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Felix attached a silver nail on the grey cubic bomb and hurled it towards the intersection!

He made sure to throw it far off in the air so it would be difficult for those two to notice it.

Alas, Bloodrites\' hearing was out of the world as he spotted the peculiar noise of the wind above his head.

\'F*ck! Send it away with an arrow!\'

Bloodrites didn\'t dare to greed for it since he could see that the timer was set to explode in merely a few seconds!

Disfigured Beauty lifted her head and shot a green arrow at the bomb while still galloping at her top speed!

Still, she was confident that her arrow would hit it since her aim was one of the best on the entire platform!

However,  just as the arrow was about to collide with the bomb, Felix emerged right beside it and blocked the arrow with a shield made out of golden electricity!

Disfigured Beauty and Bloodrites were left stunned by his abrupt appearance, making Felix take advantage of it and hurl the bomb as hard as he could towards the nearest wall to them!!

He timed it so well, by the time the bomb touched the wall, it instantly went off!

Boom! Boom! Boom!...

The entire intersection had been engulfed in an explosion of deadly soundwaves that kept reverberating on each wall for five seconds straight!

What a deadly counter-attack by Landlord!! Letomar shouted as he watched Bloodrites and Bee Official fall into the ground at once with their ears bleeding profusely!

Bloodrite was quick enough to cover himself inside an armor made out of ice, but it didn\'t protect him well enough against soundwaves!

Because his ears were too sensitive, this attack was truly hitting him right where it hurt!

The same applied to Bee Official, who was already handling the backlash badly, leaving him unprotected against the soundwaves.

The only one left unaffected was Disfigured Beauty since her entire body was made out of wood, making her able to remove her ears quite easily.


Disfigured Beauty cried out loud as she blasted off two bursts of green energy into Bloodrites and Bee Official!

Phew Phew Phew!...

Not in my watch.

Pengfu grimaced as he started shooting big white energy bullets at Disfigured Beauty, forcing her to create thick tree trunks in front of her.

When they blocked it successfully, those trunks began to grow at a horrifying rate until they turned into giant trees with thousands of dagger-like leaves!


Phew Phew Phew...

The trees spun once to gain momentum then immediately showered the entire intersection with those sharp daggers!

Pengfu curled up into a giant ball and rolled through them, not getting even scratched in the process!

As for Felix He covered himself in a slightly potent acidic mold cloud and dashed through them as well!

The leaves kept getting melted the instant they enter the cloud, providing him with great protection for a little cost of energy!

\'F*ck, I can\'t hear anything.\'

Abruptly, Bloodrites opened his eyes and lifted himself up while massaging his ears gently.

It could be seen that the wound had been already closed in both ears due to his abnormal physical rejuvenation plus Disfigured Beauty\'s healing ability!


Because he didn\'t hear sh*t, He ended up getting smashed by Pengfu that came out of nowhere!

Disfigured Beauty couldn\'t even warn him since Felix had engaged with her in close battle!

F*cking poison user!

Disfigured Beauty\'s expression kept turning nasty after being forced to retreat continuously due to Felix\'s potent acid mold inducement.

One of the best counters to nature/plant elementalists!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Vines continued to strike down on Felix, hoping to either hurt him or at least capture him to give Disfigured Beauty some distance to attack from afar!

Alas, Felix kept slicing them up like butter by using two dark green daggers!

He gave up on the cloud for those daggers to increase the potency of the inducement combo, making him have an easier time negating all of her attacks.

Naturally, he kept attacking her with poison bullets whenever he noticed an opportunity, forcing her to seal her mouth and nose.

What am I watching! A two-player partnership is dominating a three men alliance! Excited, Letomar exclaimed with widened eyes, not wanting to close them lest he missed something.

He kept jumping between Felix vs Disfigured Beauty to Pengfu vs Bloodrites!

Only Bee Official was left far behind as Felix and Pengfu kept pressuring those two to keep retreating!

Felix suddenly glanced behind him after seeing that the distance was perfect.

\'Now!\' He sent a signal to Pengfu while covering himself in millions of electrical charges.

Then, he shouted out loud, LIGHTNING CALL!!

Thunderous clouds emerged out of nowhere high above the maze, making it easily noticeable by other players!

What\'s going on ther...


Before the players could react, tens of thick lightning bolts began raining down in that area, making some of them gulp nervously.

Even Wowef acted slightly scared as he looked at it.

However, Nero soon headbutted him and scolded, It looks only scary, its danger poses nothing to any player in the game since they can easily erect shields before the lightning strikes.

As he mentioned, both Bloodrites and Disfigured Beauty were currently doing alright within enforced shields made out of either ice or wood while under the lightning bombardment!

\'Save me.

I can\'t hold it for long.\' 

However, both of them had an ugly expression after hearing the distressed voice of Bee Official.

