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Why do you keep staring at me Asna mumbled as she peeked at him.

Felix smiled charmingly as he answered, Somehow, you keep getting prettier in my eyes.

Argh! Stop being so cheesy, you annoying prick. Asna assault him with her handbag, trying her best to hide her reddened cheeks.

F*ck, at least marry me first before you abuse me. Felix cried in pain as he guarded his face.

Argh!!! Stop talking!!

I am just saying!

Don\'t say anything!

Then, stop hitting me already!

I can\'t, I am too mad!

How is it my fault that you are mad for liking me!

Arrrrgh!! Drop dead already!!

Meanwhile, the primogenitors could only watch them squabble speechlessly, not knowing how to intervene.

It was clear in their eyes that both Felix and Asna had caught feelings for each other but had absolutely no clue how to express them.

Felix was still an asshole and Asna was being a tsun-tsun by refusing to acknowledge her feelings.

At least they are quarreling like a couple. Lady Sphinx chuckled.

Thankfully, Felix and Asna had to separate from each other after his bracelet started ringing.

Cough, what\' up Felix spoke while affixing his messy attire.

Your access has been approved. Mr.

Igris informed, I have emailed you the details.

Good work.

My pleasure.


Felix hung up and turned to Asna, who started to apply her makeup again with an irritated look.

If only you cared about your looks enough to hesitate about getting physical. Felix mumbled under his breath as he fixed his hairstyle with a snap of a finger.

Looking for a round two Asna squinted her eyes at him while holding her ruined handbag.

Cough, enough playing around, it\'s our turn soon. Felix changed the subject by pointing at the front entrance.

Sure enough, only two cars were waiting in line in front of them.

They had already descended to the ground and were merely a few meters away from the screaming crowd.

Fortunately, Felix\'s hovercar had a tinted window, blocking the prying eyes from seeing their squabble.

After he was done fixing his appearance, Felix focused on the actors and actresses on the red carpet, wanting to check if he knew anyone.

Due to his business expanding heavily in the films industry, his Primo Company had acquired many uprising studios, actors/actresses, screenwriters, directors, and many more talented individuals.

From time to time, Felix read the weekly report sent by Mr.

Igris to check on the numbers and see if he was being ripped off or not.

With his photographic memory, he remembered all the actors/actresses that were in his weekly reports.

Oh, is that Nancy and Jamal

Felix had spotted two of them already on the red carpet.

They were taking pictures behind the movie posture.

He knew them quite well since they were in his recommendation list of actors/actresses that he gave to Mr.


That list included all the actors/actresses that had plenty of talent but no real opportunity to show it sooner.

It seems like they made it to fame earlier this time. Felix smiled, feeling a bit happy that his actions were affecting the timeline positively to some people at least.

You have arrived to your destination.

The car\'s AI announced after stopping it at the side of the red carpet.

The front passenger seat was facing the reporters and the fans, who were clearly excited and anticipating the appearance of other guests.

Any guesses A reporter asked his coworker while pointing his AP bracelet at the fancy hovercar.

My bet on Nikko or Lio. The coworker responded as he watched the driver\'s door get opened.

The moment he saw Felix stepping off the hovercar while wearing a blue marine tuxedo, his eyes couldn\'t help but widen in disbelief.

He was too shocked to even take pictures of Felix as he walked composedly towards the front passenger seat.

Everyone had gone silent as well, not knowing how to react to the sudden emergence of Felix!

Even the actors and actresses were dumbfounded!

No one expected the current most famous mainstream person in the Milky Way Galaxy to show up in a movie premier unrelated to him!

Before they could make a sense of things, Felix opened the passenger door slowly and offered his hand inside in a gentlemanly manner.

Asna held his hand with her long pretty fingers as he pulled her gently outside.

Asna locked her hand around his arm intimately and they started walking on the red carpet with indifferent expressions.

They passed by reporters, actors, actresses, film directors, guests, and everyone who was standing on the long red carpet.

No one blocked them or said a single word.

A few moments later, Felix and Asna entered the wide-open front gate and walked straight to their private movie room.

Everyone simply watched their back disappear after going through a movie gate...

