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Of course the long version.

The more details you provide, the more understanding I will have on this bloodline.

So try not to miss anything that can be crucial later on.

As you wish. She took a deep breath and said, To understand the bloodline you just merged with, you need first to know the history of the primogenitors of elements.

You see, in the very early days of the universe, each known element had a primogenitor that has total control and rule over it.

What do you mean by total control

His confusion was quite comprehensible, as he never heard of such a concept before.

Even the public data in the UVR never mentioned a word about the existence of the primogenitors and their ways of using the elements.

The only thing he was positive about was that the beasts in the universe were able to only use the same 6 abilities they awakened during their growing phase.

That was it.

they could never suppress the number, nor change the abilities.

they were stuck from birth to death with one set of abilities they inherited from their parents.

The only known way to break those shackles, was for them to evolve.

But that was a whole other story.

I meant exactly what you heard.

Total control and manipulation. She changed her tone to contempt.

But before she continued on, she remembered the last lesson of looking down on the human bloodline system.

So she coughed and returned to her normal tone.

You see, both humans and beasts don\'t really control the elements no matter how high their element affinity is. She fought the urge to sneer and clarified, You were simply using already created abilities without even knowing how they were created, and who created them.

In other words, the abilities that you use are registered in your bloodline, and all you have to do is think of them and they will automatically be activated.

She paused for a second, then said the crucial information she was building for.

But in reality, all of them were but simply creations of the primogenitors, who could manipulate the elements to create what they desire without any limitations on numbers or such.

Agitated, Felix\'s heart began to beat faster and faster, as he listened to the astonishing power of those beings.

Yet, he did not interrupt her.

So in this sense, the abilities that you obtain from beasts are but ones used by the primogenitors before and passed down to their descendants via bloodline. She paused for a second and dropped a bombshell on him.

This means beasts were actually but normal creatures without any elemental powers just like your human race!! But after being mated by the primogenitors, their offspring obtained the blessing of their parents.

Thus getting some of their abilities marked in their bloodline.

You can easily infer the rest. Asna ended her explanation with a yawn, too lazy to carry on speaking.

She was truly struggling to not fall asleep.

Felix easily figured out what happened after.

It was as clear as daylight that those descendants must have been able to pass their bloodline further down the tree by mating with different types of beasts.

Thus, creating new species that could use unique abilities, two elements, or more of such varieties.

The Primogenitors provided the foundation, and the descendants enhanced it over the long period of years to reach its current state.

And we humans took advantage of this diversity and created a usable path to gain strength just like other races. He couldn\'t help but sigh dejectedly at the conclusion he arrived at.

Correct, this is why I said before that your path was limited and not complete, since you guys are leeching from beasts powers, who are also leeching from their ancestral powers.

Pffff, so **ing funny!! She finally couldn\'t handle it and broke into jeering laughter with hands holding her sides.

Felix wasn\'t even mad after being shamed like this.

The only thing he felt was pure embarrassment at his human race.

After all, the bloodline system that humans took pride in was merely a byproduct of leeching from leeches! Which made it even worse.

No wonder Asna berated his race power system before without mercy.

But don\'t worry, Now that you have the Jörmungandr bloodline, you will have a quite high chance of unlocking his poison element manipulation. She wiped her tears and comforted him, At that point, you will be able to learn and create an unlimited number of poison abilities.

Before Felix could feel happy at this great news, he heard Asna murmur softly, But you will have to provide me with high tiered beasts that use the element of poison, so I can extract more of his bloodline. She suggested, And it\'s better if the species were serpents just like their forefather.

Felix\'s eyes almost rolled at the back of his head at such dastardly news.

He knew that the bottomless pit of his path just turned into an abyss that was impossible to fill, no matter how many coins he obtained.

After all, while the rest of humans only needed to buy two bloodline bottles or a maximum of three to reach origin purity.

Felix, on the other hand, had to buy multiple bloodlines bottles just to finish 99% of the Jörmungandr bloodline.

He really felt indignant about this.

But who could blame him

He was just planning to close the hole that affinity rating would cause to his bank account by investing in movies.

But now another bigger hole had appeared that probably was going to drain every coin he had or was about to earn, just to reach the first stage of replacement.

Don\'t even mention other stages.

Forget it, I just need to double down on my investment plan.

Things might turn better by then, hopefully.

Downcast, he massaged his eyelids with heavy shoulders.

He could already envision his future of running everywhere to earn coins just to support his bloodline path.

You don\'t have to worry about coins since I can store the other filtered bloodline to sell later. Asna tried to uplift his spirit a bit, by mentioning what she did during the bloodline manipulation.

Felix\'s saddened expression immediately brightened up at her words.

Although, he knew that the price wouldn\'t be the same when he tries to sell it, due to his unknown reputation.

But still, it was better than buying Tier 5, 6, or even 7 bloodlines just to extract a little percentage of the Jörmungandr bloodline.

Then throw them in the garbage.

My heart can\'t handle such a way of wasting resources. He sighed in relief and suddenly asked, But how are you able to do this I thought you had no control over my body.