They immediately realized that Felix and Pengfu had pushed them far from the intersection and created this lightning show for a single opportunity to kill off Bee Official!

\'What do we do!\' Bloodrites asked with an agitated voice, not knowing if he should rush through the lightning storm to save Bee Official or give up on him!

\'Leave him.\' Disfigured Beauty sighed, \'If we went out now, Landlord can easily hold both of us at once under the reign of his lightning storm.\'

As she said, Felix wasn\'t even next to Bee Official but actually standing like a lightning god with his hands in his pocket right in the center of the storm.

He was waiting for them to leave their shells with a faint cold smirk on his lips.

He wasn\'t just posturing for the win but actually absorbing the lightning bolts that landed on him to store it within his body.

He truly wanted those two to leave their shells as he prepared a gift that they would never forget.

Unfortunately, the thunderstorm had faded away with one last scream from Bee Official, who was being plummeted to death like a cockroach by Pengfu.

Unlucky for him, he didn\'t have a surrender coupon.

May you Rest in Peace in the Spirit Realm.

Pengfu brought his palms together and bowed respectfully towards Bee Official\'s corpse, which appeared like a pasted bug in a car\'s front window.

This was the glaring weakness of mentalists.

The moment they receive a backlash, they would be even weaker than commoners.

Unfortunately for Bee Official, he ended up meeting with Felix and Pengfu, both players had ample protection against mental attacks unlike some players like Battlegod Orca and the giant Hebra.

While Pengfu was clearing his dirty fists, Felix was confronting Disfigured Beauty and Bloodrites with a casual look, You still wanna have a go

You f*cker, don\'t get too cocky, you just caught us by surprise! Bloodrites huffed chilling breath from his nostrils as he gazed at Felix murderously.

His drawn-out sharp daggers and teeth were an easy indication that he wanted nothing more than to devour Felix\'s flesh!

However, he was being detained by Disfigured Beauty\'s vines, as she couldn\'t afford to have him lose his ** and attack them.

\'Let\'s leave.

Our battle has been loud and long enough.

We don\'t know if other players will sneak up on us when we are vulnerable.\' Disfigured Beauty said to Bloodrites as she retreated slowly.

\'F*ckk! So embarrassing!\' Bloodrites knew that she was right, making him even more pissed that they were played by those two.

We will meet at the center again.

Make sure to arrive there in one piece. Bloodrites threw one last hateful remark before sprinting after Disfigured Beauty.


At least they are not idiots. Felix sighed in relief as he wiped his sweaty forehead.

He truly didn\'t desire to continue this fight to death since the results wouldn\'t be pleasant for both parties even if they won.

If Disfigured Beauty\'s squad surprise ambush worked, then it would have been another story.

But since it failed, they could only lay low and wait for another opportunity.

No one forgot that the final goal was to leave the maze not die in it.

Let\'s move big guy.

I will lead the way. Felix patted Pengfu\'s knee as he walked in front.

Oh, you have a better idea on the fastest path to the center Intrigued, Pengfu asked as he used his bamboo staff to scratch his wide back.

\'Does he bring this bamboo staff to scratch his back\' Asna asked speechlessly after noticing that he didn\'t use it against Bloodrites at all.

Something like that. Felix answered both of them at once with his eyelids twitching.

Cool, you really seem full of surprises. Pengfu smiled as he offered a fist bump to Felix.

You are not too bad either. Felix smiled back as he bumped his fist.

The fight went perfectly as he planned in a few seconds due to Pengfu sticking to his role without questions asked.

If it was any other player with an inflated ego due to his racial status, he would never bother taking Felix seriously.

Thankfully, The Pandions were known for respecting and accepting all lifeforms in the universe, making Pengfu truly a good ally for Felix!

As they were sprinting and blowing up boxes again, the viewers were feasting on the fight replays like they never had eaten something so delicious before!

However, their excitement soon began to fade away and confusion began to build up yet again after spotting Felix utilize Lightning Spears!

It seems like he entered the 3rd stage of replacement by using another lightning-based beast.

That\'s kinda disappointing, I believed that he will use a new element for each stage of replacement.

Haha, you are asking too mate my friend.

Having three high elemental affinities is already too much.

True, true, I kinda forgot how rare it is to be born with many affinities after seeing him pop a new element in every stage of replacement.

While the human viewers already reached their conclusion that was the most logical, the primogenitors\' council was as silent as a graveyard.

No one spoke, no one commentated on the fight.

They simply kept staring at Lady Sphinx with widened eyes, expressing their absolute disbelief.

Unlike humans, they knew that it was impossible for Thor to agree to replace his bloodline with another weaker version so Felix could gain other lightning abilities.

This left them with only one conclusion.

Felix was using two limited manipulations and Lady Sphinx had made it happen!

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