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When Felix saw that Malissa had reached Pualani, he stopped bothering with his squad and focused on the shield guardian.

\'How should I play this\' Felix squinted his eyes at the gigantic grey shield that was covering the guardian\'s upper body, making it extremely difficult to target his head.

The worst part, the female guardian was hiding exactly tens of meters behind him!

She was holding two daggers in a throwing posture, making Felix understand that the moment he expose an opening, those two daggers would be sent as a welcoming gift.

\'Shit, if only it was possible for me to fly in the hall.\' Felix clicked his tongue in irritation while eying Malissa and Malak, who were currently using their air supremacy to keep their guardians in check. 

Felix understood that it would have been much easier for everyone if they simply drunk flight-based potion and flew to the ceiling, leaving those guardians to play with each other on the ground.

Alas, he knew that the moment four individuals get in the air, those guardians would start emitting red laser beams from their eyes at them.

He couldn\'t forget the way those pirates ended up getting turned into ash by those beams after trying to fly all at once to the peak.

Felix already warned the bunch and made it crystal clear that only Malissa and Malak had the right to use their wings.

\'You better hurry and deal with them.\' Asna advised with a casual tone, \'You know that the daylight cycle ends pretty quickly on this planet.\'

\'I know.\' Felix\'s expression turned somewhat grim as he looked above him.

Everything he was currently doing was for the suns to spotlight the monolith and check if his theory was correct or not.

But, if the suns went past the pyramid\'s peak before he open it up, he could only give up on whatever treasure was hidden here.

\'Time to go all out!\' Felix narrowed his eyes at the exposed legs of the shield guardian, then dashed rapidly towards them!

The shield guardian was smart enough to focus on protecting his head after seeing the fate of his companions.

Hence, he didn\'t use lower the shield to protect his legs.

However, when Felix reached his right leg, the shield guardian lifted his left leg and attempted to stamp him.


Cloud of dust had risen from the fierce contact with the floor, helping Felix hide within it after he dodged the stamp.

Since the shield guardian didn\'t feel like he touched someone with his foot, he quickly lifted his leg and kicked the cloud of dust, hoping to land a direct hit on Felix.

Who are you kicking Felix asked mockingly while clinging into the guardian\'s gigantic knee!

Before the guardian could react, Felix enlarged both of his exposed arms and hands then called calmly, Brittle Inducement x10.


Large amounts of condensed ash grey mist had been released from Felix\'s exposed arms pores and encased the guardian\'s knee fiercely!

In less than a second, the knee was covered entirely by the grey mist!

The guardian didn\'t know what\'s going on but he wasn\'t programmed to falter easily.

Hence, he swiftly used his free hand to punch Felix, who was still clinging to the guardian\'s knee!

\'I guess he is not as smart as Lady Sphinx\'s guardians.\' Felix grinned widely while detaching himself from the knee at the last second before the fist landed on it!

Unbeknownst to the guardian, his knee had already turned brittle and fragile by the inducement that was ten times more potent than normal!


His knee didn\'t survive the punch as it got shattered instantly into multiple fragments!

The noise attracted Malak and the rest, making them steal a quick peek at the source.

\'How\' Malak\'s eyes widened in shock after catching that the guardian had lost his leg and was currently leaning on his shield for balance.


However, they weren\'t given enough time to think about the leg as their vision had been captured by the sight of Felix using his lighting arcs to climb up the surface of the shield-like he was climbing a cliff!

Felix already anticipated that the guardian would use his shield as a crutch to avoid falling.

By doing so, he finally exposed his head in the open just like he had planned!


It didn\'t take Felix even a second to reach the top of the shield and reach the guardian\'s expressionless turtle-like face.

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Felix wasn\'t given even a split second to carry on with his counter-attack as two giant daggers were currently rotating fiercely in his direction! 


Felix instantly entered his supersonic mode, allowing him to analyze the trajectory of the flying daggers.

\'Her aim is more accurate than a homing missile.\' Felix\'s eyelids twitched after realizing that he would be hit by one dagger that was going to graze the guardian\'s ear in the process!

He thought that he would be safe if he took cover behind the guardian but it seemed like that was not the case.

Yet, Felix wasn\'t fazed at all as he quickly enlarged his body and kicked the turtle-like head from the left side!

His kick was strong enough, the guardian\'s head got cracked a bit.

But most importantly, the force was able to move it slightly to the right!

