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Twenty minutes later...Felix and Asna had reached a giant colorful gate that resembled a clown\'s mouth.

Since Felix paid for a VIP experience, he ignored the long queue of hovercars before the gate and went through a side gate.

The moment his hovercar emerged from the other side, Asna\'s eyes brightened up at the radiant and lively atmosphere of the amusement park.

It was built on a world on its own, making it resemble a floating city in an empty clear sky.

There were rollercoasters tracks so long and twisted, they covered half the city from above and below it!

A Ferris wheel that was touching the sky, it would cause most people to feel nauseated at its peak!

There weren\'t any big buildings.

Just structures for many unique games and colorful tents where employees serve street food, and mini-games.

-Octopus Twister is about to start in 5 minutes.

line up!-

-Haunted House is going to open at 02:00 PM-

-The rollercoaster of doom is about to start in 10 minutes.

line up!-

After Felix reached the ground and parked his hovercar, loud announcements like those kept resounding throughout the amusement park. 

Let\'s go ride the rollercoaster first! Excited, Asna caught Felix\'s hand and sprinted through the crowd towards the rollercoaster\'s station!

Since the park was crowded and noisy, not a lot of people noticed Asna and Felix.

As for those who did They were left staring at them with widened eyes, not able to murmur a single word.

By the time they recovered, Asna and Felix were already long gone.

If she wasn\'t wearing a hat and sunglasses, she would have attracted everyone\'s attention even in this crowded atmosphere.


In a short moment, Felix and Asna reached the elevator to the rollercoaster of doom by riding together on his hover platform.

Since the platform wasn\'t wide, Asna was forced to hug Felix from behind.

Obviously, she rejected venomously at the start to have such close contact with Felix, but she still took his offer since they would never make it to the rollercoaster in time without the platform.

Woah, how long is the wagon going to be Asna wondered in surprise after seeing hundreds of people waiting in a queue in front of five elevators.

If I recall correctly, fifty or sixty per ride. Felix answered as he hovered towards a teleportation circle guarded by two humans.

After reaching it, he disbarked with Asna from the hover platform and showed the guards his VIP ticket.

Before Asna could do the same, the guards opened the way with flushed cheeks and a thirsty look as they shouted, No need! Please go in godde...Miss!

Okay Asna shrugged her shoulders and stepped inside the teleportation circle.

Just as Felix wanted to follow her, the guards blocked him with fierce expressions, Did we approve you to move!!

\'What\'s up with this double standard treatment\'

Speechless, Felix could only show his ticket again to them, not wanting to cause a scene.

He knew that he wasn\'t as good-looking as Asna but this was still too much! 

Meanwhile, Asna was chuckling at his expense behind the guards.

Tsk, you can go in.

Lucky bastard.

The guards could only let Felix use the teleportation circle reluctantly.

After stepping inside, both of them teleported to the top of the platform.

The moment they opened their eyes, they saw that the area was packed and rowdy in front of a long red wagon in the shape of a serpent.

It was half full already and the seats were continuing to get filled up from the queue.

This time, Felix knew that his VIP ticket couldn\'t help him skip the queue on this one since most of the people waiting were VIP customers as well.

But, he didn\'t want to wait for his turn since he had counted that more than a hundred people were in front of him.

This implied he would need to wait for two rides to finish.

Felix examined the wagon and noticed that the very front seats were left open.

\'It seems like no one wants to have a heart attack in this ride.\' Felix grinned, knowing that the front seats in this rollercoaster were equivalent to suicide.

That\'s because the speed of the rollercoaster could reach up to 200km/h! In its descent, it was able to reach up to 300km/h!

It was already too much for commoners to handle! How could they go further and sit at the very front

As he expected, the wagon soon had filled up entirely, leaving only those two unwanted seats.

Neither the adults nor the kids in the queue dared to step forward.

The operator had seen this happen many times to bother himself with it.

So, he simply yelled out, Last call!

Let\'s go. Felix caught Asna\'s hand and rushed with her towards the wagon uncaring about the people\'s looks.

He jumped inside the front seat and pulled Asna quickly inside, making her yelp in shock.

He fixed her seatbelt for her, not caring about her pissed look and then he fixed his own.

The moment he finished, the wagon shook slightly and then started moving forward!

\'Now we good.\' Felix smiled at Asna, not bothering with her annoyed look.

\'You didn\'t need to be so rough.\' She complained as she massaged her palm.

Although she had one of the strongest consciousness in the universe, she was merely a mortal inside the UVR.

There was no way the Queen AI could allow beings like her to attain their overpowering strength within her universe.

\'Either that or everyone will storm on us again.\' Felix shrugged his shoulders.

When Asna glanced behind her and saw that everyone on the wagon was staring at her with a spell-struck expression, she couldn\'t find fault with what he said.

Look in front. Felix grinned as he poked her.

The moment Asna turned around, she yelped in terror as she gripped into Felix\'s jacket tightly!

Who could blame her for reacting like that

They had reached the arched part of the track rail.

It was bent at ninety degrees, making Asna able to see the entire amusement park from a height of two kilometers!

I changed my mind! I don\'t want to do this! Asna cried in fear as the wagon started moving downward slowly!

Asna knew that the moment the other half of the wagon crossed over the arched track rail, the wagon would be in a free fall.

How can this scare you

Felix already lifted his hands in the air, preparing for the descent.

In normal cases, this kind of speed was nothing to him but Felix was smart enough to nerf himself so he could feel the thrill!

Please! Please! Felix!....FEEEELIIIIX!!!




A symphony of high-pitched terrified and excited screams boomed loudly in the sky as the wagon smashed through clouds in its rapid descent!

Typically, normal rollercoasters would never reach such a height for the safety of their passengers and the structural integrity.

But this was the UVR! Everything was possible, making the owners of this amusement park go wild!

Woosh!! Woosh!

They sure went wild with this rollercoaster as the moment it reached the bottom, it started twisting in cone-shaped track rail, forcing Asna\'s hair to flail all over the place.

\'F*ck, keep your hair away from my mouth!\' Felix cursed telepathically as he kept spitting Asna\'s hair strands.


Alas, Asna was too scared to care about Felix\'s comfort.

She had her eyes closed shut while hugging the seatbelt like her life depended on it.

Such a reaction was normal for someone who almost never did anything fun besides watching movies and painting her nails.

\'Aren\'t you going to open your eyes You are about to miss the view.\' Felix tempted.

\'I don\'t want to talk to you!\'

\'You will regret it if you missed it.\' Felix said sincerely, \'The wagon is slowing down, this is your best chance.\'

Sensing that the speed had indeed dropped to a reasonable pace, Asna decided to trust him and see what he was talking about it.

She opened her eyes slowly and started glancing around.

The first thing she saw was Felix looking above him.

Asna lifted her head and was surprised to see tens of mermaids dancing in a giant lake below the amusement park!

The rollercoaster track was long enough it covered the entire city from every direction!

Unfortunately, Asna opened her eyes late, making her miss almost the entire show.

Right now, the wagon was climbing up from below the park. 

Since its speed was manageable, Asna kept her eyes open and watched the people having fun in other games as the wagon passed over them.

Memories of the time she spent in the ruins resurfaced in her mind, making this scene seem like a dream to her.

Even the time she spent before she was imprisoned was lifeless compared to this moment.

\'I am really free...\' Asna smiled charmingly as she enjoyed the breeze carcass her cheeks gently.

This was the first time in a very long time she experienced the wind like this....

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