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A few minutes later...

Felix and Pengfu had finally reached one of the paths leading to the center.

They could see the black box from afar, yet they didn\'t rush to it.

They remained hidden behind a wall in that path, leaving at least a hundred meters between them and the exit of the path.

\'Do you see anyone\'

Felix asked as he zoomed with his Quantum vision until everything appeared like it was only a few meters away from him.

\'No, you\' Pengfu replied with shimmering white eyes, using his own sensory ability.

\'Nothing, it seems like either everyone is hiding or they are not in our angle.\' Felix informed as he pulled a silver nail with a wire and told Pengfu, \'Be right back.\'

Then, he climbed the wall like a spider by making releasing electromagnetic charges from his fingers.

After he reached the peak, he placed the silver nail and crawled in the other direction.

\'Smart, he must be preparing an exit strategy.\' Pengfu thought as he watched Felix disappear from his sight.

In a few minutes, Felix had returned on foot and asked as he hid next to Pengfu, \'Anything\'


\'It\'s going to be hectic soon.\' Felix glanced at Pengfu as he thought, \'Our alliance will be concluded the moment the box gets blown away so I need to watch out from him stabbing me in the back.\'

Although Felix and Penfgu had hit it off quite well as allies due to their matching personalities, it didn\'t mean that they would become friends and go eat kabab together.

In Supremacy Games, betrayal was so common, the viewers stopped getting surprised when it happened.

Hell, there were even bets on who would betray who!

Thus, if given the right opportunity and Pengfu was the one blocking him from entering the exit, Felix wouldn\'t hesitate to go all out on him.

\'I already prepared for the worst-case scenario.\' Felix thought as he glanced at the hidden silver nail at the peak of the wall.

Pengfu and the viewers believed that it was for his escape, but Felix had other intentions for it.

Pheeew! Boom!

Felix\'s thought process was halted immediately after hearing an explosion in the sky.

When he lifted his head, he was startled at the sight of golden glimmering notification!

-Congratulations to Battlegod Orca for opening a legendary chest!-

\'You got to be **ting me.\' Felix\'s expression turned instantly gloomy at the news of someone else possibly owning a nuke.

This threw his entire planning process down the gutter since having another nuke was a scary variable.

The fact that its explosive range could reach up to hundreds of meters meant that no one would be safe standing in the center of the maze if it went off.

The other players reacted much worse than Felix at the news since one nuke was already scaring the ** out of them, now they had to watch for two

Still, no one retreated in fear.

They were confident of escaping from the explosion range if they saw the bomb before it exploded.

Since they knew that it had a unique appearance and size, it wasn\'t that difficult to spot it.

The Battlegod Orca from the Orc Race have truly lucked out! Letomar commentated as he zoomed on a shimmering golden octahedron1.

This was the appearance of the nuke!

Now, both Landlord and Battlegod Orca could change the trajectory of the battle with a single explosion!

Letomar and the viewers had already seen what Felix had found in the legendary chest by playing a slow replay.

They saw that he obtained the same golden octahedron, a big pouch, and a folded scroll.

This is getting intense even though no one is fighting.

How do you think the battle is going to turn

If Felix is still hiding other abilities in his pocket, then maybe he can create another miracle.

Indeed, with his intelligence and unique set of abilities, he will most definitely use the nuke efficiently unlike that idiot orc.

The Maganda Chief, Zosia Everglow, Gabrial Lotus, and the rest of the Anti-Royalty Alliance could be seen discussing the ongoing deadlock from their meeting room.

Meanwhile, Princess Bird was watching alone inside her room in the palace.

She wasn\'t allowed to watch with them since they started talking more often about the silent war between them and the Royal Family.

Should we contact him after the game My elder is getting a bit antsy about meeting him. Gabrial mentioned with a frustrated look.

We understand that the elder is desperate for a way to increase his lifespan but that doesn\'t mean we should annoy the Organization and little Felix about it. Chief rejected firmly, The leader already told us that he wouldn\'t be available for a year due to a sudden breakthrough in his research.

Since Felix is their main subject, he should be busy as well.

Probably, that\'s one of the main reasons why he graduated. Zosia suggested, They called him over so they can try their newest experiment.

If your guess is correct, maybe that weird transmutation ability is the result Gabrial guessed.

Zosia shook her head and replied, I doubt it.

That ability sure is rare but most gifted elementalists can achieve sub-transmutation to complete transmutation as well.

This was the reason why most viewers were shocked by Felix\'s ability but not completely blown away.

After all, it was common to see transmutation to fire, wind, water...etc in diamond rank games.

The reason why viewers were shocked at first was because it was rare to see a transmutation ability in platinum games and below.

Since they weren\'t adjusted to seeing humans in such a high rank, they tend to forget that it was possible for them to inherit all kinds of abilities from bloodlines.

I believe it\'s something big, something that hadn\'t been done before. Chief\'s eyes glimmered as he eyed Felix\'s serious expression.

