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Five months later...

Asna, where are we at Felix asked lazily as he laid on her bed with a bunch of books thrown here and there.

This little glutton seems like he still hasn\'t had enough. Asna replied from the outside while staring irritatedly at Nimo.

Right now, he was snoring peacefully on the lake without a single care in the world.

The only change he had after eating such a large amount of purified void energy was his size.

He had grown to a regular panda size.

Well, I need to leave for a few minutes to reapply the removal of the penalty. Felix said.

Six months of continuous daily feeding was still not enough.

Felix hoped that at least the egg would hatch in the next six months.

He really didn\'t want to waste all of his three wishes on this.

Especially, when he knew that he wouldn\'t be joining a game anytime soon.


After he opened his eyes in the real world, Felix glanced around him and noticed that the size of the void blob had shrunk significantly.

\'At least 30% reduction is there.\' Felix thought to himself, \'Two years or less of this, and I will completely absorb this void blob.\'

\'Let\'s hope it won\'t be that long.\'

Felix swiftly blinked back inside his spaceship by taking advantage of the marked void chest.

Since he was always full of energy down there, he managed to sustain this mark for half a year.

Since he was out, the first thing he did was take a quick shower.

After he was done, he picked all three AP bracelets and wore them on his wrists.

We will be taking a day break, so go ahead and spend your time in the UVR. Felix spoke to Asna, knowing that Thor and Jörmungandr weren\'t that interested.

Don\'t call me for the entire day. Asna warned with a blissful expression, I will be going to the spa.

Felix waved his hand nonchalantly and turned on his notifications and communication system.

The moment he did so, his bracelet started vibrating like it wanted to get out of his wrist.

Before he could react, a red ominous appeared in front of him.

//Would you like to join Earth in the Battlefield//


The moment he read it, Felix\'s eyes widened in disbelief, not knowing how to react.

He instantly knew that it was a notification to join the battlefield for the galactical war.

It wouldn\'t make sense that the world council would start a war on their own without his approval.

Will you look at that. Thor joked, You went offline for half a year and your planet is already at war.

The shock that Felix experienced couldn\'t be expressed in proper words since he actually knew the future.

Because he knew that the galactical war wasn\'t going to be a thing until at least a decade later, he never paused for a second and thought that it might happen at any moment.

Who could blame him This wasn\'t any random change in timeline, this was an actual catalyst that would change almost everything in the galaxy!

A galactical war of such a magnitude would change the future of the majority.

When the majority had their future changed, then the future itself would change, leaving Felix unable to rely on his previous life\'s memories. 

How the f*ck did this happen! Agitated, Felix hastily waved the notification away from his face and entered the network.

Before he could search for anything, he checked his email inbox, knowing that he should have been reached out by his grandfather, world council, and the anti-royality alliance.

As he expected, his grandfather updated him on the situation and asked for his health being.

The world council requested his assistance while the anti-royality alliance contacted him and his leader persona.

In both emails, they expressed their intent to pay whatever it took to get the Organization\'s support in their war effort.

In their alliance contract, the Organization wasn\'t obliged to help the anti-royality alliance in the war.

That\'s because Felix had made it clear that the Organization\'s goal was to serve humanity as a whole.

So even though it was allied with them, it was still holding into its neutral status.

This was the overlooked flaw that caused the timeline to change.

The disrespectful way of the royal family treatment made him disinterested in entering in sort of communication with them at that time.

They treated both himself and his leader persona with the same disrespect.

So, if he had responded to them, he would have appeared weak and unworthy.

If they treated him properly, he would have reached out and informed them that his organization would remain neutral as long as they were willing to pay a price.

If that happen, the royal family might not have been rushed to kick off the war to avoid dealing with the organization\'s quirky methods of strengthening bloodliners.

When Felix looked at the clues left behind, he reached to this conclusion as well.

F*cking hell, how can a fake organization without even proper paperwork start the biggest civil war in the history of the galaxy! Felix was really pissed to the point he was left speechless by the current development.

He started the organization as a shield from other backgrounds, but he completely forgot that every time he grew or showed some crazy new powers, the organization took the credit for it.

This kept happening over and over again until the organization\'s existence was already on a mythical level in the galaxy.

The best researchers in the galaxy would offer their souls to join their world bending projects.

Powerful and authoritative Backgrounds invested tens of billions into locating them to put them within their ranks.

Bloodliners were dying to be their next choice of development, hoping to turn out as strong as Felix.

All of this had created an intimidating aura that was coated on the organization.

Sure it was fake in Felix\'s eyes, but in the eyes of everyone else

It was the future of humanity.

The first thing that Felix did after getting control over his emotions was call his grandfather to check on his well-being.


Brat! I know you told me that you will be offline for a long time, but can\'t you at least call me when the war started I thought you were dead! Grandfather Robert scolded furiously as he stared at Felix.

Who could blame him for reacting like this

He always knew that Felix preferred having his communication disabled, and he had no issues with that.

Just like always, he thought that Felix merely went offline instead of actually removing his AP bracelet for half a year.

Because of his misconception, he thought that Felix either died or was in a coma.

After all, he knew that Felix would have reached out to him when the war starts.

The fact that he didn\'t, made him assume the worst.

Sorry about that. Felix sighed, I had to remove my bracelet to get something done.

So, I wasn\'t aware of the situation until now.

Upon hearing so, Grandfather Robert\'s expression had been put at ease a little.

He could see that Felix was honest with him even though he didn\'t really explain the situation.

Knowing that he was a member of that organization, he kept his inquires to himself.

I am just glad that you are safe. Grandfather Robert asked with a stern expression, Did you join the battleground

Not yet. Felix replied, I will make a decision after doing my research.

Can\'t you just stay out of it Grandfather Robert hoped, You will be targeted by all parties if your identity was found out inside the battleground.

In Robert\'s eyes, he didn\'t give a ** if his planet was ruled by the world council or another background.

He had no loyalty to the authoritative figures of Earth.

Since citizens like him were protected by the SGAlliance during and after the war, he had nothing to worry even if the planet was taken by the royal family.

He could simply ride a ship with his family and leave the planet entirely in the worst case scenario.

He was only loyal to his family and his business.

That\'s why Felix didn\'t even bother asking him if he joined the war with the rest of the family or not.

He already knew that all of them planned to remain hidden in the Sky Pearl Island until things settled down.

I know that, but you don\'t have to worry about me. Felix smiled confidently, I am harder to kill than you think.

I know that you are as strong as Origin Bloodliners, but don\'t get over cocky. Robert warned, After all, the royal family owned The Origin Abolisher Weapon.

\'Wasn\'t a classified information that the royal family owned that weapon Felix frowned his eyelids after hearing him mention that weapon.

He tried to play cool to stop his grandfather from worrying about him, but he didn\'t think that he would know about that weapon.

One of the Bardot Empire\'s most fearsome invention!

A weapon that was able to target any Origin Bloodliner and obliterate him in a split second!

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