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Everyone\'s eyes turned extra chilly at the sound of that.

Captain Roger wasn\'t just cursing Declan but all of them by calling them slaves.

However, they kept their fury within them and eyed Declan who started speaking calmly, First, never call me that again, you piece of filth on the sidewalk.

Second, my captain have made it crystal clear that he will not negotiate with scumbags like you.

\'Good ** elder!\'

\'Get his ass!\'

Erik and the rest all gave Declan thumps up in elation unlike Liam and Miss Kylie who were stiffened in their places after hearing his sudden change of tone and personality.

But what shocked them the most was the content!

\'No negotiations Are they insane to seek death like this\' Liam thought as he glanced at his captain whose nose was emitting smoke like he was boiling from within.

This was the first time that he had seen his captain get so pissed at someone.

So, you are telling me that all of our previous negotiations were worthless in the eyes of your captain Captain asked with a suppressed tone.

Who would have thought Declan taunted, You are not that dumb after all.

Captain Roger wanted to keep his cool and restart the negotiations because he truly wanted to get those natural treasures.

However, he knew that the negotiation had fallen through the moment Declan cursed him.

In his eyes, If he was daring enough to do that, it only meant that he had received permission from his captain.

In other words, he truly didn\'t care about them bombing the ruins site and burying them inside if it meant not sharing their treasures.

You won\'t change your mind right Captain Roger threw one last desperate hail mary, hoping that his assumption to be mistaken.

I wish you choke on your saliva.

I guess that\'s a no. Captain Roger closed his eyes shut and let out a long exhale through his nose, \'What a waste.\'


Captain Roger disconnected the call and eyed frigidly the cubic silver spaceship.

Then, he ordered, I want you to wipe out the entire ruin site.

Use everything!

But sir... Liam pointed at the Northern Sentinel that was lighting up and alerted him, If we fired everything, we will be left under their weapons\' mercy!

Knowing that he was right, Captain Roger swiftly took control of his emotions and ordered, Tell everyone to split up and start destroying the ruins at each opportunity that they get!

The moment the pirate fleet headed his order, the Northern Sentinel was already as bright as the moon, making every pirate feel shivers down their spine at the incoming attack.

All of them began scattering around like mice meeting a predator, wanting nothing more than having their crewmate be chosen instead of them.

However, seconds went by and the Northern Sentinel hadn\'t fired yet.

It just kept its weapons prepared like this while the pirates\' spaceships continued zigzagging on their own.

Alright, send out the armored aircraft, we need to hunt down as many spaceships as possible while at the same time letting them destroy the ruins site. Felix ordered.

Sir, I want to operate an aircraft. Malak requested with a serious tone.

Me too! I am confident that I can take down one of them at least! Erik added while pumping his chest.

Just as the others wanted to suggest the same, Felix cut them of short, They will go, you guys stay.

Both of them have mythical bloodlines and are also on their way to peak 6th stage of replacement.

Plus, they have ways to fly in case their aircraft got destroyed.

Plus, any more and they will get suspicious that the squad had already left the ruins. Felix clarified.

But, they didn\'t care about the rest as their ears got closed shut after hearing the term mythical bloodline.

As expected, even leader Malak got one. Jones murmured with a hint of envy in his tone.

Meanwhile, Nicci and Pualani didn\'t show it but they were also envious of them.

When Felix saw their expressions, he decided to motivate them a bit, Keep working hard like them and it wouldn\'t be long before I recommend you to the Organization as well.

Then, he turned to Malak and Erik and started giving gave them instructions for their hunt.

Meanwhile, those three were about to die from excitement after finally getting a confirmation that it was possible to get mythical bloodlines.

Old, young, rich, poor, everyone in the galaxy desired mythical bloodlines not only for their abnormal strength and potential but also for status!

There were countless humans in the universe but less than six known mythical bloodlines in it! Being part of such a group was the true meaning of eliteness!

But, they had to put their excitement to the side as the pirates had begun firing at the ruins site, spreading clouds of sand explosion noises everywhere!

Felix wasn\'t even looking at the ruins but at the marked area of the long tunnel plus the elevator.

He dearly wanted them to remain untouched.

Otherwise, it would be extremely difficult to find the entrance again.

