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ARGHHH!! Sorr..y guys, I can\'t go on any...cough, more. 

Suddenly, Pualani\'s exhausted and pained voice resounded in the squad\'s intercom, causing everyone to tense up as they glanced in his direction.

When they saw that Pualani was bleeding buckets from a nasty wound on his back, they realized that he was indeed standing by mere will and resolve! 

ATTACK ME YOU BASTARD! Malissa cried out loud as she flew at the guardian\'s head with her sharp nails extended a few centimeters.

Alas, even when she reached the guardian\'s face and began striking him, he barely reacted to her.

Why would he when her nails barely left scratch marks on his hard skin

Unfortunately, only Felix was capable of damaging those guardians\' tough skin.

Even though he made it seem too easy, that was only due to his strength that was on par with Origin Realm Bloodliners.

Cough...Malissa just leave it.

Pualani coughed blood with dropped eyelids and shaky knees, making him appear as he would fall at any given second.

Malak and the rest hardened their expression after hearing so but they didn\'t dare to take a single peek at his situation since they were also barely surviving the guardians\' fierce attacks.

They wanted to move and help him out but their hands were tied up.


Abruptly, the Guardian lifted his sword high up, making Malissa fall into despair by the sight as she had absolutely no idea how to save him.

She already thought of dragging him away but she knew that wouldn\'t be possible to achieve due to Paulina\'s transformation.

He was resembling a giant thick bear, making his weight far surpass her limitations!

At this point, she could only stare widely at the gigantic sword splitting the air in direction of Pualani, who was already on his knees with his head lowered.

\'Sigh, it seems like I need to help them grow stronger faster if I don\'t want them to be a liability in the upcoming ruins.\'

Felix shook his head slightly as he snapped his finger, slowing the flow of time for him.

Then, he flew swiftly towards Pualani!

When he reached him, he caught him by his neck and dragged him on the ground away from the strike zone.


The moment the flow of time was restored, the sword smashed the ground until rubbles were lifted a few meters in the air.

Just as Malak and the rest felt like their heart was about to sink at the thought of losing a squadmate, Felix shouted in the intercom, Don\'t lose focus! He is safe!

Thank god!

Upon hearing Felix\'s voice, no one doubted the validity of it or bothered to think twice.

They simply continued using their abilities to keep the guardians busy.

Meanwhile, Felix had already dropped on the ground, not daring to keep flying.

\'Erik could be forced to use his air abilities to stay in the air if he is in a tough spot.\' Felix sighed, \'If that happened while I am still flying, all of us would be taken down.\'

\'Whatever wings can\'t be enlarged with my ability anyways, they will merely serve as a hindrance.\'

Felix beamed three advanced rejuvenation portions and placed them above Pualani\'s chest.

\'Quickly drink those and join us.

It\'s not time to take a break.\' Felix sent a message to Pualani while narrowing his eyes at the remaining six giant guardians.

Each one appeared more menacing than the other.

\'Thank you, Sir Felix...\' Pualani reached out with a shaky hand at the potions.

When he caught one, he drank it in one go, not caring that it was mixed with the blood in his mouth.

Not closing his helmet to breathe, he took the other two and drank them one after the other.

Only then, did he close his helmet and started taking deep breaths.

Upon seeing that the potion was starting to do its magic, Felix began walking slowly with narrowed eyes at the guardian with the heavy sword on his shoulder.

\'If we want to escape from the peak, I need to destroy all of those guardians right now.\'

Felix took a quick glance at the monolith and realized that the triangle-like light beam was slowly crawling up to it.

\'It will take a minute or two before the entire monolith gets illuminated.\' Felix cracked his knuckles and requested, \'Asna, keep pumping energy, I am going all out!\'

\'You better make it entertaining.\' Thor said as he drank a big gulp of alcohol.

\'It will be entertaining alright.\' Felix smirked faintly as he felt the raging purified energy course through his veins.

Then...He disappeared from his place, leaving behind him bright sparks...

That\'s the last thing Pualani managed to see before a symphony of explosions and rain of rubble began to fill the entire hall...