The previous lively atmosphere filled with cheers and light flashes was nowhere to be seen.

The only thing left behind was a piece of soothing music in the background that no one ever knew was there due to the noise.

Thud! Thud! Thud!...

Suddenly, tens of people started dropping to the ground akin to flies! Reporters, fans, and even actors/actresses!

As for the others remaining up Most of them had a nosebleed or actually peed their pants, losing complete control over their bladder!

Yet still, no one moved or dared to breathe out loud.

Hell, they didn\'t even glance at the people who fainted near them.

How could they do anything when their minds had only a single picture frozen in it

Asna\'s bewitching beauty as she walked elegantly on long heels and a dress that stole their souls.

Although Felix was also extremely handsome due to his primo bloodlines mutations and immense reputation, his image next to Asna was completely obscured in everyone\'s minds.

All of them without exceptions had fallen under her spell! A spell that was the dream of every Charm Elementalist in the universe.

Natural Mental Shock!

I must be hallucinating or something. Jamal murmured while touching his bleeding nose in bewilderment.

When he saw Nancy staring into the void with a widened pupil and those who fainted on the ground, he felt his heart skip a beat!

\'This is really happening!\' Jamal clutched his raging heart as he started taking deep breaths, trying to control his agitation.

However, he realized that it was impossible since Asna\'s bewitching appearance kept resurfacing in his mind!

The worst part, her appearance was a bit foggy in his mind like his brain was having difficulty reimagining her perfect beauty!

\'How can one be this beautiful! Even artificial beauty can\'t hold a candle against her! It\'s against universal laws!\'

The more Jamal thought about it the higher his blood pressure rose, forcing his nose to bleed yet again!

For a famous actor like him, his unsightly appearance should have been captured by the reporters by now and turned him into a laughingstock in the network.

Thankfully for him, the reporters were all frozen solid in their positions, trying to understand what the hell had just transpired before them.

Argh, my head!

What happened

Did I die I remember seeing an angel

Soon, one by one the passed out people in the crowd began waking up while voicing their concerns.

The dead silent atmosphere began to get noisy real quick as more and more people began speaking about the situation.

A scoop!!


F*ck! I didn\'t take a picture of that goddess!

The reporters were the first to succumb to their reporting instincts as they ignored everyone on the red carpet and dashed towards the front entrance like their lives depend on it!

I want to see my goddess too!

A fan with bleeding noise jumped the obstacles that kept the crowd controlled and sprinted with an obsessed expression, following after the reporters!

The moment the fans saw him, it all clicked on their minds that the moment they miss this chance, it might be impossible to see Asna another time in person!

So, one by one, they all jumped obstacles and stormed the red carpet, not giving a crap about the actors and actresses in front of them!

They shoved them to the side like some used goods and charged as one like some uncontrollable herd!

Jamal and the actors who were nearer to the front entrance didn\'t hesitate to run inside, fearful for their lives from this madness.


Scared **less, the captain of the guards yelled as he jumped inside the Cinema, not having any intentions of stopping those lunatics.


Queen AI responded immediately and closed the gate shut a few meters before the crowd could burst inside the Cinema!

Thud!! Smash!! Thud!!

Let us in!!

You bastards trying to have her all to yourselves!

I just want another glance, please!!

Nancy, you b*tch! I supported you for years! This is how you treat your fans!

Jamal and the ones who made it inside the Cinema could only stare in disbelief at the frenzied looks of their \'beloved fans\' as they tried to smash through the gate!

\'This is madness, madness!\' Frightened, Jamal could only take a step away from the gate.

He could see it in his fans\' eyes that they wouldn\'t hesitate to stamp on him if he blocked their path from getting to Asna!

The moment he thought about her, she resurfaced in his mind almost immediately like a curse.

He lost control of his emotions yet again and started obsessing about her just like his fans.

The only difference was that he didn\'t want to just see her but actually own her!

\'She belongs to me! A goddess like her belongs to no other than me! I need to have her!\'

Jamal was so far in his obsession, he completely forgot that Asna wasn\'t alone.

She was accompanied by no other than Felix, Landlord, and the boss of his boss\'s boss!

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