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How could they not be

The Gem Primogenitor was known to be the first primogenitor to commit suicide after bestowing his perfect elemental manipulation to one of his descendants under the presence of most primogenitors.

As Felix recalled, the Light Primogenitor decided to follow in his footsteps on that day.

But, before he did so, he agreed with the other primogenitors to give the same descendant his Light manipulation.

Unfortunately, that descendant ended up dying.

Yet, the worst part, the perfect elemental manipulations didn\'t return to the primogenitors!

Ever since that day, they were lost forever!

Lady Sphinx\'s theory literally implied that the crystal hexagon-shaped egg should have a being inside with perfect Gem Manipulation!

Why is it impossible Lady Sphinx revealed calmly, We already have two weird eggs that should be made out of pure elemental energy.

Both of those eggs have a direct connection with an already existing anomaly in the universe that should be fixed.

Indeed, both the Paragon of Sins and the Gem Primogenitor should be considered as an anomaly.

One was making a mess and the other\'s action resulted in the disappearance of a perfect elemental manipulation from the universe.

In normal situations, the primogenitors either commit suicide without bestowing their elemental manipulation or bestow it before they die, or do it after they die.

It didn\'t matter since the elemental manipulation was still obtainable somehow or someway.

But it was different with Light Primogenitor and Gems Primogenitor.

Those facts couldn\'t be ignored by Jörmungandr and Thor anymore even if they wanted.

If this is really the case, then there should be other eggs around the universe, representing every elemental manipulation that was lost forever. Jörmungandr sighed.

There are more! Felix exclaimed.

Naturally, some primogenitors have bestowed their manipulation upon their descendants but they ended up dead before they could bestow it to another. Thor explained.

I failed to account for that. Felix nodded his head in understanding after he remembered that it wasn\'t just him who could inherit the primogenitor\'s gift successfully.

Though, my theory sounds plausible it is still a theory. Lady Sphinx looked at Felix and said, The only way for us to really prove it is by hatching Nimo and studying him closely.

Don\'t forget, if my theory is correct, then the benefit you will get from having Nimo by your side is a hundred times better than simply getting another elemental manipulation. She added.

I understand. Felix nodded his head in agreement.

After hearing everything, he had already weighed the advantages and the disadvantages of giving up on an elemental manipulation for Nimo.

If it was true, then Felix would have a companion that had full control over void laws.

How does that come close to having a perfect elemental manipulation

No one explained to him the difference between laws and elements, but he wasn\'t a retard to not figure out that laws top elements every single time.

Now that I have your approval, I can finally contact the void primogenitor and make a deal with him. Lady Sphinx chuckled faintly, Do know that it is highly possible that he will reject me and make everything that we discussed to be in vain.

Just don\'t be stingy in your offer and he won\'t reject. Thor said, I doubt he would give a ** if he traded a drop of blood for something that he needs.

We can only hope so. Jörmungandr said.


After the discussion was over, Felix left the consciousness space and went to take a shower.

During it, he kept thinking about the load of vital information that he obtained and the things that happened in the ruins. 

\'We have emptied the entire herbal garden.

This will help me break into the 3rd mark and reach up to the 5th mark.\' Felix pondered, \'Paragon of Sins, deadly void creatures, Darken faction primogenitors, the incoming war in the galaxy and climbing the SG ladder.

As long as keep increasing my strength with this pace, I won\'t be needing to fear or worry about anyone.

That fake sense of freedom that I lived within my past life, I will get rid of it completely.\'

Felix realized that strength doesn\'t come cheap but he would still do everything in his powers to obtain it just to void being put in the same humiliating situation as in his previous life.

It was more than enough to live through it once, if he didn\'t work hard to change it, then he truly didn\'t deserve a second chance.

\'Speaking about gains, where the hell is the cube\' Felix\'s eyes suddenly widened after he realized that the cube was gone.

\'Did it integrate itself with me while I was asleep\' Felix asked the tenants, who seem to be trying their best to hold their laughter.

\'I was worried about your health so I decided to hide the cube as a tattoo on your skin.\' Asna spoke with an innocent tone.

