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After Felix and the rest returned from the meeting, they held a meeting to discuss the points brought out.

The one that stood out the most was Lord Khaos\'s change of attitude the instant the Paragon of Sins was mentioned.

What do you think Thor inquired while looking at Lady Sphinx.

I don\'t know.  Lady Sphinx knitted her eyebrows as she said, From the looks of it, he seems to be sharing a bad relationship with the Paragon of Sins.

But, we can\'t be certain about his true thoughts.

It doesn\'t matter to us. Jörmungandr said, We don\'t need to get involved in his issues.

We already have many problems on our plate.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

Although they wanted to hatch Nimo, they weren\'t interested in making an enemy of Paragon of Sins.

Lady Sphinx already had a bone to pick with Charm Primogenitro Kumiho while Thor and Jörmungandr needed to take down The Darkin Faction members.

As for Felix, he probably going to end up facing them all one way or another.

So, the last thing he wanted was to aggravate the Paragon of Sins.

\'I better start training, this is getting scary.\'

Felix realized that he was starting to get involved with primogenitors\' circle matters more often.

With his current strength, he knew that he was treading on a fine grey line.

So, he excused himself and entered Thor\'s UVR room.

Then, restarted his training on top of the snowy mountain peak all by himself...


A couple of days later, Felix\'s materials were delivered by a veteran deliveryworm.

The moment Felix confirmed the package, he requested the Queen to take him as far as possible.

He didn\'t trust that the deliveryworm wouldn\'t sell his coordinates after confirming his identity.

They might be bound by contract but there were many wicked ways to get it done.

While the spaceship was flying at a light speed towards the wormhole leading to the Milky Way Galaxy, Felix was inside one of Lady Sphinx\'s mini-labs in the UVR.

He was currently practicing concocting The Potion of Solitude.

It was a three-star rank 3 potion that was known for its hallucination effect during the concoction process.

Since witches couldn\'t have their focus affected during the concoction process, this was a death sentence for them.

On the other hand...

Felix\'s mental defenses were more than enough to handle such a weak hallucination.

So, the difficulty was brought down from three stars to merely one star!

With his expertise in preparation and the Quagmire inducement, he easily concocted more than 10 potions out of 17 attempts!

This should be enough practice.

Felix smiled confidently as he logged out of the UVR.

He requested the Queen to stop somewhere nearby and waited a couple of seconds.

\'The Spaceship is in standby.\' The Queen informed monotonously.

Felix exited the VR Pod and headed towards the lab.

It was nothing too fancy compared to Lady Sphinx\'s lab, but it was enough for a rookie researcher like him.

After he entered, he went straight to the empty potion-making tables and beamed three portions of materials for Potion of Solitude.

Then, he went to a glass closet and brought out the glassware equipment.

He placed what he needed carefully on the second table.

Next, he beamed two silver Cauldron that he purchased and took a deep breath.

\'Let\'s begin.\'

Felix narrowed his eyes in concentration and started working his magic in utter silence.

There were no spectators, no cheers, no curses, no exams, nothing...Just pure potion-making for the sake of himself.

Under this halo of tranquility, Felix had managed to concoct five potions out of the ten portions that he bought.

His first attempt at concocting rank 3 potions and he succeeded in securing 50% of his portions!

If those witches at Academy heard so, they would honestly feel envious, hopeless, and lastly, relieved...Relieved that he did not remain in the Academy when this happened.

Phew, can\'t believe I concocted three bonus potions. Felix smiled in satisfaction as he held a spherical bottle that contained a blue mist-like substance.

If I sold them to Looby, I might earn 370 million SC out of each one. 

Felix spent less than 60 million SC for each potion! This meant, he had at least 300 million profit out of each potion!

This was literally printing money for him!

After all, the materials were cheap but the potion was still limited in the market due to witches\' inability to concoct it successfully and consistently.

Since the potion\'s effect was enhancing mental defenses for a couple of months, it was extremely desirable for players, fighters, explorers, and even mortal rich lords!

