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Before long, the 2 hours of preparation had passed by, and the squad had gathered in front of the spaceship\'s entrance, looking all sharp and focused.

Without a single word spoken, they all headed outside and rode on their hover platforms towards the elevator\'s coordinates.

Due to the illusion cast on it, they couldn\'t see anything but the golden sand and dunes.

But Asna was able to see a long brownish cylinder tower without a peak, standing tall all by itself in the middle of nowhere.

When they reached the location, they slowed their speed, in fear of crashing into it.

While the others kept looking around with penetrating eyes, hoping to spot it, Felix was getting guided to it by Asna.

It\'s here guys. Felix informed while placing his hand on its invisible wall.

the squad stood near him and extended their hands to touch it as well.

After feeling it, they couldn\'t help but marvel at the owner of the ruins to create such an everlasting effective illusion.

I will go up first to scout. Felix disclosed while using his hover platform to speed up vertically.

The hover platforms were using the same anti-gravitational system as in the hovercars, making them able to go anywhere as long as there was a surface.

In a few seconds, Felix was stopped by Asna after he was about to reach the peak.

Felix used the nanobots on his feet to clutch tightly into the platform, so he wouldn\'t fall down when it stops.

\'What do you see\' He asked Asna.

\'It\'s closed again.\' Asna replied while looking at the sealed shut ceiling of the tower.

\'Do you see any button, handle, riddle, or anything that could help open it from the outside\' Felix inquired.


\'I guess violence it is.\' Felix looked down and requested, \'Malak come up and try to melt the ceiling.\'


Malak summoned her two gorgeous blue flaming wings and flew towards him.

When she reached his side, Felix pointed at the ceiling position and gave her some space.

Malak went and stood on the ceiling, then she leaned closer and placed both of her hands on the invisible metallic surface.

Without a single ounce of hesitation, she manifested two fireballs while still having her hands affixed with the ceiling.

This caused the flames to spread outward instead of shaping up like balls.

They kept spreading until they covered the entire ceiling, dyeing it completely blue even those below noticed quite clearly.

No one spoke as they were too nervous by the notion of the ceiling being made out of another extremely durable material.

When Malissa scouted the ceiling during their escape, she mentioned that it was breakable due to appearing just like steel metal.

But, the ceiling opened up before they could test it out.

So, there were some doubts in the air.

I think it\'s starting to melt

Malak abruptly shared with a hint of doubt in her tone.

Since she couldn\'t see, she could only comment based on her feelings.

Right now, she was feeling like her hands were sinking slightly.

In a few more seconds, her belief turned into certainty after the position she was standing on began to sink as well!

It\'s working guys, prepare for entry. Malak informed while flying slightly above the ceiling, working that she might end up falling down.

The first obstacle has been dealt with.

Hopefully, everything goes this smoothly.

The squad high-fived in cheerfulness while they kept watching Malak continue her work.

Before long, they began to see molten blue drops falling down akin to rain, making them realize that the ceiling had been breached!

Yet, Malak didn\'t stop by just creating a hole for entry but continued melting it until nothing left!

Who knows if the ceiling would fail when they began using the elevator to climb up

Well done, Malak. Felix praised with a pleased smile as he watched Malak panting inside the helmet.

It seemed like the material was truly top-notch as well.

It might not be as tough as Strucrase but to make a primogenitor pant like this only meant that it was a challenging battle.

Felix doubted they would have managed to melt it if it was an ordinary fire Elementalist.

This was the reason why having primogenitor bloodliners from different unused elements would be a boon to Felix always.

Move out! Felix ordered while being the first to jump inside the invisible hole, making him appear like he was free-falling in the eyes of his squadmates.

When Felix was about to reach the ground, he simply used his electrical pull against the walls to force himself to stop.

Unlike the others, he was able to see the walls clearly like the illusion was cast only on the outside.

Not planning to waste any more time, Erik and the rest used their own methods of accessing the tower.

In a few moments, everyone was gathered at the platform that was affected negatively by the molten materials falling on it.

It appeared like 70% of it was melted as well and merged with the molten materials.

However, no one cared about it that much since they could use other alternatives to reach the surface.

