their pet.

\'At least I know what happened to the void creatures.

I will deal with it later.\'

She blinked her eyes and was teleported instantaneously next to the moving spaceship while still in a different dimension.


The moment she was this close, she felt a familiar intense evil aura that was owned by one being in the entire universe.

\'My Lord!\' Mistress Candace was too stunned to speak.

She knew that her lord was put in a long slumber the moment he created the seven sins unique void creators and sent them to roam the universe freely.

The only request he had for them was to be themselves.

Since they were the embodiment of evil, they naturally weren\'t going to behave like model citizens in the universe.

\'I can\'t believe it...Something must be wrong here.\' 

As much as Mistress Candace wanted to disbelieve what she was feeling, the facts remained unchanged.

This evil aura could never be obtained even if someone slaughtered trillions of innocent people.

It was special.

It was unique.

No one but The Paragon of Sins could own it.

That\'s a universal truth that she could not deny.

\'Wait a second, his aura is too weak.\' Mistress Candace discovered.

In her eyes, the aura was the same, but the intensity was a joke compared to what she sensed during her meeting with The Paragon of Sins.

\'Maybe he was reborn to avoid slumbering for eons\' Mistress Candace\'s eyes brightened up at the thought, feeling like she had just hit the jackpot.

When she saw that the evil aura was coming from a tiny creature, she was more certain in her guess!

She had seen the Paragon of Sins and his real size was enough to make anyone feel like a spark of dust...Even when he minimized himself, he never took such a form.

\'I still need to be certain before making a move.\' Mistress Candace eyed Felix and decided, \'I can only question this imitator about all of this.\'

Mistress Candace needed all information possible about her lord, so when she appears in front of him, she wouldn\'t do anything foolish.

So, she created a tiny interdimensional rift and sent her main consciousness to infiltrate Felix\'s mind, knowing that \'the imitator\' would dominate her if she sent a mere wisp.

She couldn\'t afford losing more, when she already had many of them keeping her sex slaves in check.

The instant her consciousness touched Felix\'s forehead, she was transported into his consciousness lake.

Gorgeous as always, she opened her eyes, expecting to see an empty peaceful consciousness lake just like everyone\'s.

Alas, Felix wasn\'t like anyone else...

Welcome to paradise.

Mistress Candace suddenly flinched after hearing a playful pleasant voice coming from behind.

When she turned around, she felt her soul leave her body at the sight of Asna, Lady Sphinx, Thor, and Jörmungandr all sitting at a round table.

All of them were staring at her with faint gentle smiles while sipping tea and wine.

Alas, those gentle smiles weren\'t enough to ease Mistress Candace\'s mind at all.

How could she be relaxed when all of them had released their horrifying spiritual pressure, making her unable to even blink or take a deep breath.

\'What have I done....\'

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