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Felix understood that it was impossible for any lifeform to enter the void realm since it had absolutely no laws what\'s so ever.

The moment anything gets inside, it gets decomposed into nothingness...literally.

From minerals, lifeforms, energies, and even light itself couldn\'t remain in the void realm.

This meant, that the entire realm was as dark as a black hole without a single star or a pebble in sight!

However, that didn\'t mean that nothing exist there.

If the void energy rejects everything foreign, it didn\'t mean that it would reject anything made out of it.

Hence, the void realm was actually packed with creatures born from nothing but void energy and they wanted nothing more than destroy anything related to other laws.

That\'s why the moment void tunnels appear in different parts of the universe, those void creatures get attracted to the light from the other side and try their very best to annihilate everything in the matter universe.

In other words, they were the number one enemy for every race in the matter universe without exceptions.

Fortunately, those void creatures had a very minuscule chance of dropping void-related treasures after they get slain.

Probably one in a million chances for it to happen.

Yet still, many mercenaries decide to participate in hunting them down, hoping for a void-related treasure to drop since it would immediately set them for life!

Alas, that wasn\'t a valid plan to harvest pure void energy for Felix.

The only rumored proper way to do it was by getting it from the center of the void realm.

So, how the f*ck could he do that when he couldn\'t even get close to a void tunnel, where millions of void creatures keep storming out

Even if he luckily bypassed them and got inside, he would still get decomposed into nothingness with his spaceship!

I really risked my life over nothing, huh. Felix wiped his eyes with a never-felt sense of defeat.

He didn\'t even dare to request Lady Sphinx to provide some of her stock since it should be valuable material for her research and he wouldn\'t be able to afford it.

You think like I still own some. Lady Sphinx said calmly, I have already used everything I had in multiple different experiments and I am currently having those experiments on hold because I am out of stock.

This was more than enough to showcase how rare getting one\'s hand on void energy if even Lady Sphinx was having difficulty with it.

Though, don\'t lose hope yet. Lady Sphinx uplifted his spirits with a smile, We have worked out a method that will allow you to get more void energy than you can spend.

You kidding Felix\'s eyes widened in shock at the sound of that.

Thor patted Felix on his shoulder lightly and said, In fact, possibly only you in the entire universe could achieve so.

This was truly a grand claim and if it was true then Felix believed that he would be set for life!

Hehe, what do I need to do! Felix asked while rubbing his hands together like a sleazy merchant.

Jörmungandr coughed as he replied, You simply need to obtain void affinity and enhance it as much as possible.

Then, hunt down higher rank void creatures and absorb their void energy.

Lastly, Asna will purify it for you.

It\'s possible to absorb void creatures\' energy Felix\'s raised his eyebrow in surprise.

He had seen before wars between the Guardian Empire\'s army and the void creatures in both outer space and on land.

In every one of those battles, the killed void creatures always disappear the moment they were slain.

That\'s because they were made out of the void, which in a sense was made out of nothingness.

So how could you kill nothingness It turns out, you simply don\'t. 

The only method that worked against those low leveled void creatures was by using destructive energies in big bursts.

In other meaning, the void creatures needed to be overwhelmed by another type of energy so they would actually get consumed instantly by it instead of consuming it.

It\'s possible if you used void-based abilities to hunt them. Lady Sphinx said calmly, In the void realm, those with the highest affinity to void element can easily turn weaker void creatures into substance.

So, if you had both higher affinity and also could use void abilities, then dealing with low leveled void creatures should be doable.

Only after hearing so did Felix understand why Jörmungandr and Thor were acting slightly weird.

The bastards wanted him to use Void Primogenitor\'s Bloodline in his 3rd replacement!

Hold on a second! Felix swiftly rose on his feet and pointed out, Void Primogenitor isn\'t part of the list that you have given me to choose from! Doesn\'t that mean he is either still alive or dead but troublesome to deal with!

Felix had absolutely no interest in dealing with such high-ranked primogenitors if he wasn\'t a friend of those three!

It was simply acting for a beating to use his bloodline when he didn\'t approve of it!

He learned his lesson from the thrashing he received by Lady Sphinx!

To be honest, I also think it\'s too risky. Jörmungandr sighed, The void primogenitor is quite an enigma within our circle.

He rarely interacts with anyone and when he does, it always ends in a couple of minutes.

No one knows his true thoughts and his true personality. Jörmungandr added.

Well, he\'s still alive so it\'s much easier to talk to him first and see his own take on the matter. Lady Sphinx added casually, Don\'t forget that the void primogenitor wasn\'t known for leaving behind any descendants.

So, it would be almost impossible to get his bloodline on our own.

Naturally, to use primogenitor\'s bloodline, it was a first for him to have descendants.

Otherwise, there would be left only one option!

So, you are telling me that we won\'t just request for his permission to use his bloodline but actually to give us some of it as well Felix could only look at her with a speechless expression, not knowing why she would go so far to hatch that trash panda.

In fact, he believed that he shouldn\'t even go with it since the moment he used the void primogenitor\'s bloodline as his 3rd replacement, he wouldn\'t be able to obtain its elemental manipulation but only the void\'s primogenitor\'s peak ability!

Just like what happened with Lady Sphinx\'s bloodline.

Felix actually had three safe primogenitors with rare elements to choose from!

Primogenitors could potentially give him their elemental manipulation, unlike the void primogenitor who was still alive. 

So was it worth it sacrificing one perfect elemental manipulation to hatch this egg He doubted.

Hearing his thoughts, Lady Sphinx glanced at Felix calmly for a few moments before she laid out her main reason, I am 67% certain that Nimo\'s existence is related to the Paragon of Sins.

If my assumption turned to be correct, then Nimo should possess similar abilities to that being after he hatches.

Paragon of Sins Felix frowned his eyebrows.

He remembered that Lady Sphinx had spoken about him when he tried to pick the egg.

But, he didn\'t have time to ask about him in detail.

I believe you know already about some void creatures that are able to destroy planets, stars, or annihilate an entire species all by themselves. Lady Sphinx said.

Felix nodded his head, I know of the symbionts, Gelantious cubes, and Annihilation Fiends.

Some of the void creatures mentioned were public knowledge like symbionts and Gelatinous cubes while the last one was locked in the lower layer in the UVR\'s data center.

Felix was able to read about them only after he got access to that said layer.

Though, there wasn\'t much to be told, making him still confused about many things related to those powerful void creatures.

The only thing he was certain of, those void creatures were by far the strongest in that species.

The other void creatures attacking galaxies couldn\'t hold a candle against them.

Your list is still missing four more. Lady Sphinx shared, They are, The Wrathful Creators, The Imitators, Void Succubuses, and Greedy Djins.

Felix raised an eyebrow in surprise as he had never ever heard a word about those four void creatures.

Those four rarely make an appearance in the matter universe.

If they did, it was almost impossible to spot them due to their unique abilities. Lady Sphinx waved her hand and a mirror-like screen was manifested before Felix.

She then snapped her finger and seven unique-shaped creatures were shown on the screen side by side.

Felix instantly recognized some of them like symbiotes but he was left completely flabbergasted by the image of some of them!

Hell, there was even a dark humanoid spirit-like being floating from a lamp and a humongous bug-like creature with a stomach triple its size! 

Compared to them, the jelly-like black symbiote appeared common!

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