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Lady Sphinx pointed at the symbiote, which looked like a blob of black jelly, and explained, Everyone refers to this as a symbiote but in reality, its real name is Glutanous, The World Eater.

It has only one desire that it serves, gluttony.

Hence, the reason why it eats anything in its path until the day it goes supernova and hurls its dead skin everywhere.

Felix\'s current Dark Deviant Spaceship was using an artificial symbiote dead skin as a protective coating.

Then, she pointed her finger at a see-through purple cube and said, You guys refer to this as a gelatinous cube due to its candy-like appearance.

However, its real name is Slothous, The Dreamer.

It consumes the dreams of lifeforms that were caught inside its jelly-like body.

As you know, its size could ranger from a small planet to a megastar.

She pointed at a humanoid creature that was fully tattooed with question marks and said, This is the imitator, no one really knows its true appearance than its creator.

That\'s because it is able to imitate anyone and anything perfectly.

It is rumored that if it kept imitating the same target for a period of time, it would copy one of its abilities, techniques, quirks, or whatever it is permanently.

That\'s why its real name is Envious.

\'It can\'t be...\' The more Felix heard, the faster his heartbeats got as a frightening realization kept drawing on him.

Alas, Lady Sphinx kept on introducing those void creatures one by one.

The moment she finished speaking, Felix couldn\'t help but express his astonishment, So you are telling me those unique void creators are actually based on the seven deadly sins And that their creator is the Paragon of Sins

It was too obvious to miss the connection between those void creatures and the Paragon of Sins, who was living within the void realm like them.

Precisely. Lady Sphinx added with a serious tone, The Paragon of Sins is one of the strongest beings in the universe and the guardian of the void realm and judge of any matter related to void laws.

Felix immediately glanced at Asna after hearing the term guardian and laws, knowing that the Unigin Race was always mentioned in the same breath.

Tsk, you are not a total idiot after all. Asna cursed in annoyance while looking the other way.

Felix ignored the curse and focused on her indirect agreement. 

Is it even possible for him to do that He inquired, knowing that Asna\'s race is extremely limited in using their powers.

No, he is forbidden from doing anything that would threaten the balance of the universe. Lady Sphinx agreed and continued on, The void creatures are currently running rampant in most corners of each galaxy.

That\'s a literal break of balance since there are some races that are completely hopeless before those void creatures.

There are even galaxies that have been completely overrun by void creatures in my days. Thor interjected.

All of this due to the Wrathful Creators, who keep creating millions of low leveled void creatures to invade the matter universe. Jörmungandr dropped a bombshell, making Felix doubt his ears.

He always believed that the low-leveled void creatures get created on their own within the void realm since this theory was proposed by researchers from the Metal Race.

Everyone thought the same.

Yet, who would have thought that it was the doing of one of the seven deadly sins creatures!

Honestly, How would they have known when nothing could enter the void tunnel safely

Ah, I am really still too ignorant about many things. Felix rubbed his temples, feeling slightly doubtful if a lot of things that he read about those realms were false as well.

Don\'t put too much trust in the UVR\'s data center.

The information in it was written by people not the universe like some mantra.

People are often wrong than right. Lady Sphinx advised calmly.

I will keep those words at bay.

Felix ensured with a serious tone, knowing that he was indeed more inclined to believe everything that the metal Race had spoken about due to their universal reputation of being the most intelligent race.

But not anymore.

If even Lady Sphinx claims herself to be still ignorant and lacking, who dares to claim that he knows it all

As I have been saying, the Paragon of Sins\' actions are finally starting to affect the universe\'s balance since those void creatures are being created at a stupendous level while their strength remains above most races.

To give you an example, they had ten times the numbers of the human race and the weakest one has the strength equivalent to an epic 4th stage bloodliners. Lady Sphinx laid out some frightening numbers, chilling Felix\'s heart.

Just imagining the human race having every child born with a minimum strength equivalent to 4th stage bloodliners made him gulp audibly.

He knew that if the human race had such a strength, they would have a spot secured with the ten top ruling races in the SGA!

