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If I considered the dark reaction to be made out of quintillion atomic lifeforms, then I can use my poison to kill them off at an atomic level. Felix contemplated with crossed arms, I don\'t know what inducement could work against them but first I need to find out if my theory is right.

Felix quickly started another concoction.

When the dark reaction appeared, he paused the concoction and used his Quantum Vision to zoom at the pitch-black substance.

This time, he kept zooming over and over, not caring that his entire vision was as dark as a moonless night. 

This kept going for a short while until Felix started to waver in his theory.

He understood that he was already zoomed so far within, he was about to reach the Quantum Realm.

As expected, his mental energy rapid exhaustion was starting to affect him in a negative way.

Yet, Felix didn\'t care about it since he was in the UVR and simply kept on going, wanting to see the end of this horrifying darkness.

The moment he had that thought, the static darkness before him finally showed another color within it.

It came as three tiny red dots.

Before Felix could feel thrilled by the discovery, three more red dots emerged in front of him than three more!

They kept popping around him in the tens, hundreds, thousands, millions until his eyesight was completely covered by them!

This truly creeped him out, forcing him to zoom out back to safety! 


Soon, he exclaimed in shock after realizing that the red light was originated from another red dot that was near two others!

When he kept zooming out, he found out that he was surrounded yet again by millions of those red dots!

This bizarre and creepy situation kept on repeating until he finally saw the usual darkness around him.

However, he still exited from a red dot that was accompanied by two mores.

This time, Felix saw that those three dots were actually the eyes of an invisible entity since they literally blinked in front of him! Then, out of nowhere, similar red dots emerged and they began blinking slowly.

\'Was I actually within one eye of a lifeform!\' Felix was too spooked to remain a single second in front of that eerie thing!

So, he swiftly zoomed out until he was back in reality.

Immediately after, he massaged his tired eyes, feeling like he had just experienced one of the worst and creepiest acid trips ever.

The scariest part was the fact that he didn\'t see a single atom or particles.

It was like those lifeforms didn\'t belong to this universe and followed its set of laws and rules!

\'It\'s not time to think about those matters.\'

When he readjusted his emotions, Felix resumed the concoction and watched how the dark substance consumed the entire mixture in less than a couple of seconds.

He watched the process silently, but a chill couldn\'t help but course on his spine after imagining quintillion of those eerie monsters running over the mixture.

He understood that their size should be noticeable if someone used a good microscope.

So, he wondered why this was the first time he saw them even though he read multiple books concerning the dark reaction

That\'s because most of the witches who knew the truth about the dark reaction were all affected negatively by it. Lady Sphinx answered calmly.

Felix closed his mouth shut and listened closely, knowing that Lady Sphinx was feeding him a freebie.

Utmost concentration is a must-have during the creation of the protective dome in order to save the biggest portion of the mixture.

However, for witches who knew about what hid behind the dark substance, their concentration would get affected negatively since they kept seeing an army of those eerie lifeforms, trying to corner them. Lady Sphinx sighed disappointedly.

\'For real\' Felix\'s eyelids twitched at the sound of that, feeling like Lady Sphinx was pulling his leg.

However, hearing her disappointed sigh made him realize that she was extremely embarrassed by her story!

Why wouldn\'t she be It was the same as telling him that the witches were too disgusted or creeped out by the sight of those bug-like lifeforms!

Unlike girls who scream at the sight of a cockroach, those witches merely get their concentration slightly affected by their imagination.

This wouldn\'t have been a problem if it wasn\'t a must to keep it together during that critical phase!

Naturally, there were exceptions to this case since Lady Sphinx mentioned most witches not all of them.

Isn\'t it problematic to hide such a piece of information from the younger generation Felix inquired a bit speechless by this situation.

In the eyes of the Sage Witches, this piece of information was doing more harm than good. Lady Sphinx shrugged her shoulder carelessly, I also don\'t bother myself with it, since it is impossible for witches to affect those lifeforms in any shape or form.

Nothing at all Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise.

Currently, the only one capable of affecting those lifeforms is me. Lady Sphinx\'s eyes shone for a second and continued, I have my own special method of doing so.

A method that could never be taught or copied by those witches.

Upon hearing so, Felix started to believe that even Sage witches had yet to touch the ankle of Lady Sphinx when it comes to potion-making. 

The fact that they were hopeless against a major problem in potion-making had sealed their fate to be always considered as B at best.

You are right.

Witches were the most compatible to inheriting my potion-making system.

However, they were not the best option. Lady Sphinx wholly agreed with his take on the matter.

Indeed, witches had spiritual eyes that helped them see beyond the microscopic world and affect it with their mental energy, unlike other races.

But, that was merely the condition to begin treading on this path.

On the other hand, I have met the basic conditions and also had unique tools to help me unlike them. Felix said with a serious tone, feeling a sense of responsibility dawning on him.

Lady Sphinx was clearly disappointed by the witches\' progress and limited talent in potion-making.

He felt like he would be disappointing her as well if he didn\'t utilize his talents to the maximum.

So, he dropped the current matter and began contemplating ways to take advantage of the newly gotten information.

Since Lady Sphinx was capable of dealing with those lifeforms, it only meant that it was possible for me to do the same.

I don\'t know her method and I am not interested in copying it.

Felix suddenly clapped his hands, and tens of colored misty balls emerged before him.

They were arranged neatly from the faintest color to the darkest color.

Those were all the inducements that he was capable of using currently.

Let\'s aim to create an inducement that will coat the mixture and kill those lifeforms the instant they set foot on it.

Felix cracked his fingers and started dragging one inducement after the other on the table.

Then, he mixed them while murmuring, I don\'t know what those things are made off so it would be extremely difficult to pull off the perfect inducement.

Felix knew that it was going to be a time-consuming experiment filled with hundreds of failures.

After all, he needed to find exactly what could kill those lifeforms while at the same time creating an inducement that wouldn\'t affect the mixture in any way!

That\'s because potions needed to follow a recipe down to the last letter.

Anything extra would result in failure before even the dark reaction had its turn.

First test, Killer Red Inducement, made out of three inducements: Acid, -12 potency/ Venom, -8 potency/ Paralyze, x2 potency/.

Felix disclosed composedly while holding into a faint pistachio-colored misty ball.

It was so faint, the pistachio was barely noticeable.

This was due to the potency being lowered extremely out of the killer inducements.

Felix knew that this combination was going to fail if ever used in a real concoction since he didn\'t merge anything to avoid affecting the mixture.

Let\'s see how those little brats will react to it. Felix engulfed the mixture with the mist gently and then requested, Queen, unpause it and make the concoction stable no matter what.

\'As you wish.\'

Soon, Felix saw that the dark reaction had invaded the outlines of the mixture and touched his Killer Red Inducement.

Before Felix\'s hopes could have risen, they were crushed by the sight of the dark reaction not slowing for even a tiny bit.

In a couple of seconds, the mixture was gone, leaving behind only bits of mist.

Felix didn\'t even comment on this failure.

He simply rewinded the experiment and watched the replay on an atomic level.

Immediately, he found out that the dark substance marched through everything.

Even his inducement had gotten consumed with the mixture!

\'Shit, don\'t tell me that those little f*cks can eat even poison\' This was the worst outcome that Felix desired!

If even his deadliest inducements were getting chopped off, what\'s going to kill them!

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