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Felix could easily create another path by blowing up some brown boxes, but he knew that the noise would be an easy giveaway to his position.

In his eyes, he might even make it worse since he didn\'t know about those parties being too close to him.

Thud Thud!

\'What is that\' Felix was forced to stop as his ears picked up some weird noises in front.

It was like someone was smashing into the walls or ground instead of bombs explosions.

\'Is there a fight ongoing before me\' Felix knitted his eyebrows as he got closer so he could enter the 35 meters zone.

The moment he did so, he was met with a shocking image of a gigantic spherical red aura colliding with walls as it headed straight towards him!

\'Crap! It\'s the Pandion!\' Felix\'s expression turned bad the moment he realized his upcoming opponent. 

He knew that he couldn\'t afford to fight him! If he had to rank the difficulty of defeating him and Flame Bearer, they wouldn\'t even come close!

That\'s because Flame Bearer had a glaring weakness, unlike the invincible Pandion, Pengfu!

However, just he turned around, planning to head back and lay low for a while, an explosion occurred a few hundred meters behind him!


By now, Felix knew that he was being searched for by multiple parties!

Knowing that making a rush move might screw him over, he activated his supersonic mode and took a deep breath.

Then, he began contemplating a plan that had the highest chance of him walking out with his loot still in his inventory.

First, he understood that the game has been ongoing for about half an hour now or more.

Since he met already two players, this meant that other players had the chance of meeting each other as well.

He firmly believed that they would ally with each other instead of wasting their time with rewardless battles. 

He was simply unlucky to end up facing Flame Bearer and an Exonian, who both wanted either his loot or his life.

This made him conclude that the party behind him could potentially be made out of two or even three!

As for the Pandion in front of him, since he appeared to be alone, Felix believed that he would be more open to the idea of allying with him.

Especially, when he had just opened a legendary chest, making it almost certain that he owned what was required to blow up the black box in the center of the maze.

\'All in all, my best bet is to ally quickly with the Pandion and fight the party behind me.\' Felix snapped his eyes wide open after getting his thoughts together.

Since he was in his supersonic mode, he didn\'t spend even a split second to achieve so.


It seems like Landlord has decided to start off with Pengfu! Letomar commentated after seeing Felix actively sprinting towards Pengfu!

In less than a second, they ended up entering the same path!


Pengu collided with a wall and brought out his limbs in mid-air before landing on the ground.

There were only fifteen meters separating Felix and him, yet no one made a move.

They simply stared at each other eyes for a second before saying at the same time calmly.



They smirked cooly and eased up the tension between them.

Knowing that he was being chased, Felix quickly forwarded a premade standard contract for this game to Pengfu.

Penghu spent a few seconds reading the highlighted terms before signing it after finding no loopholes that could damage him.

Get ready, we have some company. Felix informed sternly as he sprinted to his side.

Just as he finished speaking, both of them turned their heads sharply after sensing someone entering their zone.

\'They are actually three!\' Felix\'s expression turned rigid at the sight of three red auras going at almost the speed of sound!

By the time this realization hit him, they had already arrived on the same path as them!


The instant Felix spotted Bee Official hovering a few meters above the ground, he didn\'t hesitate to close his eyes and hid behind the three meters giant Pengfu.


However, he soon realized that he was a bit too late as he screamed at the hellish sensation of his body getting burnt to crisp!

When he opened his eyes, he saw that he was actually drowning in a pool of lava!!

The twisted Bee Official made sure to make his hallucination be as painful as possible!


Knowing that he could be killed by Disfigured Beauty or Bloodrite, Felix instantly transmuted himself within the same wire bracelet on his wrist, then emerged outside of the hallucination!

Booom Booom!!

The first thing that appeared before him was Pengfu\'s wide fluffy back, blocking an incoming salvo of green arrows in the shape of a Centaur and rain of Icy boulders!

He didn\'t block it with his body but actually a semi-transparent white barrier that incased both of them!

Before thanking Pengfu, Felix had to make sure that everything was real.

He created a new inducement and tasted it.

When he realized that the taste didn\'t ring a bell, Felix knew that he wasn\'t hallucinating.

\'You could have asked me.\' Asna pouted in annoyance.

Felix knew that he could simply Asna to check for him if he was still in a hallucination since she was immune to any kind of mental attacks.

However, Felix wanted to rely on himself since, after this game, Asna would not be able to help him at all in his future games.

The moment her consciousness gets connected to the Queen, she would be noticed and subjected to the rules of the platform.

\'You good\' Pengfu sent a message as he kept his eyes affixed on Disfigured Beauty\'s party.

\'Yes, thanks a lot for the help.\' Felix nodded his head with a stern expression.

Even though he prepared against mental attacks, he still got affected by one the instant he faced against Bee Official.

If it wasn\'t for Pengfu being here, he would have been collapsed on by the other two while he stood in a daze.

This meant, he would be left with no choice but to use the surrender option while still in a hallucination world!

\'You can come out now, Bee Official won\'t be fighting us for a while.\' Pengfu said as he looked at Bee Official, who was clutching his head while having a nosebleed.

\'Was his backlash that bad\' Felix raised an eyebrow as he peeked from behind Pengfu\'s thigh.

When he saw Bee Official\'s bad shape, he couldn\'t help but feel envious of Pengfu\'s mental defenses.

Clearly, Bee Official had attacked both of them mentally.

However, Pengfu was from the Pandion Race, a race that was known for mastering the mind and the neutral energy through daily meditation and superb martial arts.

They didn\'t have an affinity to an element but they were able to absorb the neutral energy from the environment, unlike other races.

They use this neutral energy mainly to build up an energy core within them.

This core was able to help them enhance their physical strength to an abnormal level in addition to enlarging their consciousness lake to a sea and even an ocean!

Since they were using neutral energy, they could almost counter every elemental attack directed at them!

This was the reason why Felix didn\'t want to f*ck with Pengfu so soon.

High elemental resistance, enhanced physical and mental defenses, and lastly, superior battle senses honed through practicing real ancient martial arts!

Bee Official screwed up when he thought that he was capable of putting both of them in a hallucination at once.

Pengfu directly blocked it, resulting in a mental backlash while Felix broke through it, giving Bee Official a secondary backlash!

This was more than enough to keep him held back for a few minutes!

\'Now what This moron thought that Pengfu didn\'t have his mental defenses ready and tried to ambush him.\' Bloodrites spoke telepathically with Disfigured Beauty as he remained frozen still in a battle posture.

He was ready to pounce at any given moment.

Meanwhile, Disfigured Beauty was holding a longbow made out of lean white wood and had green energy as its string.

She was pulling three long green arrows at Pengfu, who was still inside that barrier.

\'We can\'t fight here, it\'s too narrow for me.\' Disfigured Beauty stressed, \'On the count of three, we will retreat to the nearest intersection!\'

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Before Bloodrites could respond, Felix manifested three lightning spears and sent them all towards Bee Official, catching everyone by surprise!

Still, Bloodrites reacted fast enough by manifesting an ice wall in front of Bee Official, saving him from being bombarded!

He might hate Bee Official and curse him but he knew that he was needed to keep the fight advantageous to them!


Disfigured Beauty drew her bow and sent another rain of arrows before turning around and galloping towards the wide-open intersection.

Bloodrites caught Bee Official by his neck and followed after Disfigured Beauty by sliding on a manmade icy surface!

\'You might wanna block your ears.\' Felix smiled coldly as he beamed a superior sound bomb.

Felix wasn\'t messing around anymore!

He was planning on going all out for the sake of eliminating Bee Official since he would always be torn on his side!

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