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After Felix exited the void base under the glares of soldiers and envious looks of mercenaries, he found his aircraft already waiting to pick him up.

He jumped inside, and the Queen took him to the Dark Deviant that was waiting for his arrival on the peak of the troposphere layer.

In a few moments, the aircraft got admitted inside the spaceship and went to its designated parking lot.

\'Queen, take us away.\' Felix requested while changing his spacesuit into comfortable pajamas.

Without needing to walk, the artificial symbiote created a chair underneath him and took him to his bedroom.

Because of the clearance given to him, his spaceship wasn\'t stopped on its way out by the army.

In less than a few minutes, the Dark Deviant was back in space and speeding far away from the scarlet planet.

\'Queen, give me a list of all the fallen planets.\' Felix requested after he logged into the UVR.

Queen showed him thousands of planets from all sizes and colors listed with all of their details.

Not a single one wasn\'t marked with a red \'X\', stating that the planet was given up on.

\'Filter the recent ones.\'

Queen did as she was told and got rid of more than 80% of planets from the list.

Felix didn\'t want to head to planets that had been infested for tens of years since it would be extremely difficult for his spaceship to make it through.

In addition, the laws and elements of the planet would be almost gone, making it hard for him to adapt to the environment.

\'Um, the recent ones have fallen in the past years.\' Felix scratched his chin as he picked a planet and read its details.

He found that the army had given this planet a hundred years lifespan before its core would get absorbed by the void creatures as well.

A Hundred years was really a short duration since to completely devour an entire planet, millions of void creatures were required.

\'Based on their calculations, the planet should be infested with more than twenty void creatures.\'

Felix scrolled below and read its location.

Then, he requested the Queen to calculate the distance between him and the planet and how long it would take to arrive there.

\'It will take less than three months at our fastest speed.\' Queen replied.

\'I see.\' Felix asked, \'Is there any other fallen planet that is nearer\'

\'The nearest fallen planet is two months away.\' Queen answered and pinpointed the said planet on the list.

After reading its details, Felix found out that it had been invaded a decade ago.

\'Better stick with Gamora.\' Felix decided to return to his first choice even though it would take an extra month to reach it.

\'I will need some time to restart my integration anyway.\' Felix didn\'t want to arrive at a fallen planet with only his current set of abilities.

He wanted to at least unlock two more passives and two more active abilities.

Maybe, he would be given an ability that would fasten his absorption process or such.

\'Queen display the mission board and filter all missions beside the black ones.\' Felix requested.

When the list emerged in front of him, Felix took a quick glance and saw that a black mission related to recovering planet Gamora was posted.

The requirement was simply cleaning the planet from the void creatures.

No matter what method used.

The reward was split into three parts.

*Straight promotion to SSS Rank.

*10 million void points.

*An Official Position on the main headquarters of the Void Guild.

\'Hmm, nothing noteworthy.\' Felix was truly disappointed by the rewards.

In the case of the rank, he would automatically reach to SSS after his finishes with his incoming genocide.

He had no use for the points since the items on the store weren\'t really that useful with his current strength.

He already purchased everything he needed with only a million void points.

Last but not least, the official position in the main headquarters...It might be the dream to The Fang or other political figures seeking higher positions in the guild\'s ladder, but for him

He really just wanted to hatch Nimo and focus on other matters.

\'Let\'s see the army rewards.\' Felix smiled wryly, \'Hopefully, they offer something useful.\'

Felix switched to the army\'s website and went to search for rewards given to anyone able to recover fallen planets.

After seeing that the reward was a straight promotion to a general position, his eyebrows couldn\'t help but twitch in vexation.

He could sense that the army simply placed the reward not as a motivation but to demotivate anyone trying to go for recovering a planet.

That\'s because the army had already tried many times to achieve so and failed miserably.

So, there was no need to send others to waste their resources on those wishful dreams.

It was better to invest those resources in other planets that were under attack.

\'Useless crap.\'

Felix closed the website after accepting the black mission.

He might be disappointed by the rewards, but he would never say no to freebies.

Are you done Thor stressed, You need to restart your training as fast as possible.

I believe that you are ready to begin learning psychic shield.

If you mastered it, it would help your mental defenses immensely.

Before Felix could agree, Lady Sphinx mentioned calmly, Today is my turn.

I know that. Thor coughed, I am just saying.

Lady Sphinx ignored him and informed Felix, Meet me in my 4th lab.

I will be teaching you today how to concoct a 5-star difficulty rank 3 Potion of Misery.

On my way. Felix agreed at once, knowing that Lady Sphinx dislike leaving her waiting.

So far, his potion concoction techniques were getting more refined after Lady Sphinx took the helm as his teacher.

He had improved to the point he was able to concoct a 4 star rank 3 potions with a 30% success rate!

It might sound little but if any other witch knew that Felix could concoct almost all 4 star rank 3 potions with such percentage, they would die from envy.

One shouldn\'t forget that witches usually pick three to four potions and spend their life times mastering them to increase the percentage as high as possible.

Felix clearly wasn\'t taking that road as he wanted to reach the same height as Lady Sphinx or even surpass her, when it comes to potion-making.

He wanted to create new recipes, concoct his own elemental potions, and be a full-fledged researcher in the art of potion making.

This was going to be a long journey, but it would be totally worth it when he reaches the summit!


A week later...

The news about a new mercenary slaying over a thousand void creatures alone in a single month had already gone viral galaxy-wide.

This time, even the leaders paid attention to this piece of shocking information.

They wanted to know if a special weapon was used or something like that.

Unfortunately, neither Commander Samuel nor the assembly members managed to enlighten them.

Everyone was just as ignorant as the other.

Only now did the leaders realize how infuriating the contract that Felix had signed.

No one could question him or threaten him with anything! He was bulletproof and Commander Samuel was responsible for it.

Yet, no matter how many times they ask him, he always sends them recordings of Felix firing off Void Seekers.

Recordings that were published by the assembly members to show that they were trying their best to investigate the matter unlike Commander Samuel.

By now, even the leaders were starting to get pissed off by Commander Samuel antics since it affected them negatively as well.

Still, it didn\'t matter if they disliked the guy or not.

As long as there was no candidate to replace him, they could only swallow their displeasure and prepare to support him in the summit.

Speaking about the summit, it would be occurring in the next hour or so inside the Guardian Empire Royal Palace.

Right now, the outside of the assembly hall was already packed with reporters from every reputable media company in the galaxy.

They were waiting patiently to be summoned inside this prestige hall.

Some reporters were clearly excited and eager to participate in such a glorious summit.

Meanwhile, the veteran reporters didn\'t seem to care really.

They had attended many assemblies like those since it was hosted on monthly basis to discuss important matters related to the galaxy as a whole.

It was almost like the previous United Nations of Earth.

The only differnece would be that the reporters were allowed inside only when there were matters that needed to be shared with the public.

Just because it was a summit, it didn\'t mean that no classified issues were being dealt with inside.

The summit was erected to deal mostly with external threats that affect the galaxy entirely.

So the decisions made needed to be kept classified at all costs.

It was impossible for any leader to leak what\'s discussed to the public since they had signed a strict contract that forbade them.

Not a single leader dared to betray the galaxy since the punishment imposed was too gruesome....

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