A minute later...

Malak, Erik, Malissa, and Pualani could be seen standing in one place with eyes wide open and hands shaking like they had seen the incarnation of the devil.

The scene that was reflecting from their enlarged pupil was the sight of Felix standing above the shattered head of the last standing guardian in the hall.


The remaining body fell to the ground, joining the rest of his brothers and sisters, who were lying all over the place in even worse conditions.

Some of them had their heads destroyed while some of them didn\'t have a single body part attached to their torso.

\'What a monster!\'

\'This strength defies common sense.\'

\'I used everything yet I barely scratched them.\' Malak bite her lips with a frustrated look, \'I am supposed to be a primogenitor bloodliner as well yet why is the strength difference so big\'

\'Is he really a human Were humans always this strong\' Malissa clutched her beating heart as she eyed the dumbfounded looks of Erik and Pualani.

\'No, he is clearly a special case.\'

All of them saw how Felix relied on his physical strength to bring those guardians down to their knees.

In their eyes, such physical prowess wasn\'t supposed to appear in the hands of a human.

They were right to think this way since Felix obtained this kind of strength only due to his primogenitors\' bloodline boost and Devourer\'s heart.

\'Tsk, If I were you, I would have taken them down in less than 10 seconds.\' Thor burped as he boasted.

\'Hmm, I did feel like I could have executed the battle even more efficiently.\'

Felix didn\'t know if Thor was truly boasting or he meant it, but he did believe that his performance could have been better.

\'Felix, don\'t bother with this a drunken pig.\' Asna scoffed, \'It will probably take him that long to get up from bed.\'

\'How cold, defending your hubby by bringing me down.\' Thor let out a long saddened sigh.

\'You bastard! Stop spewing such nonsense! Asna snapped instantly with slightly reddened ears.

Felix smiled a little at their bickering and eyed the monolith.

When he saw that the light was about to be fully reflected against the kingly guardian\'s extended palm, he immediately wiped that cheeky smile and sprinted towards the monolith.

Follow him!

Malak ordered in the intercom as she unfolded her gorgeous blue wings and flew right behind Felix. 

After the others reached her and Felix, they didn\'t dare to speak out loud as their eyes were affixed on the kingly guardian\'s palm where the beam of light was currently illuminating.

They stared hard at it until their eyeballs were about to pop out, yet nothing appeared on the palm.

\'Was boss\'s thinking wrong\'

\'Maybe something will happen if we give it time\'

\'Oh no, the beam of light is starting to go over the palm!\'

While the rest were getting nervous that everything they had done was going to be for naught, Felix suddenly unfolded his wings and flew towards the palm.

\'Can you see better now\' Felix asked Asna while squinting his eyes at the empty illuminated palm.

\'Yep, I was right, It\'s really a small black cube.\' Asna rested her chin on her palm and disclosed, \'It\'s hovering above the center of the palm.\'

\'Do you know what is that Lady Sphinx\' Jörmungandr asked.

Lady Sphinx closed her book and gently placed it on the table.

Then, she started to examine the pitch-black cube for a couple of seconds before she shook her head.

\'I have no recollection of this item.\' 

\'It can\'t be!\'

\'You actually don\'t know\'

Thor and Jörmungandr were pretty startled by her reply as they never expected one of the wisest and knowledgeable beings in the universe to fail to recognize this item.

\'There is a lot of things that I am ignorant about.\' Lady Sphinx said calmly, \'If it wasn\'t for so, I wouldn\'t be still reading books.\'

If even Lady Sphinx had no idea what that thing was, Felix began to hesitate about taking it with him.

However, after being reminded of everything they had gone through inside the hall, he hardened his expression and thought, \'For it to be protected this heavily, it only means that it is an extremely valuable object.

Even if I can\'t use it, I can always sell it or trade it with Lady Sphinx!\'

\'I will take it with me no matter what.\' Felix gazed deeply at the hidden pitch-black cube, showing his unwavering determination before his squad.

Seeing him act like this made them have only a single thought in their minds, \'What the f*ck is he staring at\'

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