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Only a few smart viewers managed to guess what happened in those short seconds.

Meanwhile, some primogenitors were slowly clapping their hands in enjoyment at Felix\'s smart and somewhat shameless escape.

Ayio, he really is using Thor\'s transmutation ability to its full potential with his shamelessness. Siren giggled pleasantly as she clapped her hands.

The other primogenitors chuckled as well as they viewed the slow replay on the screen.

This time, Letomar and some viewers spotted Felix placing a tiny black nail inside the bag after switching the angle to look from behind.

The black nail was attached with an extremely thin wire!

If the camera didn\'t literally zoom x10 at Felix\'s hands, they wouldn\'t have spotted him holding into a small roll of that wire!

When Felix threw the bag and dashed away as fast as possible, the camera followed him this time, showing that he reached the same brown box as before.

Then, he stuck the wire roll into the metallic wall and instantly transmuted himself into millions of electrical charges before entering the wire!

The moment that happened, the camera instantly switched back to the bag, showing millions of electrical charges turning into a humanoid shape before becoming Felix again!

Felix grabbed the bag, flipped Excutioneer, and returned in the same manner!

By now, even the dumbest viewer understood Felix\'s ingenious escape plan.

They couldn\'t help but feel amazed by such a terrific ability.

They had seen Felix use it in a replay against Flame Bearer but they didn\'t really understand its true potential until now.

An ability that can allow one to cross distances at the speed of light! Letomar spoke with a slightly envious tone.

As a vampire, even if he reached the state where he could turn his physical body into blood, he would never reach the same speed as Felix!

Probably no one could do that besides Light Elementalists!

While Felix\'s fans started cheering thunderously, feeling enlivened after knowing that Felix would never bow down to anyone in a game, the other viewers started clamoring irritatedly.

How can he use so many lightning abilities Weren\'t humans bound to a specific number

Don\'t forget that he also owns a limited poison manipulation.

This is too weird! Is he really a human

Even Primogenitors started having some reservations after seeing Felix use more lightning abilities than he should possess.

They saw him use electromagnetism, transmutation, and those lightning whips against Flame Bearer.

Since Felix had already demonstrated many lightning abilities in his previous game, doubts were bound to rise.

Though, they didn\'t say anything since it was possible for primogenitors\' bloodline to give more abilities than known.

\'It seems like they are still on the fence if Felix is using a limited lightning manipulation or just relying on bloodline abilities.\' Lady Sphinx smiled faintly as she glanced at their countenance.

A human using limited manipulation was already an achievement on its own that had never happened before.

But owning two manipulations

This had never happened in the history of the universe for any race!

Because of this, most primogenitors ignored the other two games before them and decided to focus solely on Felix.

\'Maybe Sphinx really succeed in finding a way to synthesize multiple limited manipulations in one person.\' Saurous spoke telepathically with a poker face.

\'We can only watch the kid closely and see if he create any more unique abilities.\' Wendigo replied as he eyed Felix, who was grinning widely in front of a close shut purple chest.

Finally, something good. Felix rubbed his hands in delight as he kicked the chest wide open. 

Whoosh!! Boom!

-Congratulations to Landlord for opening an Epic Chest!-

F*cking pricks. Felix cursed the game creators, who planned this notification to make the players with a better loot get targeted.

If you found an epic or a legendary chest, good for you.

But, if you don\'t have the strength to keep hold of the loot, then don\'t bother opening it.

Knowing that his position was compromised, Felix swiftly took the three shimmering items from within the chest and beamed them in his inventory.

Then, he sprinted away, following his original pathing to the center.

A few minutes later...

Two players emerged from the same path and walked towards the chest.

One of them was the Nature Centaur Disfigured Beauty and the other was two meters ripped white furred werewolf.

Soon, another one appeared from behind them, creating buzzing noises as he flew in their direction.

Bee Official, didn\'t we tell you to stop flying The Werewolf glared at a humanoid yellow and black Bee with a sting and thin transparent wings.

Right now, those wings were flapping extremely fast, creating an irritating noise to the ears.

For the sake of our alliance, can you please respect Bloodrites\' request

Disfigured Beauty asked him kindly, knowing that Bloodrites\' ears were extra sensitive to low-pitched hyper noises.

For the sake of the Alliance.

Bee Official repeated with a monotonous tone as he withdrew his wings and landed on his feet next to them.

His eyes were grey, appearing like they were soulless.

