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\'Are you getting used to the feeling of traveling through the void realm\' Thor inquired as he watched Felix smiling in delight while inside the chest of the humanoid elite void creature.

\'Well, Void Blink makes it almost impossible to spend even a split second inside the void realm before forcing me to exit in my destination.\'

Felix replied as he scratched his cheek, not giving a crap that The Sinners were running for their lives in front of him.

\'I spent only a few minutes in the void realm before, and I can only tell you that my experience wasn\'t pleasant in the slightest.\' Thor clicked his tongue, \'With your void immunity and 3rd passive Second Skin, you should feel like a king inside the void realm.\'

Although Felix only spent time in the void realm within the UVR, he had to agree with his notion.

Since the moment he found out that he had unlocked Void Blink as his 2nd active ability, Felix entered the void realm willingly within the UVR.

He didn\'t know if the Queen managed to capture the real sensation of being inside the void realm since he felt like he was floating within a warm ocean.

It was like the void realm was welcoming his existence with a warm hug instead of complete rejection like the others.

This made him drop his fear completely of the void realm.

Instead, he wanted nothing more but to remain in it as much as possible.

Unfortunately, the only method he possessed that allowed him to access it was Void Blink.

This active ability couldn\'t be used to its full potential without his 4th passive that he unlocked at 45%.

It was called *Marked Prey*.

This passive transformed Felix\'s void energy into a unique one belonging to only him.

This made it possible to use his void energy as a marker!

Anything that it touches would be sensed by him no matter the distance!

That\'s why when he used his void seekers on the pack chasing after Captain Feather, he managed to mark the elite void creature and blink himself to it by crossing through the dimensions!

Without this mark, Felix\'s blink might make him end up exiting inside a wall, underground, or even on a different planet!

That\'s because he had no control over its activation since it was a bloodline ability not a mastered one like other abilities from elemental manipulations.

So, he was really lucky to unlock the passive Marked Prey.

It truly turned his Void Blink from useless garbage into one of the best active abilities in the universe!

He was literally able to teleport anywhere in the universe by crossing through the empty void realm, as long as he marked his destination and had enough void energy to support his journey.

That\'s why he easily blinked to the humanoid elite void creature immediately after Asna finished absorbing the other one.

He had marked it first and left it for later because he knew that The Sinners wouldn\'t dare to fight two void elites and their massive packs before Captain Feather fight his own pack.

\'Leave some energy for me Asna.\' Felix grumbled after sensing that his elemental capacity was left with only 20% void energy.

Since he always kept 20% poison energy and 20% lightning energy, he was left with only 60% in his tank to fill with void energy.

Those two blinks that he made had taken more than 30% by themselves!

\'You really need to do something about it.\' Asna grumbled as well, \'Your current energy tank is like  a cup, while your abilities require at least a barrel each to use their full potential.\'

Felix couldn\'t help but agree with her analogy.

Sadly, he couldn\'t do much about it right now, since he needed to focus on hatching Nimo first.

Though, the moment he finished doing so, he would immediately head to Jörmungandr\'s galaxy and focus entirely on reaching the 3rd stage of poison manipulation and learn The Conversion technique.

While he was conversing with Asna casually, the humanoid void creature\'s new shrunken size had already been noticed by Miss Brazen and her squad.

Too bad, they were still being chased by the other eagle-shaped void creature and the rest of its army.

This made it hard for them to focus on anything else but their own survival.

\'I don\'t know what the f*ck happened to the other elite, but this is our own chance to counter-attack!\'

However, Miss Brazen was smart enough to take advantage by the peculiar development and get rid of the pack behind them.

Since they had ten veteran bloodliners, it wasn\'t really that hard to achieve so.

\'Engage in formation 2! Go!\'

The moment the order was given, Miss Brazen and three of her squadmates separated themselves from the group and went into different directions.

Since the biggest group remained intact, the void pack ignored Miss Brazen and those three.

\'Get rid of the low-borns quickly!\'

Miss Brazen beamed two compressors cannons and placed them on her wide shoulders.

Then, she summoned two metallic silver cleavers and forced them within the cannon\'s hole!

