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Inside The World Council, the head of state of each county in Earth were discussing solutions to avoid joining the war with the anti-royality alliance.

Their numbers had dwelled significantly since the moment Felix had left the planet.

That\'s because a lot of countries started merging with each other to protect their interest from superpowers in the planet.

How unlucky can we get Mr.

Rodrigas sighed as he stood on a podium in front of the heads of states.

We finally created ten basic fleets to protect ourselves...Now, we need to use them against a damn empire


Rodrigas felt like fate was pulling a joke on them.

During the past few years, the World Council went all out on their protection.

They set a wide defensive net that encased the entire planet, making it impossible for spaceships to approach their atmosphere without getting bombarded by plasma missiles.

They finished the tower on the moon that would act as a radar in the entire solar system, helping them spot uninvited parties from millions of kilometers away.

They built tens of massive space stations around the planet and even two space elevators in two continents.

Most importantly, they shaped up a planetary space army made out of ten fleets.

Each fleet had more than twenty armored spaceships made exclusively for war.

It might not be much compared to other advanced planets and civilizations, but it was a start that made earthlings proud.

Specially, when they had done all of this in merely a few years while in reality, it should have taken more than three decades.

All of this due to their earnings from the last planetary game that provided them with billions of coins, in addition to universal exposure due to Felix\'s results in the games.

The number of tourists visiting the planet was off the roof, allowing them to earn hundreds of millions of coins in the past years.

The exposure also assisted them in making many business deals with either the anti-royality alliance or other interested backgrounds.

Right at this moment, Earth was already on track to join the advanced civilizations in the empire if they remained consistent like this.

That\'s why the World leaders were so f*cking pissed by the notion of going to war.

The universe was just starting to open to them, and now they had to deal with an ancient empire that was founded over millions of years ago.

How about we contact Felix One of the presidents suggested, They may ignore us, but I doubt they will ignore him.

Plus, he was the one who signed the alliance contract on behalf of the planet.

True! We never wanted to ally with them in the first place.

If he continued leading our planetary team in the games, we would have won many games and earned wishes plus billions of coins...That is enough to take care of ourselves.

Some presidents nodded their heads in agreement, feeling like they were wasting the potential of their planetary team due to Felix\'s nonchalance.

Weren\'t you happy that he never interfered in our leadership. Mr.

Rodrigas scoffed, Now that things got somewhat real, you want to blame him and call him to fix it

Indeed, have some shame.

If we call him every time we are in a pinch, there is no need to have a world council.

The other presidents supported Mr.

Rodrigas with displeased looks directed at their peers.

It was clear that the world council was split between two parties.

Ones that supported Felix truthfully and would do everything to support his decisions.

The others wanted to benefit from him.

They didn\'t care about his achievements or the heights he reached in the universe.

They only cared about the traffic he brings to their businesses, helping them fill their pockets with coins.

No need for hostilities.

President of Japan eased up the tension before a ruckus could start.

Then, he said, I understand that asking for Mr.

Felix\'s help might seem shameful, but we need to at least inform him.

The news are all over the media. The same president from before sneered, He would have seen them unless he was blind or simply didn\'t give a ** about what happens to earthlings anymore.

Before Mr.

Rodrigas could retort back, another president jumped into the fray and added with an irked expression, His strength and achievements must have gotten into his head.

He stopped caring about the planet years ago and you guys are simply not wanting to accept it.

Couldn\'t have said it better.

He probably has hundreds of billions in his bank account, yet he never bothered to donate even a billion to the planet\'s fund box.

Donate He never called any of us to check on the planet\'s progres...


Just as the chatter started to get heated up in the assembly, Mr.

Rodrigas shouted furiously with veins popping on his neck.

His bellow managed to quieten down everyone but none of them looked at him favorably.

After all, they were leaders not school kids to be shouted at like this.

I dare any one of you to repeat the same bull** when Felix comes back.


Rodrigas had enough of dealing politely with those two facets ungrateful presidents.

Everything that they had was due to Felix\'s massive contribution.