While the pirates were bombing the area, Captain Roger was left a bit weirded out by their passiveness.

\'Aren\'t they going to attempt and stop us\' He thought with a suspicious look.

Alas, before his suspicion could grow, the Northern Sentinel promptly fired off ten laser beams at a green spaceship that was in the process of preparing a big strike at the ruins!

Because it was dangerous to prepare energy weapons while moving at high speed, the spaceship ended up eating the salvo without any method of evading it while being locked in its place!

F*cking retards! DON\'T USE BIG WEAPONS! JUST KEEP TAKING IT SLOW AND SAFE! Captain Roger cursed in the intercom, connecting all spaceships\' radios together.


Don\'t worry boss, we are not as stupid as little pea.

The pirates responded while continuing their everlasting shower of beams at the ruins site.

By now, the site was already covered in brownish clouds, making it almost impossible to see its conditions.

However, Felix knew that it would take more than those attacks to break those pillars.

In a short while, Malak and Erik had arrived at the area of the armored aircraft.

There were more than twenty of them parked in an orderly fashion.

They appeared like army jets but bigger in size and ten times better.

Whether in terms of weapons, speed, mobility, defenses...etc.

I will take the black one! Erik shouted while jumping on the wing of a pitch-black armored aircraft.

Then, he swiftly entered the cockpit and closed the glass door on him.

After doing so, he let the Queen take care of the rest.

Seeing that his aircraft was slowly getting in position to accelerate through a closed gate, Malak swiftly picked a grey aircraft and entered the queue.

It was starting to get longer as the other armored aircrafts started to move on their own, forming a long line.

Naturally, they were controlled by AIs.

In this Era, AI control was ten times better than humans manual control.

So, they were definitely going to perform better than Malak and Erik.

That\'s if we didn\'t consider the bloodline abilities.

The gate will open up in less than 10 seconds. Samir announced on their radio.

Erik and Malak narrowed their eyes at the gate after hearing so.

Exactly after ten seconds, the giant silver gate began slowly opening up, showing the pirates\' spaceship lasering the ruins at a distance.

The instant the gate had been unsealed, Erik\'s aircraft started accelerating until it emerged outside akin to homing missile guided towards those spaceships!

The rest followed after his aircraft swiftly and created a \'V\' formation while his aircraft was the head of it.

Do you think it\'s necessary to use an invisibility system Erik wondered as he glanced at the aircraft near him that was fully invisible.

Who knows Those pirates might be dumb enough to not glance at their radar while we approach them. Malak replied.

Too bad for her, they got noticed the instant they emerged from the spaceship by Liam.

He warned the rest about their assault, making every pirate operator keep a constant eye out on their radars.

They knew that their spaceships might be smaller when compared to the behemoth Northern Sentinel, but they were still considered large when put next to armored aircraft.

Hence, their speed and mobility could never outperform aircraft in the planet\'s lower atmosphere.

However, their defenses and weapons were incomparable to the aircraft even though their spaceships were repaired with a crap alloy.

That\'s because any trash alloys that could allow a spaceship to travel at the speed of light while surviving its hazardous environment would be ten times better than any alloy that couldn\'t do so!

Malak knew all of this and was going to make sure to play by her strengths and minimize her weaknesses.

I want all aircraft to split into two groups and aim at one spaceship each time. Malak ordered, Erik lead the other group.

Leave it to me. Erik said confidently before requesting, Queen, I will leave it to you.

Idiot. Malak could only roll her eyes at him and focus on her target that was merely hundreds of meters away.

Seeing that the spaceship had stopped firing at the ruins and aimed its weapons on her group, she swiftly ordered the AIs to focus on counter-attacking.

Phew, Phew! Rumble!

Large metallic bullets were fired at them by dreadful railguns, making them hastily split apart to dodge them!


Alas, one aircraft ended up having a bullet penetrate its engine, causing an immediate explosion besides Malak\'s aircraft.

The horrifying speed of those bullets made it extremely difficult to dodge all of them at once!

Yet, Malak didn\'t seem scared at all as she simply kept pushing her aircraft to bridge the gap closer with the spaceship!

She never planned on using her aircraft to attack but just as a transportation method!

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