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Felix narrowed his eyes like an eagle as he surveyed the area with infra-ray vision.

In a short moment, he spotted a humanoid red aura entering his radar in a slow manner.

Step by step, he crossed twenty meters and entered the path, where Felix was staying in.

When Felix turned off his infra-ray vision, he was met with an image of a humanoid lean white owl, who was wearing a black samurai-like outfit with a Kabuto1.

He had two long katanas\' sheaths attached to his belt on both sides.

He was donning a wooden Warajis1 on his feet.

They were supposed to make clacking noise with the ground but nothing of such had been heard.

This was the appearance of The Executioner.

A proud warrior of the Exonian Race.

I believe there is nothing to discuss. The Executioner narrowed his large pupils at Felix as he placed both of his palms on his katanas\' handles.

Don\'t be like that.

You will need an ally sooner or later. Felix\'s eyelids twitched at his indirect rejection before he even proposed a partnership.

Not interested. The Executioner got into his battle stance and said calmly, We the honorable Hagakis will prove our strength and dignity to all by relying only on ourselves!

\'F*cking Exonians and their wounded honor.\' Felix was truly pissed at his luck in this game.

From treasure chests to players.

He always got the short end of the stick.

Unfortunately for Landlord, Exonians will rather die proudly than receive help in the games. Letomar shook his head in disapproval at Exonians\' antics.

Seeing that some viewers were left confused by his statement, he enlightened them with a short history lesson.

The current Exonians were actually descendants of deserters from the great civil war between the Exonians and Ionians.

Those deserters had escaped with their families to a remote planet within the main galaxy of the Metal Race.

For hundred of thousands of years, they were hiding there and receiving protection from the Metal Race and the SGA Alliance against the Ionians after their race got almost wiped out in the civil war.

Since they lost the war, the deserters should have been hunted down and executed as well.

It was within the rules of the Alliance and no one could change that.

However, the pacifist Metal Race didn\'t want anyone to start a fight in their galaxy ever again.

They also didn\'t want to kick them out from their galaxy.

Hence, they proposed that the Exonians would be considered as a subsidiary race of theirs under the condition that they would never have more than 20 million population.

The Ionians could only agree since they didn\'t want to disrespect the Metal Race.

Although they couldn\'t wipe them off completely, they made sure to humiliate them in public every single day by mentioning their origins.

They were the sons and daughters of deserters.

This made them ashamed of the view of other races.

Especially, when everything was connected in the universe, making it easier to know about their origins.

Hence, the newest generations always participate in the games to prove their strength and reclaim honor to their race.

They would never allow someone to help them.

So if they won a game, no one would spin it that they leeched off their ally.

In conclusion, Landlord better prepare himself for another tough battle. Letomar finished his summary in merely a few seconds.

Felix and The Executioner were still in a stand-off.

If you don\'t want to fight, throw your loot to me and leave at once. The Executioner offered composedly.

He wasn\'t stupid to understimate Felix and force a random fight.

But, if Felix refused to hand out his bombs, then he would be left without a choice but to do so.

Just like Felix, his luck in his treasure chest hunt wasn\'t going well, making him desperate to seek other methods.

Bro, I really don\'t have anything good on me.

Felix really didn\'t want to fight another battle so soon.

His previous fight with Flame Bearer might have ended in a few seconds but the energy he used to make his plan work had exhausted 40% of his tank at once!

He truly didn\'t want to tap on his emergency tank in the first 30 minutes of the game before he met WowefxNero.


Abruptly, The Executioner unsheathed both of his katanas, creating two long white wind blades in front of him.

Upon close look, the viewers were shocked to see that the katanas were actually those long two white wind blades!

They truly appeared like lightsabers instead of katanas.

Naturally, The Executioner can\'t use katanas made out of common materials against those players.

Since Artifacts were banned in platinum and below games, he could only create Katanas made out of the wind. Letomar explained to everyone.

Last Warning. The Executioner aimed one wind katana at Felix and said, You have three seconds.

\'I guess I can only do that.\'

Upon seeing that negotiation or reasoning with him wasn\'t going to work, Felix was forced to play his plan B.

Fine! Fine! Just chillax a little. Felix lifted both of his hands in the air as a way to show his cooperation.

This shocked his fans the most as this was the first time ever they saw Felix surrender!

A disappointing ending but it is the smartest move for Landlord.

As long as he leaves three bombs with him, he can still bounce back if he found an epic chest. Letomar shared his opinion.

Alas, the fans still had a bad taste in their mouth as they saw Felix bring out a bag filled with his bombs.

Are you cool with me keeping a few bombs to survive Felix asked.

\'If I didn\'t agree, he will probably try to fight with me since giving all bombs to me is the same as giving up on the game.\' The Executioner thought about it and found that his request was reasonable.

\'Queen, how many bombs are in his inventory and in the bug currently\' He asked

The Queen asked permission from Felix if she could answer.

Felix nodded his head, not caring about revealing such intel to him.

\'He has fourteen weak bombs and two strong flammable bombs in the bag.\' Queen added, \'He has only three weak bombs in his inventory.\'

\'Good.\' The Excutioneer\'s mind was eased after knowing that he wasn\'t being fooled.

Now throw them over to me. He ordered while returning to a battle stance, worrying that Felix might still pull a quick one on him.

Humans were known to be cunning after all.


However, he soon realized that his worries were out of place as Felix truly had thrown the bag to him under the disappointed looks of his fans and primogenitors.


While the bag was about to reach its peak velocity in the air, Felix entered his supersonic mode and dashed like the wind in the opposite direction.

The Executioner could clearly see him running away but he didn\'t think too much about it.

He knew that he would have done the same since it was better to escape while an enemy was occupied.

Knowing that it was possible for Felix to detonate the bombs by using a timer if they landed on the ground, The Excutioneer inspected the bag with his unique racial vision.

It allowed them to see different colors through thin fabrics.

When he saw not a hint of redness was inside, he knew that Felix didn\'t activate any of them.

\'Who would have known, humans can be upright once in a whil...\'

Before the Executioner could finish his praise, he was left in disbelief at the sight of Felix suddenly emerging next to the bag!

B*tch, you thought! 

Felix flipped him a finger in midair and beamed the bag inside his AP bracelet before he disappeared in a flash of light.

The viewers were dumbfounded, the primogenitors were left speechless, and The Executioner was left completely baffled by what he had just witnessed.

What did just happen! Letomar almost fell out of his chair at the sudden turn of events.

He was just as confused as everyone since he could clearly see that Felix\'s presence wasn\'t on the same path as The Executioner!

When he glanced at Felix\'s mini screen, he couldn\'t help exclaim loudly, How the f*ck did he get there!

When he shared the screen with everyone, they were left just as shocked as he was.

Felix could be seen standing before a brown box that was positioned at least one kilometer away from The Executioner!

Since this was a maze, those two miles should be stretched into two kilometers if The Executioner wanted to head there.

Can he teleport or what!

What is this crap How can he be in two places at the same time

Is that the same ability from before

Not even Felix\'s fans managed to figure out what had just transpired.

As for the human viewers They began to feel like Felix was a completely different species from them!

A type of helmet first used by ancient Japanese warriorsstraw-rope sandals

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