Though, it could be only drunk once or twice before the mind gain immunity against its effect.

This was the reason why Felix never bothered to buy it before.

It was better to save it for far more dangerous games like the upcoming ones.

Gulp Gulp!

Felix unlocked the lid and drank one immediately.

Because of his poison immunity, he didn\'t suffer from the side effects of seeing random hallucinations in the next couple of hours.

Hmm, I don\'t feel any difference from before. Felix pondered, It\'s better to test it out in the UVR to make sure.

Felix logged back in the UVR and entered his private room.

Then, he requested the Queen to create a dummy with mental affecting abilities strong enough to take down an Origin Realm Bloodliner.

Following his instructions, the Queen manifested a humanoid red bug with antennas on top of his head and many tiny sensors on his body that resembled hair strands.

He had a smooth exoskeleton that made him appear like he was wearing body armor.

High-ranked official of the Hive Race. Felix knitted his eyebrows as he stared intensely at the humanoid bug.

If there was one race that Felix feared facing in the games, it was definitely the Hive Race.

They were masters in the arts of consciousness and mind.

What\'s worse, if two of them ended up in the same game, they would be able to sync their mind attacks to enhance it.

This always made it harder for the others to survive against them in the games.

If they remained the last ones standing, the one with the higher hierarchy within the Hive Race would claim the win.

Even if the other one needed to die for it to happen, he would gladly oblige.

\'I am ready.\' Felix made an Okay sigh with his hand and started staring at the humanoid bug right in his eyes.

Before he knew it, he realized that he was left stranded in the middle of an infinite ocean.

The sky, the water, the raft he was on, everything felt so real.

\'It seems like I didn\'t block it entirely.\' Felix frowned his eyebrows at the sight.

He recognized that he was hallucinating and remembered who did this to him and where it happened.

This self-recognization wouldn\'t have been possible without him drinking the Potion of Solitude.

Instead, he would have lost all his memories and believed that he was actually left stranded here.

If that happened, it only meant that he was already dead.

But after having self-recognization, Felix swiftly took his trained countermeasures to break the hallucination apart!


He transmuted into electricity and entered a thin iron wire that was rounded around his wrist right below his AP bracelet!

The moment he did so, he lost all of his senses, making him leave the hallucination forcefully!

In less than a split second, he transmuted back to his humanoid form.

Only this time, he actually was within the real world.

To double-check, Felix tasted the tip of his finger that was releasing a tiny amount of yellow mist.

The moment he was hit with a new unfamiliar taste, he knew that he was in the real world instead of another layer of hallucination.

\'Queen pause the exercise.\' Felix requested as he sat down.

\'All the countermeasures worked well.

It might be different in the games, but my preparations should enough to handle it.\'

Felix never relaxed when it came to forging a defense against mental affecting abilities.

He wasn\'t simply whining that mental abilities were his bane without actively finding ways to survive them. 

This combo of lightning transmutation and a new poisonous inducement were his results.

The reason he created a new inducement we because he knew that hallucinations were a fabrication of memories.

So, if he tasted something new, it only meant that he wasn\'t hallucinating.


After spending an hour within the UVR taking mental attacks from other strong spiritual races, Felix decided to conclude it for now and spin the wheel.

All of his preparations were done and he was satisfied with them.

If he ended up losing, he wouldn\'t feel bad about it.

Unless it was the champion\'s games.

At that point, he was going to receive the beating of his life.

Felix sat down in his usual spot in the living room.

He brought out the hologram with the green button then pressed it almost immediately.

The colorful wheel emerged and started spinning rapidly like always.

Felix stared at it for a few seconds before stopping it.

Ting Ting Ting!...

He already used his Format Pick Coupon, making him forced to accept whatever format was about to grace him.

\'Please something I know...Please something I know...\'


-Congratulation on Picking Puzzle Format!-

\'This sounds promising..\' Felix said, smiling. 

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