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THIS LITTLE BASTARD IS GOING TO GIVE ME A F*CKING HEART ATTACK! Robert yelled with reddened cheeks at the stream, appearing completely outraged by Felix's decision.

Who could blame him

In his eyes, Felix already had all the money in the world to spend for eternity.

His safety was guaranteed by the Witch Empire.

So, there was no reason for Felix to continue risking his life in the games in such a fashion.

Alas, if only he knew that Felix's sense of responsibility toward the elders in his mind was the reason why he always takes every game as seriously as possible.

Even if the elders told him not to go that far, Felix would still do it since he would never half-ass a game just to avoid feeling some pain.

Landlord has gone f*cking nuts! Kayn yelled, His body might survive it but the pain he will be experiencing is beyond understanding! I won't feel surprised if he ended dying from neurogenic shock!

Just as Kayn claimed, Felix was truly in great pain as his entire body was burning from the scalp to his tiptoes.


However, he simply gritted his teeth and kept his eyes closed shut as he dove down with his arms extended in a guard position in front of his face!

He knew that he would get burned to the bones if he didn't heal himself at the same time.

So, he was utilizing the agitator inducement to keep his flesh always recovering as it was burning.

This made it impossible for his nervous system to get burnt and relieve him from his misery.

'You got this Felix!' Asna cheered him on after starting to feel slightly bad for him.

She didn't why the change of heart as she would have been enjoying his agonizing state before.

Meanwhile, Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr didn't look worried at all.

Instead, they had confident smiles planted on their faces, making Erebus slightly confused and curious.

Aren't you worried that he might pass out or die from pain Erebus wondered.

No. Both responded at the same time.

Why so Erebus asked again.

Lady Sphinx and Jörmungandr looked at each other and smiled, leaving Erebus's question unanswered.

'Whatever, even if the kid didn't die, he will most definitely not emerge in his optimal form.' Erebus thought calmly, 'He already had almost a zero chance to turn this around in his peak form, don't even mention now.'

While Erebus was doubting Felix, his champion had noticed that he was being in hot pursuit by Felix! 

'He's nuts! How could anyone tolerate such pain!' Saltz Master exclaimed in his mind, breaking his composure yet again.

He truly didn't expect Felix to go for such a risky move to keep himself in the game.

Hell, even Krailder and the other four players near Felix were feeling chills as they looked at his crumbling skin that turns into ash.

Then, it gets recovered to almost peak just to be burnt again!

I gotta say that although the human's cultivation system isn't the best, it sure helps build abnormal pain tolerance to each cultivator! Kayn commentated with a hint of admiration in his tone.

His praise made the human viewers all feel fluffy inside.

Moments of pride like those were extremely rare since humans were used to getting cursed at or ignored by other races due to their historical f*ck ups and their **ty personalities.

So to have their cultivation system get praised before viewers from all over the universe was a big deal to many commoners and bloodliners as it made them feel slightly acknowledged.

Landlord! You got this!!...Keep it up, Landlord! We believe in you!...Landlord!!...

Chants resounded all over the stadium, coming from different corners since the spectators were getting merged together.

All of them were eying the screen with folded hands or clutching the top of their heads in worry and hope.

They could see that the distance left was a whopping 30 kilometers before he reaches the stratosphere.

He only needs to reach it and wouldn't need to worry about being burned again due to the game's modifications.

But 30 kilometers drop It would take him at least 1 to 2 minutes to reach the ceiling of the stratosphere layer if he kept in the same posture.

It was normal that he would be faster than them since the wind that was supposed to hinder him from reaching his fastest speed was the one fueling his fire!

'Not in my watch!' Burning Crusader immediately extended his palms behind his back and began spewing concentrated blue flames, making them seem like two jets!

Since he was also crow half-ling, his upper body was humanoid, unlike his button half.

He didn't possess wings just like Hell's Crow.


Still, his speed had exploded, making him close the distance to Felix quite easily!

He didn't want to utilize this technique since it consumes quite a lot of energy to keep his speed boosted.

He wanted to keep it until the last layer but he also didn't want to walk away from such a free kill.

He could see that Felix was struggling to deal with the pain, making it the perfect opportunity to get rid of him!


When he got in the perfect position to fire at Felix, he didn't hesitate to open his mouth and spew a breath of fire at him!

Felix didn't even bother to glance at the attack as he had already sensed his murderous intent from a mile away even though he was under unbearable agony!

The way he countered the attack was by unleashing the lightning stored in his body so he would slow down the attack aimed at him...As mentioned before, this slowness was in his own perspective.

In this situation, having the ability to think and move ten times faster than the attack was beyond crucial since it allowed Felix to reach out to the leather bag and pull out a boiling hot red nail!

Not wanting to add extra pain to himself, Felix held the nail with his mental energy and placed it almost instantaneously between two fingers that were already pointing at Burning Crusade.

Upon seeing that the fire breath was merely five meters away from him, Felix didn't hesitate to start the activation sequence of Thor's Ordnance!

Since everything was happening almost at the speed of sound, Felix managed to fuel the ability substantially!

Then Felix stomached the pain in his burnt black fingers and flicked the nail's head like he was fl.i.c.k.i.n.g a piece of crumpled paper!

Immediately after, Felix had closed the lightning containers with his mental control, allowing his mind to see and process everything again at a normal speed.

The first thing that came into his vision was Burning Crusade's expression that was in the process of changing from confident to horrified in a single moment!

Alas, before his expression could manifest fully, the golden beam had gone through the fire breath and emerged from the back of his c.h.e.s.t, leaving a wide hole after it disappeared in the horizons!


Felix didn't come fully unscathed from this as the remaining of the fire breath still landed on him, adding to his misery.

Thankfully, his body was already scorched black to make any difference.

Two attacks happened at the same time...But the results were utterly different, making the viewers doubt their eyes as they didn't expect that outcome would turn to be like this!

Just like the players, they knew about Felix's abilities separately but they seem to forget that Felix's lightning-quick passive could be combined with every ability he owns!

'F*ck me sideways, he fired the same golden beam in less than a split second! How could anyone defend against it!' Waterloo, who was above them, drew a deep breath in agitation.

He immediately glid to the left, putting more distance between him and Felix.

Krialder and the other two players did the same as they didn't want to go all out in the 3rd layer.

Burning Crusade's bloody corpse was the perfect warning that Felix wasn't an easy kill even if he was literally getting fried!

Landlord! Oh, Landlord! Your pain tolerance sure put everyone's to shame! Kayn said with an awed look.

He was already beyond surprised that Felix could last this long.

Yet, the bastard was still in full control of his body and senses to be able to retaliate like that!

What the viewers didn't know was that Felix had been using his mental energy to contain his stored lightning, then use it again to hold into the nail while at the same pump the agitator inducement to heal himself at the same time as well!

He was doing all of that while getting burned!

It wouldn't have been possible without the daily mental control exercises that he did for potion-making.

Hard work in anything always pays off!


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