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Inside the Dark Deviant Spaceship, Felix could be seen trying to get comfortable inside the VR Pod.

Unfortunately, that was a bit difficult with tenants in his head arguing loudly.

We have decided that he will head to my galaxy after the exams if the Void Primogenitor didn\'t reach us! Thor yelled.

The day hasn\'t even finished! Jörmungandr retorted, He might reply in the next hours, who knows

You old fart! You are just being unreasonable now.

I don\'t care.

Just as Thor wanted to start cursing, Lady Sphinx closed her book gently and said, I will contact him again.

If he didn\'t reply in the next two days, we will set to Thor\'s Galaxy at once.

Understood Lady Sphinx gave them a cold stare the moment she saw their mouths opening up.

In the end, both of them nodded their heads in agreement and went to sit in different places.

They are almost as old as the universe yet they still keep acting like kids. Asna remarked speechlessly at their actions.

Lady Sphinx chuckled and whispered to Asna, They were always like this.

Why do you think their empires thrived much better than other primogenitors They were always trying to outdo each other in everything.

Asna laughed at their expense, making them both feel irritated more than ever.

Meanwhile, Felix was simply happy that the situation got solved without him being needed to do anything.


Lady Sphinx\'s expression suddenly changed, making Thor get nervous at the thought of her being contacted by Void Primogenitor.

Fortunately for him, that wasn\'t the case.

It\'s finally time Asna. Lady Sphinx smiled, I have just been informed that my copy had finished concocting the Soul Splitting Potion.

Asna and Felix froze at the same time after hearing so.

The promised potion that would allow Asna to access the UVR was finally concocted successfully!

It had been more than six months since Asna was told about it by Lady Sphinx.

There was not a single day gone by without her thinking about it.

Now that it finally got concocted, she was left trembling in her place, too excited and shocked to reply.

Congratulation little Asna. Jörmungandr smiled widely, displaying his delight for Asna.

Good, we can finally start hanging all together in the UVR instead of this **ty place. Thor laughed thunderously.

Meanwhile, Felix had the biggest grin in his life.

When Asna saw it, her excitement faded away with the wind.

After reading his thoughts, she couldn\'t help but curse him, You shameless prick! You wouldn\'t dare!

hahaha! Try me! Felix laughed like an absolute maniac in his UVR\'s house.

When Lady Sphinx and the other two read his thoughts as well and saw what he was planning, they couldn\'t help but comment.

Even for you, that\'s a little bit dirty.

You sure don\'t miss out on any chances.

Sigh, you can only oblige little Asna.

Asna\'s eyes reddened slightly then she started sniffing softly, appearing like she had been wronged. 

You can sniff all day long, it ain\'t working on me. Felix smirked, If you want me to drink that potion, you better remove this tattoo from my lower back and make another one on my right arm.

If it\'s not saying \'My Pet Asna\', then you better stop dreaming about entering the UVR.

Felix sure was brutal to blackmail her like this.

He knew that she would agree to it since she desired to enter the UVR more than anything in the universe.

He didn\'t care if Asna felt bad or not since this was simply payback for making him have that humiliating tattoo for a couple of months now.

Because of it, he didn\'t dare to lower his back even though he wore thick clothes to hide it.

You heartless bastard. Asna stopped her fake sniffing at once and started negotiating, I won\'t do it unless there is a time limit!

Felix thought about it for a moment and suggested, I will remove it after one year.

However, you are not allowed to make any other humiliating tattoos on my body ever again.

Huh! One year Keep dreaming! Asna crossed her arms and counter-offered annoyedly, I won\'t do it for more than a month!

Half a year, and you will not bother me to take you to the movies and shopping after you enter the UVR. Felix fought back.

Asna pouted, Why would I want to hang out with a loser like you in the first place You will just make me look bad.

Just as Felix wanted to conclude the deal, Asna mentioned with a soft tone, How about hanging out just in the first month until I adapt to it

Can you not be so fickle Felix said speechlessly.

She was just cursing him and then suddenly negotiated backward.

Still, Felix found no reason to reject her if it was just for one month.

He knew that she was playful and would keep pestering him to attend clubs and such if he gave her any leeway.

Fine, now get this stupid tattoo away from my bum. Felix rushed her.

Eee! Eee!

