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After he was done admiring his young image in front of the mirror, Felix began to wear his clothes while thinking of the present era he was in right now.

From his current memories, he believed that he was sent back to the Modern Era, an era where Earthling\'s were still living in peace and harmony in their little blue planet.

But that would soon change after The Supremacy Games Invitation that turned the world upside down before, makes an appearance in the near future again.

This was even better for his future plans.

Since by using the memories of his past life, he could without a doubt ace the games and climb the ranking ladder even higher than before, which would reward him with treasures he couldn\'t even dream off.

His expression turned serious and solemn real quick as he said firmly, This time I will not fool around, and waste my time idling away!

If he was dedicated and hardworking in his bloodline integration, he wouldn\'t have been sent by the clan to do such a difficult mission, but remain in the headquarter being protected and well-taken care of like the prodigies.

Sadly, he could only clutch his ass with a pained expression in regret after learning this lesson by having his asshole blasted to flames by Asna.

His anguish expression was soon replaced by a determined one that would move anyone who sees it.

For me not to feel that kind of agonizing pain ever again, I will work harder than everyone, I will make sure to reach the peak.

No one will f*ck with me again!



He punched the mirror until it shattered, sending small pieces of glass everywhere.

Soon enough, he dropped to the ground while holding his bloodied fist.

F*ck me! He wailed in anguish.

He already forgot that he was now merely 17 years old with a weak body that couldn\'t even harm a common tier 1 beast.

Jack and the other bodyguard who were near the door, heard Felix roar and mirror shattering sound.

Just as the other bodyguard tried to rush to check Felix\'s well being, Jack stopped him with his arm.

Don\'t worry it\'s not serious, young master is probably watching a hot-blooded movie, and it moved him to his current state.

While his actual thoughts were, \'Young master Felix is probably on different types of drugs again.\'

In his mind, he already accepted it as a fact, since it was quite believable.

After all, there was nothing much to do on this forsaken island besides going to the beach.

If it was not for the star-link internet, that uses satellites instead of cables.

Felix probably would have gone nuts already.

Inside the bedroom, Felix was picking up the pieces of the mirror glass from the floor with a bandaged hand.

\'Based on my phone, the current year is 2024/06/01.

If I recall correctly, The Invitation will arrive 15 days later, which is quite an ideal period for me to make plans for later.\'

After a while, he finished cleaning the floor and wore his sports shoes, preparing to head outside.

He wanted to scout the hotel and the island\'s current condition.

I am leaving the hotel to take a long walk, no need to follow me, and don\'t you dare send someone behind my back secretly, Understood He instructed Jack after exiting his suite.

Yes, young master, just enjoy your walk no one will bother you.

Felix smiled while patting his shoulder.

Good, keep following my orders like this, and I will promote you to my personal chief of bodyguards when I receive my shares from the family.

Jack grinned widely your wish is my command, young master.

Felix then walked toward the elevator while examining the horrendous condition of the hotel in detail.

\'Was my brain full of **, when I chose this business to revive as part of my coming of age test or what\'

He kept walking for a couple of minutes until he saw the rusty elevator that had a sign glued on the door that says >closed for maintenance.


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