\'Why do I have to ally with this creep.\' Bloodrites growled to himself, \'If only he wasn\'t already allied with this b*tch, I would have taken her down and her loot.\'

It seems like Landlord has escaped immediately. Disfigured Beauty said as she looked at the empty chest.

Since we haven\'t met him in our way, it only means he went in the other direction. Bloodrites said as he pointed at a straight path in front of him.

Let\'s move quickly, we might catch him if he used bombs to clear his path. Disfigured Beauty rushed them as she galloped in that direction.

Bloodrites jumped on his four limbs and followed after her.

Bee Official wanted to fly after them but he was reminded of their previous conversation.

For the sake of the alliance. He repeated like a robot and started levitating without using his wings.

Then, he chased after them closely.

For a race that was known for their superior mental control, making themselves levitate and fly with telekineses was nothing to them!

Landlord will be in big trouble if he gets caught. Letomar commentated with a serious tone, They will refuse to add him in their alliance since three of them are already a crowd.

So, he will have no choice but to either fight or flee.

I wonder if he can repeat the same escape strategy against the Bee Official

The viewers understood what he meant.

Bee Official mental attack requires only a single glance.

No matter how fast was Felix, he could not be faster than a mental attack aimed at him.


A few minutes later...

Felix could be seen standing before a brown box with his chin rested on his palm.

He could see a chest thirty meters away from him but he didn\'t rush and started bombing.

\'There are four brown boxes in front of this chest.

So, in total, I need to blow up five of them to get it.\' Felix sighed, \'I already spent almost all of my stash of weak bombs.\'

Felix glanced at his inventory and noticed that he was left with only three superior sound bombs that he got from the epic chest, two strong flammable bombs, and lastly three normal strong bombs.

\'Stop being a miser and use strong bombs.

This is your path anyways to the center.\' Asna scolded him.

\'Fine, fine!\'

Felix brought two strong bombs and placed one on the brown box.

Then, he retreated and blew it up as well as the one behind it.

This left three more brown boxes.

Felix used another strong bomb and followed it with a weak bomb to take care of them.

\'Final...Holy Shit!\'

Felix\'s eyes widened in disbelief after spotting a shimmering golden light coming from within the rubble.

His heart couldn\'t help but skip a beat as he knew that only Legendary chests emit such a splendid light!

Landlord has struck the jackpot!!! Letomar shouted in excitement as he brought Felix\'s screen to the main screen, showing the viewers a glorious medium-sized golden chest!

Unbelievable! He actually found one so soon!

Damn his luck is really off the charts.

Though, will he dare open it up

Hehehe, he is already being hunted by Disfigured Beauty\'s squad.

True, they are quite close to him.

The viewers had mixed reactions to Felix\'s sudden windfall.

Some believed he was actually going to regret opening it up since everyone would be up to his ass for his loot.

Meanwhile, some thought that if he found more superior bombs or even a nuclear bomb, he would receive a massive boost to his arsenal.

Felix didn\'t even consider giving it up as he sprinted towards it with a wolf-like grin.

He opened it up and quickly pocketed everything inside his bracelet before running away for his life.

Whoosh Booom!

-Congratulations to Landlord for opening a Legendary Chest!-

The bright golden fireworks attracted everyone\'s attention, making them glance upward.

When they read the notification, their expressions couldn\'t help but turn ugly almost immediately.

Ooo, so lucky! Wowef commentated with a surprised look.

Meanwhile, Nero appeared to have gotten serious at the news.

We got to amp up our treasure hunt. Nero ordered, Let\'s move, we still need a few more superior bombs.

If it wasn\'t for the distance between them being too far, he would have actually headed straight towards Felix.

Most players could only curse hatefully at their luck and continue on their treasure hunt since they were also quite far away from him.

As for those close by

They had two reactions.

GOO FAST!! HE IS ONLY A KILOMETER AWAY FROM US! Bloodrites roared feverishly as he sprinted at his top speed towards the fireworks position.

Disfigured Beauty and Bee Official were slightly lagging behind him.

Meanwhile, a few hundred meters away from the fireworks position, A humanoid giant panda with a monk-like robe scratched his ass as he thought to himself, \'A legendary chest It will be great if I can ally with him.\'

With that thought in mind, the giant panda turned into a massive furry ball and started rolling forward, smashing through walls to change his direction!

It seems like Landlord is going to get cornered from both directions! Letomar exclaimed as he highlighted the paths around Felix as well as those aiming for him.

Sure enough, it wouldn\'t be long before they all meet in one path!!

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