Indeed I can\'t do that yet.

But the bloodline you forcefully tried to merge with is a foreign object, and by using my social status to oppress it, I can manipulate it however I wish in your body. She answered him while stretching her arms lazily, like a cat.

I see, so where is it currently And why can\'t I feel it He wondered about the way she managed to store it in his body.

Are you stupid She rolled her eyes at his retarded question and explained, Of course, the bloodline is swimming peacefully in your bloodstream.

And with my orders, it can only obediently swim without having thoughts of merging with you. She chuckled and added, There is no need for me to collect it and store it as a ball or something, you idiot.

Fuck! you don\'t have to insult me.

How would I know about your perverse ways You share absolutely nothing with me about yourself. He retorted in irritation.

Let\'s keep it that way.

After leaving that sentence, she covered herself with a blanket, preparing to continue her sleep.

Unfortunately, Felix still had many questions unanswered.

Well, now you should tell me about this Jörmungandr and his story. Eager, he narrowed his eyes in focus, not wanting to miss anything about him.

Asna removed her blanket with an annoyed expression.

I don\'t know much about his story, since I only saw random bits and pieces about his existence from those memories.

Just tell me what you know already. He hurried her to cough up everything.

Unbothered by his impatience, Asna closed her eyes peacefully and entered her storytelling mode with a soft voice.

The Jörmungandr primogenitor was born to manage and control the poison element in the universe.

Any race that relied on poison could only worship him and bow to his greatness.

The majority didn\'t do so out of respect, but merely to not bring his wrath upon them, since he could easily chain their race from using his element.

Thus, leaving them naked to everyone\'s aggression.

This was during the early days of the universe, way before even the dark ages era.

That period of time was being referred to as the Primogentors Era.

It was called as such, due to their never-ending roaming within the universe and obtaining the worship of every race that uses their element.

However, because they entangled themselves with mortal lives they had to face the consequences of dealing with their affairs.

Wars, betrayals, massacres, and sacrilegious actions, like destroying the primogenitor statues, pushed those ancestral beings into having constant friction between them.

Some were easily resolved, while some turned into an enmity that could be solved only by death.

They are not immortal! Felix didn\'t want to interrupt her, but he couldn\'t help it after hearing such boggling news.

He believed that since they had such a high status in the universe, they should possess immortality like Asna.

Well, they could live for eternity without problems. She gave a half shrug while sleeping, But, they were not unkillable like my race.

I see, no wonder information about them was nonexistent in the UVR.

They must have died at some point in time. Felix nodded his head in understanding.

His conclusion was based only on what she said.

After all, she mentioned indirectly that primogenitors were socially active in the universe.

So for them to have no presence at all in this era, it meant only that either they died or were asleep somewhere.

Heck, they might even be sealed by someone like it happened to Asna!

I don\'t know about others, but the Jörmungandr definitely died.

Before letting Felix interrupt her again and delay her time of returning to sleep, she explained, I saw his death in those memories.

It was during a battle against the thunder primogenitor.

I didn\'t see the full battle, but only the last few seconds of it. She yawned and continued softly, forcing Felix to focus on her mosquito buzzing tone.

I saw that the thunder primogenitor smashed a colossal hammer on the head of the Midgard serpent.

The blow was so powerful, three planets nearby were turned to dust by its aftershock.

Goosebumps coursed through Felix\'s naked upper body, making him shiver in coldness and excitement.

His heartbeats quicked after imagining such a godly battle.

He really wished he was there to spectate it.

Just as he opened his mouth, Asna interrupted him, The thunder primogenitor died soon after landing his blow.

To be exact, he stopped breathing immediately after moving 9 meters forward.

Probably due to a poison inflected by Jörmungandr.

This is all I managed to see.

If you want more information, get me as much as possible of his bloodline.

Now let me sleep in peace. She shooed him away and cut off the connection, not wanting to hear a single word from him anymore.

This time, Felix left her be, as she already shared everything that she knew.

Thank you Asna.

He didn\'t know if she heard him or not, but Felix wasn\'t an ungrateful prick to not show gratitude when its due.

Asna truly deserved to be thanked after today\'s effort.

She might have been lazy for the past months, but immediately after making her move, she proved that her assistance was by far the greatest cheat he could have ever asked for.

Felix stood up, planning to go clean himself up.

As for the 19% AnoMamba bloodline that was still in his body he decided to leave it be for now since no harm was done to his body.

But, most importantly, he didn\'t want to ruin Asna\'s sleep again.

He walked towards the bathroom naked with his eyebrows frowned.

Only now did his nasty smell assaulted his nose.

Thus, he ignored everything and jumped straight inside the shower.


15 minutes later...

He stepped outside, dragging his long wet hair behind him like he was pulling a truck.

I really need a haircut, at least cut it to shoulder-length, lest it hinders my training.\' He thought while dragging his heavy hair next to the mirror of the bathroom.

The moment he saw his reflection on it.

An out-loud exclamation escaped his mouth.

Who the ** are you!!


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