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Call. Felix said while pushing a small mountain of chips into the center of the table.

Thor stared at him intensely with a serious expression, hoping to find if he was bluffing or for real with his bet.

Alas, he ended up finding nothing on Felix\'s numb expression.

He already mastered the emotionless face after spending time with Asna and rest talking in his mind constantly.

Tsk, I fold.

Thor threw his cards to the center and leaned away from the table.

His chips were few and he didn\'t want to take another risk with his garbage cards.

This left only Asna, Lady Sphinx, and Jörmungandr still contemplating their move.

As for the dealer

Eee! Eee!

It was Nimo wearing a cute tuxedo as he stood on a long stool.

He absolutely had no idea what the f*ck was going on but Asna\'s \'gentle\' training made it possible for him to do a basic job of a dealer.


In the end, Lady Sphinx decided to keep playing even though she got nothing from Felix\'s poker expression.

Asna did the same but Jörmungandr took it a step above everyone and said with a faint smirk, All-in.

He pushed all his chips to the center, creating a huge mountain.

How bold! Thor snickered from the side.

Realizing that the ball was in his court, Felix didn\'t hesitate to push all his chips as well.

\'Shit! I am f*cked.\'

Upon seeing so, Jörmungandr kept the same smirk on his face but he was cursing in his mind.

His cards were absolutely crap and he didn\'t think that anyone would fight him if he showed a confident expression.

He was right about the other two. 

I fold.


Lady Sphinx was too rational and she didn\'t like taking unnecessary risks while Asna simply chickened out.

This left Felix and Jörmungandr staring at each other without a change of expression.

You first. Jörmungandr smiled.

No, elders should always go first. Felix ricocheted it.

Not wanting to prolong the inevitable, Jörmungandr chuckled embarrassedly as he exposed his hand.

It was actually two 4 and 9 unsuited cards!

However, because there was a 9 on the dealer\'s hand, making him have a pair, he might actually win this if Felix was holding pocket 10s, jacks, queens, kings, or aces.

You daring bastard! Asna cursed as she showed her cards being slightly better than his hand!

As for Lady Sphinx and Thor, they didn\'t react at all since they believed that Felix must definitely have a much better hand.

Alas, when they glanced at him and saw his eyelids twitching, they knew that something wasn\'t right.

Cough, congratulations. Embarrassed, Felix said while showing his hand to everyone.

His hand was so **, it made Jörmungandr cards appear like they were made out of diamonds!

Seriously A pair of 2 and 7

Even Lady Sphinx was left speechless by his boldness to bluff with the worst hand possible in poker.

That\'s because, even if they were suited, they would make a very low flush, and if either made pairs, it was still a low hand.

While there\'s always a chance that he could get pairs, these were low pairs.

He actually got a low pair since the dealer\'s hand had a 2 as well.

But, Jörmungandr\'s hand wins over him since he had a pair of 9!

Still, compared to what the other three had, it was a free win if any of them committed instead of folding.

Cough, I honestly thought that all of you will fold when you see me act so boldly after playing it safe for the last half hour. Felix explained his plan so they wouldn\'t think that he was playing randomly.

As expected from my student, we had the same thought, unlike someone. Jörmungandr laughed in delight while pulling the chips mountain to his side.

Bastard, what do you mean by that. Thor growled at him, feeling like he was lowkey insulting him.

Seeing that another argument was about to start, Felix excused himself, I am done for now, the game is about to start soon.

Good luck out there.

We will be watching you with the other primogenitors, makes us proud.

Show them what real lightning is capable of. Thor grinned, knowing that Felix had spent most of his time creating lightning abilities and combos for this game.

It was time for lightning Manipulation to grace the stage!


Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh!....

On a smooth paved grey ground that was surrounded by gloomy castle walls, flashes of light began to pop out in every direction.

In a few moments, those flashes of light turned into players from different unique races.

Felix could be seen summoned at the right corner next to a humanoid red dragon with human features being most dominant.

He didn\'t have wings but he did have a red short tail with a pointy end and two brown horns protruding from his forehead.

In this game, there was only one player with those characteristics.

Flame Bearer from the Red Dragon-ling Race!

Move peasant, you blocking my path. Flame Bearer ordered with an overbearing tone as he stood in front of Felix.

He was two meters tall, making him look down on Felix with a hint of disgust.

Sure thing. Felix smiled kindly and opened the way for him.

Such a humiliation, I can\'t believe I have to fight in the same game with such a lowlife. Flame Bearer mumbled as he walked past Felix.

He might have mumbled by his deep rough voice resounded loudly in Felix\'s ears.

\'His inferiority complex sure is running wild.

I might have fun with him later on.\'

Still, Felix kept the same nonchalant smile as he surveyed around him.

He didn\'t take Flame Bearer\'s words to heart since he knew that all Dragon-lings talk like that to \'lesser races\' unlike real Proud Dragons.

They were proud by nature and they didn\'t need to say anything to exhibit their superiority unlike the dragon-lings, who were born from a mix.

Neat! It seems like a Vampire is going to be our judge this time!

Out of nowhere, a high-pitched excited childish voice echoed loudly in the backyard.

The players all turned to the source and couldn\'t help but sigh deeply after spotting Wowef\'s thrilled expression as he looked around him.

Meanwhile, Nero was nowhere to be seen, probably hiding within his shell.

Haha, another unique commentator will be added to my stamp collection!

Wowef rubbed his giant turtle-like hands as he showed everyone a realistic holographic collection filled with pictures.

Each one had a person from a unique race with details below it.

Check it out, Miss.

Do you like it Wowef asked with a tone filled with anticipation as he displayed his collection to Disfigured Beauty.

She appeared to be a half dear half-woman standing on four limbs.

Her upper body was made out of light wood while the lower half was made out of brown tough wood that was covered in green moist moss.

Her gorgeous face was filled with scars, making her truly a disfigured beauty.

Disfigured Beauty lowered her head and smiled kindly to Wowef.

Her smile was as refreshing as a spring breeze, making most players around her feel the instinct to protect it.

I love it.

It must have taken some time to collect them. She complimented while patting Wowef\'s head gently with a hand made out of pure nature energy.


Back off now. 

Abruptly, an irritated rough voice emerged from within the turtle shell.

Before Disfigured Beauty could react, unbearable heat escaped from the shell and evaporated that nature energy like it was nothing.

This forced her to take a step back instinctively since fire was her absolute bane in life.

Stop giggling like a retard and go sit in the corner.

Nero\'s head emerged from the shell and gave one glare to Wowef before retrieving his neck deep within again.

What a buzzkiller. Wowef murmured in annoyance as he walked away, kicking small pebbles on his path.

Boom Boom!

Since he was three meters tall, those pebbles were f*cking rocks being fired off like missiles into the castle\'s wall.

What\'s up with the ruckus

Suddenly, the front gate of the castle was pushed open, exposing a lean pale charming man in an old-fashioned tuxedo.

He had a small brown mustache and curled long caramel hair.

His long fangs easily gave away his race.

Seeing that no one was planning on answering him, he dropped the subject and introduced himself, I am Letomar Oraland, The 8th prince of the house Oraland and I will be your judge in this game.

As he introduced himself, Wowef could be seen scribbling those details under a picture he secretly took of him. 

Letomar saw all of this and didn\'t bother himself to deal with it.

He simply snapped his finger and blood began to seep out of his skin and shape up as a massive empty screen.

The screen turned on and showed everyone the rules of the game.

Everyone has one chance to ask a question.. Letomar looked at them indifferently and said, Make them count.

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