The others glanced at the Chief in puzzlement but they didn\'t ask him since he was clearly just guessing.


Meanwhile, in one of the balconies of the Royal Palace in the Mariana Empire, the infamous twin prince Balin and princess Alma were drinking wine gracefully as they watched the stream of the game as well.

The inactivity of the players allowed them to discuss political matters related to the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

It seems like father is preparing for a radical move against those ungrateful lowlifes. Alma curled her thin glossy lips in disgust.

I heard. Prince Balin replied calmly.

What do you think Alma inquired.

I support his approach.

Thoughtful, Prince Balin looked at the glass of wine in his hand and started shaking it gently.

He knew that his father was planning on taking it slow to prepare the strongest bloodliners and soldiers for the war.

This should have taken at least ten years or even more before he decided to make a move against the hidden Anti-Royalty Alliance.

However, things changed since the moment Felix had been exposed and the emergence of the \'Phantom Organization\'.

The Anti-Royalty Alliance had made the first move by allying with the Organization.

Seeing the results of their experiment work wonders on Felix in the games, the Royal Family knew that they had screwed up big time by not trying harder to ally with them.

What\'s worse, Prince Balin had seen the leaked information of the mythical bloodliner belonging to the Anti-Royalty Alliance.

Clearly, he wasn\'t as monstrous as Felix but he was much stronger than legendary 6th stage bloodliners while he was still in the 5th stage of replacement.

Naturally, one bloodliner wouldn\'t mean anything but what if the Organization was able to mass-produce the bloodlines and offer their allies tens to hundreds of bottles in the next upcoming years

What if Felix or more subjects from the Organization keep getting stronger and decide to join the war as well

In the eyes of Prince Balin, waiting for this to happen would be the most idiotic decision ever made.

The emperor clearly thought the same as he planned on striking first instead of waiting for the Anti-Royalty Alliance to get stronger.

If only the war system wasn\'t changed with the establishment of the Supremacy Games Alliance, we would have steamrolled them with all of our troops decades ago. Princess Alma voiced her complaint.

It can\'t be helped. Prince Balin shook his head, The Alliance was created for the sake of turning real wars into virtual wars to avoid unnecessary genocides, the destruction of limited resources, and finally entertainment.

Princess Alma knew that he was right but that didn\'t ease her annoyance one bit.

Let\'s just hope that the Anti-Royalty Alliance agrees to our Declaration of War. Princess Alma wished.

Prince Balin looked at her and smiled widely, They will definitely agree to it since the moment they reject it, they won\'t be able to declare war on us for at least 500 years.

Those withered old fogies don\'t have even half that time to live.

This rule was erected to protect both parties.

If a stronger country declared war on another member of the SGAlliance, the weaker country had the right to refuse it and remain protected by the Alliance.

However, the moment they reject it, they would not be able to declare war on that country for half a millennia.

It was done like this so the weaker country wouldn\'t be able to declare war on the stronger country when it feels like it was ready.

That\'s because the stronger countries/nations/empires were forced to accept the war declaration from smaller nations to avoid having a monopoly on resources without anyone to take it from them.

That\'s why the Anti-Royalty Alliance wasn\'t rushing to declare war on the Royal Family.

They knew that their declaration would be accepted and they should take their sweet time preparing for the war.

Unfortunately for them, the timeline had been f*cked thoroughly by Felix after he introduced the Phantom Organization, forcing the Royal Family\'s hand to give up on their main plan.

The war that was meant to start 15 years from now was going to blow at any given moment unbeknownst to anyone!

When do you think Father will make a move Princess Alma wondered.

Probably in a year or two. Prince Balin glanced at the sky and said, Even if he is trying to rush it, that doesn\'t mean he will start it without finishing some of his preparation.

Princess Alma nodded her head in understanding.

She knew that it was going to take a lot of time to take down those three superpowers at the same time.

The war is won before it started.

What father is preparing for is to completely destroy them without suffering too many causalities. Prince Balin smirked, This show of power will help us regain our lost reputation and make the hundreds of leaches in our territory accept falling into our ruling again.

It was a known fact that the Mariana Empire was the weakest empire in the Milky Way Galaxy.

While other empires had almost complete control over who entered and leaves, the Mariana Empire was like a public free market.

Anyone with ambition and a bit of strength could come and erect his kingdom over a small solar system.

With time, those kingdoms grow bigger and stronger until they become a force to reckon with.

Just like the Everglow Kingdom that was ruled by Zosia\'s uncle or the Federation.

It was clear that the Royal Family didn\'t want to simply win the war but regain their absolute control over their territory and return to their glorious golden age!

Felix was absolutely clueless that his actions had finally started to change the timeline at a galactical level!

A war that should happen in fifteen years or so was about to start in about two years!

The timeline as he know it would completely change due to the far-reaching ripples of this war!

This would affect his memories of his previous life big time, making most of them almost useless!

After all, when a galactical war starts, the entire universe tone in to watch it!

A 3d shape that appeared like two pyramids connected from the base

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