Nimo didn\'t understand what he said but he felt like he was being cursed by him.

So, he started protesting with his tiny hands lifted at the sky.

Soon, Asna lifted him and ordered while tightening her grip, Turn into this tattoo on his right arm.

Nimo was already used to her abuse.

He swiftly understood what she wanted and transformed himself into the newest tattoo...\'My Pet Asna.\'

Eee! Eee!

Nimo got slightly excited after seeing that he perfectly copied the tattoo on his first try.

He turned to Asna with a lovable expression, appearing like he was fishing for praise.

Alas, he ended up getting smacked hard in the head.

You little bastard, why did you make it so fast. Asna cursed in irritation as she hurled Nimo away like a sandbag.

Ee ee

Poor Nimo could only tear up in confusion at her sadistic treatment as he rushed to Lady Sphinx\'s embrace.

Lady Sphinx caught him and patted him gently like a mother while continuing to read her book. 

Meanwhile, Felix was laughing his ass out at the tattoo on his right arm.

I will make sure to display this everywhere to show my love for you Asna. Felix grinned while changing his t-shirt to a black tank.

Although this made him appear like an edgy kid, Felix was willing to accept the sacrifice to humiliate Asna.

Meanwhile, Asna felt her face get melted in embarrassment at the thought of others seeing the tattoo.

But, at the same time, she kinda liked it

\'What the hell is wrong with you!\' Asna slapped herself instantly in horror, \'Get a grip already!\'

She didn\'t like those feelings one bit.

By the way, when is the potion going to be here Felix inquired after recalling an important matter.

I guess a month or so. Lady Sphinx answered.

Felix rested his chin on his palm and contemplated, \'I think it is better to play an individual game now so I can take advantage of my emergency tank one last time.\'

\'F*ck you!\'

\'I already boosted my physical strength to a passable degree.

So, my only problems would be mental defenses and energy capacity.

Those wouldn\'t get enhanced by devouring random natural treasures.\'

If Felix didn\'t have the Devourer\'s heart, any natural treasure he consumed could provide him with a bonus enhancement based on its type.

However, now that he was considered as a half-devourer, every natural treasure consumed gets turned into energy without taking advantage of the effects.

So, the only way left to get rid of those weaknesses once and for all was by concocting potions or finding other unique methods.

My Galaxy is near the Fairies\' main pocket dimension. Thor tempted shamelessly, If you entered it and offered a worthy gift, they will allow you to bask under their fairy dust.

Before Jörmungandr could curse him, Lady Sphinx gave a death stare to Thor and said, You looking for a beating

Haha, chill chill, I was just trying to help my little student. Thor gave a hollow laugh as he avoided Lady Sphinx\'s look.

He knew that Lady Sphinx could easily freeze his body and start beating the crap out of him if he pissed her off.

After all, she was still alive, making her consciousness prowess millions of times stronger than him, who is just a tiny wisp.

Fairy dust, huh. Felix scratched his chin after recalling its miraculous properties.

Basking under it for a couple of hours would help remove all negative thoughts, curses, provide better clarity, heal soul-based wounds, and lastly, enlarge the soul lake and turn it into a sea.

One of his lifelong achievements in his previous life was wishing for an opportunity to experience basking under fairy dust.

It was just for an hour but it did help him turn his lake into a small-sized sea, which in turn toughened his soul barrier, mental defenses, and increased his mental capacity.

I can easily wish to receive an opportunity now, but I will get a maximum of three hours even if I used my best wish. Felix shook his head, Since we get only one chance to experience it in our lifetime, it\'s better to save it until I get a wish with a higher limit.

If I found a desirable item to the mother fairy, I can increase the duration even further when I head there.

Felix decided to go there when he was fully ready to get the highest possible reward, instead of settling with a mediocre enhancement.

As for the dangers in the upcoming games He already had a temporary countermeasure to take advantage of.

Oh, you are planning to concoct the Potion of Solitude Lady Sphinx inquired in intrigue.

Yes, I believe I can pull it off quite easily unlike witches. Felix smirked, After all, my mental defenses might be crap compared to my peers, but not as crap as the witches.

Lady Sphinx chuckled a bit but she didn\'t deny his claim.

The potions that caused witches difficulties due to their strength and mental defenses, Felix could eat them for launch!

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