\'Really\' Felix narrowed his eyes, feeling a bit uncomfortable with her attitude.

He knew that she was still pissed at him so he expected to get the silent treatment, not this.

\'You can see for yourself in the mirror.\' Asna said with a wide grin.

She didn\'t need to tell him as Felix had already jumped outside of the shower and stood before the mirror.

He cleared the foggy mirror and began to check every inch of his body.

It didn\'t take long before he spotted a phrase written in black tattooed a few centimeters right above his bum.

My Queen Asna!

With a petrified look, Felix murmured the words out loud, feeling like his soul had just escaped his body.

Not in his wildest dreams would he have thought that Asna could go this far in her pranks.

\'Did you like my gift\' Asna said while laughing her ass out.

The instant Felix heard her laughter, he snapped, Asna, you hateful bitch! You better get rid of this ** now!!

Felix was really pissed since he couldn\'t help but remember his humiliating first meeting with Asna.

He wanted dearly to forget that ** but how could he do it now with this tramp stamp on his lower body

\'Hehehe, that\'s my token of love for you to remind you of our magical night.\' Asna giggled in enjoyment, making Nimo quiver in fear within Lady Sphinx\'s bosom.

Upon seeing Felix\'s expression turning livid, Asna swiftly disconnected their connection, blocking Felix\'s furious tirade from reaching her.

In a few moments, Felix was left catching his breath as his curses and threats kept getting ignored.

He couldn\'t even ask the primogenitors to help him out since they were more inclined to be on Asna\'s side than his.

What a way to ruin the day.

F*ck! Felix punched the bathroom wall in irritation while choosing a suitable outfit in his AP bracelet to hide that humiliation.

When he wore a black spacesuit, his agitation finally began to withdraw after the tattoo got out of his sight.

\'Hmm Why are my heartbeats different\' Abruptly, Felix noticed that his heartbeats were actually coming from his right side if he focused on them.

\'So, even when my original heart got revitalized, the devourer\'s heart is still working as my primary heart\' Felix knitted his eyebrows in distress, not knowing if this would affect him in a negative way.

He wanted to ask Lady Sphinx but the connection was down.

\'Whatever, since Lady Sphinx didn\'t mention it before, it only meant that it isn\'t that serious.\' Felix comforted himself and stopped thinking about the matter entirely.

There were too many things to be done and the time wasn\'t in his favor.

Malak, tell everyone to head to the conference room now. Felix sent a voice message with a faint smile, It\'s time to split the loot and get your rewards.

In a short while, the conference room could be seen packed with everyone on board the spaceship.

Even Samir was there since the spaceship wasn\'t moving at the moment due to Felix being in a coma.

We are glad that you recovered to your optimal health, Sir Felix. The Repairman Declan bowed respectfully.

Knowing that you did everything for us, I couldn\'t handle the idea of losing you as our captain!

Thank you for rescuing us!

One by one, they started to bow respectfully at Felix while showing their appreciation until he started to feel uncomfortable.

Boss! I missed you! 

Alas, Erik took it to a whole new level as he hugged Felix\'s thigh while weeping shamelessly, not caring about the funny looks he was getting.

F*ck, I get it, just leave my leg alone. Embarrassed, Felix shook Erik\'s clutch from his leg and swiftly took a seat. 

The rest sat after him, leaving Erik to walk towards his seat while wiping his tears with an enlivened expression.

First of all, can we have a moment of silence for the fallen, Khodri and Pualani Felix asked.

Instead of answering, everyone closed their eyes and lowered their heads.

They all had frustrated expressions, appearing like they still were hurt by losing those two.

Felix neither spoke nor apologized for their death.

He just paid his respect as well by remaining silent.

He knew that those two weren\'t going to be the last to die in this squad.

More dangerous adventures were waiting for all of them and his mindest was already prepared for the worst out possible.

May their souls find peace in the spirit realm. Felix murmured one last time before opening his eyes.

Alright, let\'s get down to business. Felix said with a faint smile as he showed holographic images of all-natural treasures gotten from the ruins.

They were plenty!

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