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It didn\'t take even a split second before the fire reached Felix and completely engulfed him!

The cameras weren\'t able to capture exactly what happened since the fire ruined the image.

Meanwhile, Flame Bearer didn\'t pause breathing fire for even a millisecond!

He was already lost in his fury, making his rational judgment get affected heavily.

You guys are strong, but you are still a defective product of real dragons. 

Out of nowhere, Felix appeared behind Flame Bearer\'s head and whispered the most sinister insult the dragon-lings could even hear.

\'Defective product...\'

\'Defective product...\'

The moment it entered Flame Bearer\'s mind, it kept repeating itself over and over again like a broken record.

He didn\'t think about Felix who was so dangerously close to him...He didn\'t respond to his instincts that were screaming at him to get away...He simply gave in to his emotions, making them cloud his rationality even further.

Right at this moment, he was even lesser than a beast.

At least, beasts respect their instincts.

Alas, even if he did something now, it was already too late for him...

Felix snapped his finger and transmuted into electricity then teleported to one of the silver nails that were attached to the walls by the thin wires grid.

When he appeared, the camera automatically placed him in the frame.

The viewers didn\'t know how to react as they saw him leaning against the wall with his hands in his pockets while staring nonchalantly at Flame Bearer.

As they glanced at Flame Bearer reflexively, they were met with a shocking image that sent chills down their spine.

He is, is melting! Letomar\'s graceful demeanor was completely ruined as he screamed with a horrified high-pitched voice!

Even the primogenitors were left surprised by the sudden turn of events.

They saw how Felix created a solid pitch-black tiny needle and dug it deep within Flame Bearer\'s skull by penetrating his reversed scale!

That tiny needle was made out of corruption inducement but potent enough that it had been solidified!

it was so deadly, Felix had decided to call it *Death Sentence* since no one had ever survived it in his practice runs in the UVR!

Everyone gets turned into black ash almost immediately if it got into their system!

Yet, Flame Bearer\'s physical defenses were so tough, the needle merely made his flesh meltdown even though it hit him internally!

The heat had also played a huge role to protect him from getting instantly killed since the poison kept getting burnt before causing serious damage.

If it wasn\'t for Flame Bearer already losing his mind over his emotions, the hellish pain would have been enough to wake him up and use countermeasures to survive.

Alas, the moment Dragon-lings lose their ** to their fury, only destructive thoughts fill their minds.

\'I am not a defective product!\'

\'I will show you all! I am also a proud dragon!\'

\'Stop calling me that! I will kill you all!\'

\'DIE DIE DIE!!!\'



With one final maddened roar, Flame Bearer\'s body exploded!

\'Crap!\' Scared **less, Felix instantly transmuted into electricity and coursed through a wire that was connected to the furthest nail in the grid. 

When he showed himself again, only tainted black metallic walls and ground were left behind.

Flame Bearer thoroughly went out with a bang.

\'F*cking lunatics.\' Felix cursed as he dropped to the ground.

Everything was within his plan from preparing an invisible grid of wires high above to delivering the final attack at Flame Bearer\'s reversed scale, the only weakness to his overpowered scales.

Yet, he didn\'t expect that he would actually blow himself up!

To do so, he really needed to be mental!

\'You kept striking his mental weakness over and over again.\' Asna rolled her eyes, \'What did you think will happen\'

\'I only wanted to make him lose it for a few moments so he wouldn\'t defend against my poison.\' Felix coughed as he walked back towards the explosion zone.

When he reached the center, he found a small pouch.

Felix lifted and opened it.

Then, clicked his tongue in irritation after finding only one weak bomb was left behind.

What a f*cking waste of time and energy. Felix kicked the pouch away in annoyance and started sprinting towards another giant brown box.

Meanwhile, the viewers could only stare at him with dumbfounded expressions, not knowing how to react to the end of the battle.

A few seconds ago, Felix was noticeably getting his ass handed to him.

Then, a moment later, Flame Bearer was gone without a trace while Felix was left unscathed!

Everything happened so fast, their mortal eyes and mind couldn\'t keep up at all unlike the primogenitors and some exceptions in the audience.

Truly a marvelous strategic mind. Erebus complemented highly.

Besides the Darkin Faction members, who had a somewhat displeased expression, the other primogenitors nodded their heads in agreement.

He cleverly created a trap in the sky with wires and baited Flame Bearer to use his dragon breath by evading his attacks continuously. Siren disclosed.

Thor\'s transmutation ability played a huge role as well.

Still, his timely ambush wouldn\'t have worked if he didn\'t keep taking advantage of the Dragon-lings\' low self-esteem by striking down on his fragile ego.

Those poor little things.

They were born with Dragons pride making them unable to accept being a mixed race.