Yet, the void creatures had ten times the number of humans

He always knew that the void creatures were strong and dangerous but he didn\'t really stop for a second to think deeply about them since he rarely run across one in his two lives.

That\'s because most of the void tunnels in the Milky Way Galaxy were in the Guardian Empire, leaving the Mariana Empire on the safer side.

Since Felix was a bona fide SG player, he was never interested in choosing the mercenary path and going out of his way to hunt those void creatures in the Guardian Empire.

His lack of interest made him absolutely ignorant of the dangers of those void creatures, who were invading the galaxy every single minute!

I don\'t understand how the Paragon of Sins was able to create such an imbalanced species yet the universe didn\'t do anything about it for eons. Felix said while knitting his eyebrows.

That\'s what everyone is wondering about in the primogenitors\' circle. Jörmungandr said, The moment it was known that the Paragon of Sins was the void creature\' creator, all the primogenitors believed that he would be stripped from his powers and position someway or another.

But billions of years had gone by and nothing had happened to him.

I still remember how pissed some of those old fogies were in the meetings. Thor chuckled, They thought that the universe was starting to play favorites since it couldn\'t even bother to answer one question of theirs yet had given full freedom to the Paragon of Sins to play around.

Felix understood that Thor was implying their meaning in life.

The ultimate question of every primogenitor. 

Till two weeks ago, no one knows if the universe was ever going to make a move against the Paragon of Sins. Lady Sphinx slowly lifted Nimo before everyone and said with a serious tone, I have a strong assumption that Nimo is actually the countermeasures prepared to deal with the Paragon of Sins.

Eee! Eee!

Looking at Nimo\'s retarded face as he yelled in enjoyment, made it extremely difficult for Felix and the rest to take her words seriously.

This trash-panda was the universe\'s punishment to the Paragon of Sin, one of the ultimate beings in the universe

You got to be **ting me! They all thought.

Seeing their skepticism, Lady Sphinx explained her assumption, Think about it.

We all know that the universe never makes a move directly to fix an imbalance.

It can\'t just strip the Paragon of Sins\' powers like some primogenitors believe.

But, it is highly likely that it can create a stronger version of the Paragon of Sins, so he could replace him.

Asna and the rest thought about her reasoning for a few moments and couldn\'t help but feel like there was some truth to it.

When it comes to laws, the one with higher understanding always dominates the others with lower understanding. Asna mentioned, So, if the universe really created this trash-panda with the purpose of replacing the Paragon of Sins, then his understanding in void laws would definitely surpass him sooner or later and claim the guardian\'s title.

Thor nodded his head, The only reason your race members have such a high position is because of your control over laws.

But, if someone else emerged with better control, then it shouldn\'t be impossible to take the guardian\'s position by force.

Felix was quite taken back by this notion as he always considered the Unigin Race\'s positions to be Untouchable.

However, after glancing at Asna and seeing her predicament, he started to believe that probably no one was safe in this universe.

Even if we consider all of this to be true, why do you believe that Nimo is the one Jörmungandr questioned.

First, he is born with spiritual level just below primogenitors.

When he reaches his mature state, I don\'t doubt for a second that his spiritual level could rival most Unigin Race members. Lady Sphinx lowered one finger and continued on, Secondly, he was born in the center of the void realm.

As it is rumored, the Paragon of Sins first emerged from the center of the void realm.

Thirdly, his overbearing evil aura is just too similar to the Paragon of Sins.

Lastly, the egg itself.

The egg 

Yes. Lady Sphinx showed them a crystal hexagon egg on the screen and said, I have told you that I have seen this egg in memory of a subject of mine.

It greatly resembles Nimo\'s egg right


If we used my theory, that the universe creates those \'eggs\' to replace beings in high positions, then doesn\'t this egg seems like it belongs to the Gem Primogenitor She threw one last bomb at them, making Thor and Jörmungandr lose their composure immediately.


That can\'t be right!

Both of them shouted at the same time, believing that her claim was ridiculous!

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