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You guys are underestimating my cute champions a bit too much. Aspidochelone smirked as he watched WowefxNero aim both of their hands at Battlegod Orca and Hebra.

Then...A torrent of brown mud burst out of their palms and reached those two almost instantly!

However, both Battlegod Orca and Hebra managed to evade it quite easily due to their enhanced reflexes!

They might be stupid but their battle instincts were honed to the limit!

\'Haha, It\'s my win! I can\'t believe my plan worked!\'

Battlegod Orca laughed smugly in his mind as he eyed the humongous gate that was merely ten meters away from him!

Just as he planned on jumping through it instead of continuing his sprint, the flood of mud that missed them had turned into a thick hardened brick wall!

\'Heh, what a joke.\' Battlegod Orca snickered as he tightened his shoulder while charging towards it, planning to smash right through it!

When the viewers saw this, they knew that the game was over...A wall like that could never block those two giants...

Felix wanted to do something desperately but Pengfu was blocking his path.

If he used his supersonic speed and dashed towards him, Pengfu might misunderstand him and strike back.

If Pengfu wanted to do something, he needed to turn around! He would never show his back to Felix without a contract!

The situation was similar to all players, making them stand still and watch Battlegod Orca charging at the wall like a bulldozer.

\'Now.\' Wowef smiled cutely as he snapped his finger.

No one paid attention to his signal as their eyes were attracted to two shining superior bombs emerging from within the mud wall!!

The moment Battlegod Orca and Hebra saw them, they could only stare at them with stunned expressions.


Both bombs went off at the exact same time just when Battlegod Orca and Hebra were about to smash into the wall!

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Both of them were so close to the bombs, they were hurled far away akin to sandbags by the immense shockwave!

In the end, they were stopped by the walls before dropping into the ground.

Smoke rose from their bodies as well as a pungent smell of flesh burnt to crisp.

They were still alive but unconscious.

Taking an explosion of two superior bombs only a few inches away was more than enough to blow anyone to smithereens!

That\'s why Excutioneer got injured pretty badly after ending up being in the explosion zone as well.

Thankfully, he was further than those two, allowing him a split second to react and protect himself with a windshield.

Still, he was thrown back to the wall too.

Meanwhile, the viewers and the players went quiet at once, leaving the stadium as silent as the night in the desert.

Almost everyone was shocked speechless, not knowing how to comprehend this surprising turn of events!

They had no idea that Nero had sneakily placed those two bombs within his mud!

So, when the mud got solidified as a wall, the system registered it as such, allowing the bombs to go off at such a critical moment!

It was truly a masterclass move!

\'Let\'s go!!\'

Taking advantage of the players\' daze, Nero shouted in his mind as he withdrew his head and limbs within the shell.

Only Wowef\'s head was left in the open as he started spewing a flood of slimy mud in front of him!

The moment he did so, their turtle shell started sliding on the muddy path rapidly heading towards the unprotected gate!

\'It\'s my win.\' Aspidochelone smiled gleefully as he watched his champions getting closer to the gate while the players have just broken from their shock.


The Executioner shouted furiously after bouncing back up with some serious wounds on him.

Still, he waved both of his Katanas in front of WowefxNero.


Everyone thought that he wanted to hit them but in fact, his attack resulted in the creation of a massive wind gale that was strong enough it blew the muddy path into oblivion! 

\'Create a tunnel!\'

This forced WowefxNero to change their method since they couldn\'t slide on the hard ground as fast as in the mud!

So, what they did was to quickly create a hardened half cylinder around them that acted as a shield but resembled a tunnel!

Sure enough, the gale force was blocked by the tunnel, allowing Wowef to restart spewing mud yet again and slide on it!

Yet, this didn\'t faze The Executioner!

\'Don\'t fail me again please.\' 

He closed both of his eyes as he alienated his wind katanas above each other while leaning to the side.

Wind gales began to shape up around him on their own, creating a steller scene that allured everyone\'s attention.

Nitoryu, Space Splitting Storm Blades.

Then, he murmured to himself as he swung both of his katanas in a single beautiful motion.

It was slow enough the viewers managed to see the katanas reach the other end.

This confused everyone since Excutioneer\'s always swung them as fast as he could.


Before the viewers could react, the space in front of the tunnel suddenly got split into two halves!

Astonished, the viewers\' mouths were left agape as they eyed the newly emerged three meters chaotic space tear!!

\'WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT!\' Wowef cursed with a hint of fear as he eyed the magnificent space tear.

His reaction was shared by everyone watching as they had never seen such an ability getting performed ever! 

Wind Elementalist splitting space! No one had imagined that it was possible!

Alas, the space tear was as real as it gets!

WowefxNero\'s body that was being pulled towards it with the crumbles of the tunnel was enough proof!

\'SLOW US DOWN!\' Nero yelled with a terrified tone.

This was one of the first times he actually got afraid for his life!

He never got scared when getting encircled by many players, he never got scared when a salvo of abilities raining down on him, and he never got scared even against a diamond rank player!

All of this was due to his absolute confidence in his shell defenses and dragon scales!

But, in front of an actual space tear

He knew that their defenses were going to be useless since they would be literally sent in a random dimensional pocket!

\'Didn\'t think I will see one of Rocky\'s signature moves get used here.\'

Jörmungandr raised an eyebrow in surprise as he watched WowefxNero create massive boulders and hold into them to slow their speed.

When Jörmungandr saw The Excutioneer the first time, he knew that he was one of the youngest descendants of Roc, the Wind Primogenitor.

But, he didn\'t expect that he would have such a high purity of his bloodline to actually be able to split space itself by using wind!

A blade technique only Roc and his main descendants were capable of pulling it off!

Cough cough!

It seemed like The Executioner didn\'t master it since he immediately started coughing blood while leaning against his katanas for support.

His eyelids were drooped, appearing like he would fall unconscious at any moment.

\'Heh, it sapped almost all of my remaining energy.\' The Executioner smiled faintly as he looked with his cloudy eyes at his space tear.

He knew that he was done for and he should just give up right now.

He already did the impossible and showed the viewers his race capabilities by splitting space itself by using mere wind!


\'As Hakagi, I will fall only when it\'s truly over.\'

The Executioner used the last bits of his energy to pull himself up.

His knees were shaking and his katanas were left with only their handles as he stopped feeding them his wind energy.

Why is he not surrendering! I believe he has a coupon!

Letomar cried out loud as he split the screen, showing both WowefxNero\'s resistance to the space tear and The Executioner\'s bloody appearance as he stood with great difficulty.

The viewers shared the same confusion as him.

In their eyes, he should hide his presence or surrender at once to avoid getting killed.

Heavily wounded, no elemental energy, and far from the gate.

Why was he still trying!




The Exonians viewers from all over the universe tightened their fists as they displayed intense emotions while looking at The Excutioneer\'s miserable state.

Some of them teared up but none of them shouted for him to give up.




With one intense roar and bloodshot eyes, The Executioner used every last bit of elemental energy he got to push himself in the air!

The viewers were stunned, the primogenitors were silenced, The Exonians teared up as they saw his body getting pulled like a frail corpse towards the space tear!!

By now, everyone had realized his insane hail mary to win this game!

He was using the space tear to get closer to the gate!!

If he was lucky, the space tear will disappear before devouring him!

With the momentum, he would be hurled straight inside the wide-open gate since the space tear was in front of it!!

But if he was unlucky His body would get frozen solid the moment he enter the dimensional pocket!

Felix wasn\'t the only one willing to risk his life with insane plans!

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