This made it pretty easy to attack their mentality.

If Felix did so to any other hybrid race, they probably would have been merely pissed and not lost total control.

Alas, Red Dragon-lings\' strength depends on their fury.

So, their emotions were already unstable as they could get angered quite easily to gain a boost in strength.

This was a good ability on its own if it wasn\'t possible for Dragon-lings to completely fall into a frenzy and lose their rationality.

It was actually rare for this to occur since Dragon-lings were taught from birth to keep their emotions in check all the time.

Unfortunately, that was possible only against equal peers in the eyes of the Dragon-lings.

While the viewers were watching a slow replay of the battle with astounding expressions, Felix had already bombed his way through two more boxes.

When he reached the 3rd brown box, he sighed in relief, \'Finally a treasure chest.\'

He could easily see the outline of the chest that was placed within the brown box.

Unfortunately, its color greyed out while its size was the same as all rarities of chests.

The game made it like this so players wouldn\'t know what rarity they would be getting before blowing a brown box.

After all, if they could see its rarity, they could target only rare chests . 

Felix placed a bomb on it and retreated away.

In a few seconds, it blew up, exposing a blue-colored medium-sized chest!

\'A rare one Not bad.\' Felix smiled as she sprinted towards the chest.

He kicked it wide open and glanced inside.

Neat! He grinned in delight after seeing two items within it.

A pouch with a blue explosion logo and a ring.

After putting them inside his inventory, he started reading their details while continuing his sprint.

\'Three Strong freezing bombs and a high-grade spatial ring.\' Felix ignored the ring as he didn\'t require it or care enough to sell it.

However, the bombs intrigued him thoroughly.

That\'s because strong bombs were capable of blowing up two brown boxes at once in four directions.

This meant, he could utilize them to clear his path even faster.

Three of them could do the job of six weak bombs.

Nevertheless, he was hesitant about doing so since strong bombs could actually cause some serious injuries to most players in the game.

Adding the freezing effect to the mix, they could be used in key moments to switch a fight around!

\'Sigh, I don\'t have much of a choice do I\' Felix shook his head and decided to use them since he was left with only one weak bomb.

\'I guess it\'s time to switch to treasure hunting to fill in my inventory first.\'

Treasure chests were truly the key to winning this game since one could not move forward without bombs.

What\'s worse, even if someone reached the center, he would require five superior bombs or a nuclear bomb to destroy the black box.

This entailed that aiming for the center wasn\'t really the key to winning the game but hunting either treasure chests or other players.

Every player had already realized so.

That\'s why when the camera switched to show Disfigured Beauty, WowefxNero, The Traiter, and the others, they were all aiming at locating chests instead of heading in the general direction of the maze center.

Since they all had sensory abilities, they were able to spot the treasures hidden with the brown boxes just like Felix.

Goddess of Fortune is truly favoring Disfigured Beauty today. Letomar commentated, She already opened two rare chests and one epic, finding two superior bombs in them!

Her gains were an exception as the rest of the players were also broke like Felix, finding only common or rare treasure chests in their journey.

Still, those findings were enough to keep them in the game for a while.


Twenty minutes later...

Felix could be seen squatting next to a white chest with an irritable expression.

He kicked it wide open end took the white pouch from within.

As he expected, he found three weak bombs.

The bare minimum amount to be found in any chest.

In the past ten minutes, he managed to open only seven treasure chests and six of them were common.

Sure, they provided him with various amounts of weak bombs to fill up his inventory but he wasn\'t pleased a bit.

That\'s because he could hear other players popping strong bombs and even superior bombs left and right like they were candy.

The difference in noise was too glaring to not spot.

Plus, he saw even some fireworks congratulating players for opening epic chests!

\'How the f*ck am I supposed to compete against them with those firecrackers\'

Felix massaged his temples to regain his composure while walking away from the chest.

However, just as he wanted to take another step, his instincts screamed at him about an incoming danger.

Felix hunched his back swiftly, not spending a single millisecond overthinking.

Phew Phew!!

Thank god for his quick reaction as two extremely thin invisible wind blades wheezed right past his hunched back and collided with the wall!


Felix didn\'t stand right back up but actually rolled forward while opening up all of his tiny holes, allowing his stored lightning to cover his body!


In that exact spot, a mini condensed grey white tornado emerged!

If he didn\'t move, he would have been thrown in the air uncontrollably.

Knowing that he wasn\'t safe yet, Felix used an electrical arc to pull him to the nearest wall.

This position provided him with a better vision of his surrendering.

Even though Felix didn\'t see who ambushed him, he already knew who he was.

\'The only wind Elementalist in this game.\' Felix called out with a suppressed tone, Executioner, come on out and let\'s have a friendly talk shall we

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