For now, they focused on tracing down their steps towards the herbal garden inside the maze.

Thankfully, that wasn\'t that hard with Felix\'s perfect memory and the recordings.

In less than two minutes, they were back before the three colored gates.

All of them were closed shut.

Felix walked towards the golden gate in the middle and said the term \'yes\' in hieroglyphics.

Without any sudden complications, the gate opened up slowly, allowing the squad to have their eyes feast on what remained of the garden.

If compared to what they had harvested, it wouldn\'t even come close to 40%!

Boys and girls. Felix clapped his hands twice with a faint grin and said, I don\'t want to see a single grass blade left behind!

Erik and the rest looked at each other with clear eagerness and anticipation in their eyes.

Then, they immediately dashed towards the glass garden and chose an area of their own.

They beamed their harvesting tool and started working on the natural treasures carefully, not wanting to ruin them as they did before in their rush.

Meanwhile, Felix kept walking inside the garden with his eyes closed shut, feeling like he was stepping on the immortal land.

Because he had 100% sand affinity, he could sense the sand particles all around him like he was buried deep within a dune.

This feeling is actually almost on par with what he was experiencing in the virtual poison swamp!

\'The fact that I can reach the same level of sensitivity in less than five seconds sure makes it apparent that virtual training of affinities is crap.\' Felix smiled bitterly after recalling the hundreds of hours spent in the virtual poison swamp.

Hundreds of hours of hard work could be crossed in few seconds.

That\'s the most demotivating news one could hear in his life.

Felix was only a human.

He could get demotivated as well when he sees that the hours spent in practice were simply wasted forever.

\'Kid, unless you have a method to build your own garden to train on, then you have only two options to increase your affinity.\' Jörmungandr said calmly, \'Be born as a gifted in poison or spend years just like the rest, using the UVR\'s resources and some real-world areas where poison element in its highest.\'

Upon hearing so, Felix suddenly jolted in his place and asked, \'Elder, you are the poison primogenitor.

It\'s impossible for you to not have a location in the universe where poison element is dominating other elements.\'

\'You are right, I do know not just a few places but many of them.\' Jörmungandr sighed, \'However, I don\'t know if they survived the passage of time or not since it had been billions of years when I last paid them a visit.\'

\'Maybe Lady Sphinx or the Queen could help us with the elimination process until we find a good location for me to train in.\' Felix suggested.

\'I am not too familiar with poisonous areas in the universe.

The ones I know are probably already been taken by other backgrounds.\' Lady Sphinx informed.

It was only natural that most locations with thick elemental energies get secured by strong backgrounds for either their resources or simply to send the juniors to train in them so their affinity would rise substantially in the process.

For example, the shadow realm was being monopolized by the Shadowborn Race.

They were one of the strongest 30 races in the universe simply because their juniors get sent at an early age to learn within it. 

\'Elder, can you inform the Queen with some locations names to see if they are still around or have been taken yet\' Felix requested. 

Jörmungandr agreed to it and began throwing out a name after another while the Queen kept repeating that it wasn\'t registered in her database.

This lasted for more than 30 seconds until the Queen suddenly said, \'Miasmic Volcano is within the database.

Should I divulge its details\'

\'Please!\' Felix said with an eager tone.

\'Miasmic Volcano has been found by the Brownfoot family in the Dwarven Empire.

It\'s currently open to the public but with fees charged based on one hour.\'

\'How much will it cost for me to stay there for at least half a year\' Felix inquired.

\'One hour cost 5 million SC, so you should expect to pay 21,900,000,000 SC.\' 

\'What a f*cking rip off!\' Felix instantly cursed, feeling his heart getting torn apart just by the thought of paying such a massive amount for a chance of increasing his poison affinity!

Who knows if it might take him years even then Felix wasn\'t ready for such a wasteful investment.

\'Elder, if you still recall the exact coordinates of those unregistered poisonous locations, I would like to target them first.\' Felix said with his eyes narrowed.

He felt that it was more worthwhile to seek those locations that might exist in this era or not than spend hundreds of billions for the next couple of years on a public location that might be already losing its edge.

After all, anything remaining public for so long couldn\'t survive getting \'polluted\' by the people.

That\'s just a fact....

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