This caused the incoming dagger to smash into the guardian\'s scalp instead of grazing his ear like the female guardian planned!

Since everything was still happening in slow motion in Felix\'s eyes, he managed to spot the other dagger piercing through the broken fragments of the first dagger and the guardian\'s head.

Felix smirked faintly while moving only slightly to the side, causing the dagger to bypass him in slow motion!

However, instead of letting it go, Felix extended his hand swiftly and caught it by the handle while still revolving!!


It was tough as Felix was forced to grit his teeth to combat the force of the dagger.

He even felt like if he didn\'t let go, his waist would snap!

Yet, he swallowed the pain and barbarically stopped the dagger without breaking it!

\'Why are you doing this\' Asna asked weirdly.

\'To counter-attack of course.\' Felix smirked devilishly while swapping the dagger to his other hand.

Then, out of nowhere, Felix extended his arm in direction of the female guardian and activated his ability *Thor\'s Ordnance on the dagger!!

By the time his gigantic entire arm was sizzling with illuminating lightning throughout the entire hall, the dagger had already been flicked by Felix...Then

An enormous golden beam had suddenly emerged for a split second before disappearing into the nothingness.


The only thing it left behind was the booming noise of the sound barrier getting shattered and the female guardian\'s body getting exploded into fragments and fine dust!

From the moment Felix\'s climbed up the shield to the death of the female guardian, the entire sequence took only two seconds to be carried out.

Everything happened so fast, Malak and the rest were still thinking if Felix would be alright being so close to the guardian before the situation developed like this!

What are you fools gawking about! Felix shouted with a pissy tone after spotting that his squadmates were not focused on their own battles in such a dangerous situation.


After hearing his voice, everyone broke out of their shock and narrowly dodged incoming strikes from their targets.

A split second later and they would have been toasted!

DON\'T LET YOUR GUARD DOWN AGAIN! Embarrassed, Malak chided them with slightly reddened cheeks as she was also in the same boat.

Erik and the rest didn\'t have time to respond as the guardians weren\'t giving them even a slight opening to take a breather.

\'It seems like they got extra fierce after the death of four of their comrades.\' Felix frowned his eyelids at the sight of his squad getting pushed back over and over again.

\'Time is running out.\'

Without further ado, Felix beamed Angel Wings Potion in his palm and drank it after opening up his helmet.

Then, he ordered the nanobots to give a way for his wings to manifest. 

For such a high-quality potion, the gorgeous milky white wings took only a second to shape on Felix\'s shoulder blades.

I will be flying now, Malak remove your wings for a short moment!\'


Whoosh Whoosh!

The moment he received Malak\'s confirmation, Felix took off in the air.

Shortly, he reached the pyramid\'s golden peak.

\'Asna what do you see\' Felix squinted his eyes at the golden rocks while waiting for Asna\'s response.

\'There is a hieroglyphic writing on the rock near the pyramid\'s tip.\' Asna disclosed casually, \'It says Heavens\' Window.\'

\'Heaven\'s Window\' Felix knitted his eyebrows as he got closer to the tip.

He extended his hand and started touching the area until his fingers finally crossed the hieroglyphics writing.

Then, without doing or saying anything, the pyramid\'s peak began to shake, forcing Felix to put some distance from it.

\'It\'s happening!\' Felix\'s eyes brightened slightly by the sight of the pyramid\'s peak opening up akin to a teapot!


A few seconds later, the peak was completely wide open, exposing the beautiful blue sky and the two suns gleaming all over.

They really opened it! Startled, Jones exclaimed loudly while gawking at the inside of the hall from the opening.

Oh no, they are losing the fight! Nicci who was beside him, couldn\'t help but get worried after seeing the miserable condition of her squad.

Boss, should we get inside and help Jones asked in the intercome.

No! Just keep enforcing the sand walls! Felix warned while moving to the side, allowing the golden shimmering light to enter the hall akin to a triangle-shaped beam.

The light wasn\'t spread out in the room but actually compressed in that shape even though it shouldn\'t be possible.

When Felix saw that the triangle-shaped beam was a few meters away from the mirror-like monolith, his grin couldn\'t help but reach his ears.

\'With this, my theory is 90% correct!\'

Felix knew that all he needs to do now was wait until the light reaches the mirror-like monolith and reflect it towards the king guardian\'s palm!

The hidden treasure was finally about to be revealed!

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