Even when he wasn\'t on Earth, they were still benefiting from his existence.

Yet, they had the guts to keep badmouthing him simply because he was too busy to deal with their crap He wasn\'t having it.


Rodrigas also wanted Felix to come back and lead the earthling team back on track, but he wouldn\'t go as far those presidents.

I have just sent him a message. Mr.

Rodrigas eyed them with a threatening look and said, I don\'t want to hear anything else about this subject again.

If he called, then good, if he didn\'t, we will handle ourselves just fine.

Upon hearing so, the other party decided to compromise and let go of the subject, not wanting to anger Mr.

Rodrigas even further.

As the president of the strongest and most resourceful Organization in the planet, his authority had already surpassed all the leaders.

So, it wasn\'t smart to cross him.

Vrr Vrrr!

Abruptly, Mr.

Rodrigas\' bracelet vibrated, making his expression brightened up almost instantly.

He knew that only a few individuals were able to contact him while inside a meeting.

Felix was one of them.

\'Oh, it\'s them.\'

Unfortunately, the message ended up being from the anti-royality alliance, asking him to attend a gathering in half an hour to explain the situation.

It wasn\'t from Felix, but he was still glad about the summoning.

He quickly informed the others about it, and they all shared his delight.

It must be a gathering for all allies.

Hopefully, it will be held to tell us that they decided to reject the declaration.



Half an hour later...


Rodrigas had been sent as the representative for Earth in the gathering.

He could be seen getting sandwiched between a two-headed man and a small thin girl with a dark blue skin.

Yet, Mr.

Rodrigas didn\'t even eye them as he was looking at the hundreds of authoritative figures around him.

Each one of them had the name of the background they represent engraved on a plank that was placed in front of their seat.

There were known backgrounds to Mr.

Rodrigas like Corona Kingdom, Alexander Kingdom, and The Three State Union.

But still, most of them were unfamiliar to him.

This can\'t be right. Mr.

Rodrigas murmured with a dazed expression, Are all of those backgrounds allies with the anti-royality alliance

It wasn\'t just him asking this question as most representatives kept looking around them in surprise.

Some knowledgeable figures had already realized that not only allies were invited but even outsiders!

They spotted many representatives for strong bloodline clans, kingdoms, and organizations that were headed with active Origin Bloodliners.

Before they could think too much about this, Maganda Chief, Zosia, and Gabriel had appeared in front of three podiums in a flash of light.

The chatter quietened down almost instantly after they got spotted.

While the outsiders showed curious looks, the allies eyed those three furiously, wanting nothing more than to punch the living ** out of them for scamming them.

Thankfully, all representatives knew how to control their tempers, making them mask their displeasure and show a courteous expression.

Welcome my dear friends to this prestigious gathering.

Maganda Chief broke the ice with a polite greeting and handed the baton to Zosia since she was an Origin Bloodliner.

I don\'t like wasting my precious time, so I will be direct with you. Zosia looked at them indifferently and confessed, After long discussion, we decided to to accept the declaration of war.

Before her words could sink in, she followed it up with, The format will be The Ruleless War.




The moment she was done, the assembly hall had descended into a frightening silence like it wasn\'t packed with hundreds of people.

No one spoke, coughed, breathed out loud or even moved an inch.

They were just staring at Zosia with a stunned expression, not daring to accept her confession.

The outsiders were shocked by the fact that the anti-royality alliance actually dared to accept the declaration and even pick that infamous format.

Meanwhile, the allies felt like their world was crumbling on them...

\'This can\'t be happening...\' Mr.

Rodrigas kept repeating this sentence in his mind while heartbeats rose higher by the second.

Fear, agitation, shock, and every other negative emotion flooded his mind and body.

Who could blame him for reacting like this

Joining the war was already scary enough but to actually join a Ruleless War...Where their planet would be replicated, and they would be forced to defend it against royal family\'s mighty fleets and powerful bloodliners

He knew that they would get massacred in the first few months of the war if the empire placed even a bit of focus on them!

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