The canon was empowered with unique crystals that were able to disintegrate the ability and compress its energy to the limit.

It didn\'t matter if one staffed inside a water bubble or a wind blade.

They all turn into an explosive beam of energy and burst through anything in front of them.


That\'s exactly what happened as those four kept bombarding the army of low-born behind the eagle-like elite void creature.

Since their attention was fully attracted by the biggest group of players, the low-borns kept exploding here and there every time they got hit directly by the deadly rays.

The ones who got brushed by it or had only part of their bodies touched managed to absorb the energy of beams and heal themselves!

\'Go quicker!! The elite is catching up to our guys!\' Miss Brazen shouted out loud after seeing that the distance between her squad and the void pack was getting shorter and shorter!

Upon hearing so, the other three beamed another compressor and added a 3rd explosive ray to their fire force!

This help them increase the pace of their hunt enough to start killing three void creatures by three.

After a grilling half minute of constant bombardment and two ruined compressors, the army of low-borns had been finally gotten rid of.

Still, neither did Miss Brazen celebrate nor did her squad since the biggest threat was still alive.

\'Formation 3 now!\' Miss Brazen yelled while descending to the ground.

The rest of her squad all split up and did the same.

Even the ones being chased!

After doing so, the elite void creature was forced to pick one target and chase after him, leaving the others to their own devices.

\'F*ck! This is the second time I get picked!\'

A long haired man with a purple helmet cried in his mind while staring at the gigantic elite void creature behind him.

Unlike the strategy that Felix used to take down the void packs in the trials, most mercenaries without Origin Bloodliners or descendants of ones could only use this risky plan.

Kill the low-borns first, and split into individuals to force the elite into chasing only one of them.

While that unlucky bastard keep running for his life, the others would prepare a single combined explosive attack to blow the elite in one go!

If it failed, they were absolutely f*cked since the elite void creatures could regenerate to their peak form after absorbing the attack\'s energy!

That\'s why Felix\'s strategy had drawn a massive amount of interest from the assembly members and other mercenaries.

He was a one-man army!

\'It\'s getting closer!!! PLEASE PREPARE FASTER!!\'

The chased poor bastard couldn\'t help but let out a despairing cry after sensing that the elite void creature was only tens of meters away from him!

\'Give us a moment!\' Miss Brazen responded while quickly placing a fifth active compressor canon on the ground.

Meanwhile, her squad mates kept putting three to four active canons next to her one by one.

The moment one of them place his canons, he separate himself as fast as possible from Miss Brazen and the rest of his crew.

If they didn\'t do it like this, the elite void creature would turn its focus on them, since their life signals would be bigger than the tiny human in front of it.

After more than twenty canons were prepared next to her, Miss Brazen shouted, \'BRING THE F*CKER HER!

At last, the poor dude was given the permission to lure in the eagle-like void creature in front of the prepared set of canons!

They were all aimed at the sky by using built in metallic support.

\'Not yet...Not yet....Not yet...\' Miss Brazen kept squinting at the descending eagle-like void creature, waiting for the perfect moment.

She didn\'t need her squadmates to fire the canons since she had permission to remotely fire them!

As the leader of the squad, such a big responsibly naturally fell on her shoulders.

The moment Miss Brazen noticed that it was merely five hundred meters away from them, she ordered, \'GATHER ON ME!\'

Just like a practiced drill for hundreds of times, her squad mates all flew towards her as fast as possible and stood right behind her!

This forced the elite to switch focus from the poor bastard to the grouped squad, giving him a chance to escape away from it and also get out of the strike zone!


However, just as she wanted to fire off the cannons, her eyes were widened in shock as she watched the eagle-like void creature start to bash its head with its torso!

It appeared like it went completely haywire as it ignored the grouped squad below and kept flailing in the sky!

Before Miss Brazen and the rest could react, they spotted that its size was shrinking rapidly akin to air escaping from an inflated balloon.

LIKE HELL IT WILL END LIKE THIS! Miss Brazen shouted furiously, FIRE!!


She didn\'t know what was going on, but she wasn\'t planning on watching the elite void creature keep doing its shenanigan after preparing everything to take it down.

Strike first, think later!

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