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'Are you certain in your calculations' Wild's Breath changed the subject since he also didn't want to fall out with Felix so soon.

'90%.' Felix nodded his head firmly.

Upon hearing so, Wild's Breath didn't add anything else.

Meanwhile, at the front of the pack, Sensation, and Krialder were leading it by a small margin.

They were first to veer off slightly to the right so they could enter the teleportation circle.

While Sensation wasn't making any other moves, Krialder had brought out four Talismans at once and folded them in his palms.

'I must get rid of this Charm Elementalist before I run out of mental defense Talismans.' Krialder planned with a serious expression.

He understood that he was dangerously close to Sensation.

If she decided to switch her target to him abruptly while he wasn't protected by the talismans, his fate would be the same as those two players guarding her.

Blade Curser had successfully gone through the teleportation circle!

Meanwhile, Kayn was commentating while placing the camera on that player who was leading the entire race by five kilometers or so.

However, after the teleportation, he ended up widening the distance by 15 kilometers!

'F*ck this bastard's luck is going win him the game!' Felix cursed.

It wasn't just him who felt this way as the players had all started to feel skittish by the current status quo.

They understood that if someone didn't try to stop him, the f*cker would keep widening the distance little by little.

That's because they would be fighting against each other, slowing themselves up in the process while he would continue to go at his fastest speed!

The only way to catch up to him was by not fighting in the next two layers and hope that he would get hindered by the obstacles in the last layer!

This was the reason why everyone was currently aiming at the 1st teleportation circle.

All of them would be getting one free opportunity to change their current placement without any risk of getting teleported backward.

'You rea..hmmm'

Just as Felix wanted to check on Wild's Breath, his expression changed to a startled one after spotting that Krialder's hands burning with green fire!

'How much did he use and who is going to be his target' Felix raised his vigilance to the max as he kept zooming on him.

There was only 1 kilometer between them and he could most definitely aim at him.

Since his burning hands were high-profiled, everyone had noticed them and raised their guards against him.

'Is he finally making a move on me' Sensation thought while glancing behind the giant body of her Orc bodyguard.

However, the players waited and waited yet Krialder didn't strike anymore.

He simply kept diving towards the teleportation circle that was already in plain sight.

Naturally, the players behind them weren't going to let them enter it that smoothly as they had activated multiple offensive elemental abilities and waited until they got closer to the circle.

The instant they saw that they were mere hundreds of meters away from it, they fired everything at once, fully confident that their abilities would hit one of them!

Whoosh Whoosh!!

'Filthy Orc! Protect me well!' Sensation ordered sternly while taking cover below the Orc's giant body, turning him into an umbrella in a rain of abilities!!

Boom Boom!

Due to his wide back, he ended up eating most of the abilities thrown at them!

Thankfully, the other charmed fisherman player had created a water shield around them before, letting it tank a few abilities before breaking down.

Just as Sensation tried to check the Orc's wounds, a sudden chill coursed on her back, making her feel like a gun was pointed straight at her temple!


He was drawing two greenish flaming arrows while aiming at her head! Because of the previous rain of abilities, there was smoke everywhere resulting from their explosive collisions!

Krialder had taken advantage of that chaotic situation to pull a fast one on Sensation!


Not giving her a split second to think, Krialder released his bowstring and watched the first arrow explode in contact with the fisherman's c.h.e.s.t, killing him instantly!

The water shield that was protecting them earlier had been destroyed by the previous salvo, leaving them vulnerable to Krialder!

Before Sensation could regain her wits at losing one of her meatshields, Krialder fired off the other arrow right at her face!

Whoosh Whoosh!!

Abruptly, her three fluffy white tails had moved on their own and stacked in front of her face, trying to protect her from the arrow!

When some of Krialder's fans saw this, the first thought that course in their mind was, 'Is she for real'

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Right after the explosion occurred, the three of them had gone through the teleportation circle and disappeared at once!

Where are they now! Kayn opened his eyes widely and started looking for them from a teleportation circle to another.

Soon, he spotted that all three of them had been separated!

Krialder had been sent only 5 kilometers away and 2 kilometers off course.

Meanwhile, the Orc had actually ended up getting sent to a teleportation circle that was 15 kilometers away from the pack!

However, he still seemed under the control of Sensation's charm element as he was wobbling all over like a puppet without its master.

His back was a bloody mess from the previous attacks yet he didn't seem to feel anything.

There was a peculiar black patch on his back that no one had noticed...

'Good Shit!'

Meanwhile, the sight had sent Felix over the clouds.

He didn't know if she was dead or alive but he was beyond joyful just from the fact that her bodyguards had been dealt with properly!

A normal Charm Elementalist without men to protect her was the same as a defenseless kitty.

However, Sensation wasn't just any ordinary Charm Elementalist!

After the greenish fire had disappeared, most viewers who didn't know anything about spirit foxes were startled by the newly breathtaking image of Sensation.

She had fully transformed into a milky white fox with three giant tails behind her!

The tails had their tips colored in pink, appearing like they hadn't been damaged at all by the previous explosion!

'F*cking hell, she actually managed to pull it off during the explosion.'

Felix cursed while clutching Wild Breath's fur dearly for his life as they were getting bombarded after reaching the teleportation circle.

Based on his research, the transformation enhances her charm to an unfathomable level.

In addition, it turns her tails into killing machines as their fluffiness was merely a decoy to the monstrous strength within them.

Although her other body parts remained weaker, the fur becomes resistant to multiple destructive elements.

This was the reason why the three tails had managed to block the flaming arrow before.

Sensation had activated her transformation instinctively after realizing the grave danger she was in!

Hehe, it's not that easy to get rid of my girl. Kumiho giggled in enjoyment after seeing that Erebus and Lady Sphinx were showing disgruntled expressions.

Meanwhile, Krialder merely shrugged his shoulders and continued diving after her.

He tried and failed to kill her.

The worst part, she didn't bother to even glance at Krialder or the pack behind him as she went full out in her dive to catch up to the Orc!

He was more important than anything currently!

Whoosh Whoosh!

Meanwhile, Felix and Wild's Breath had successfully gone through the teleportation circle.

They did it while staying in touch so they would get teleported to the same destination.

If Sensation didn't get ambushed at such a critical moment, she would have touched her bodyguards to take them with her.

A split second later, Felix and Wild's Breath had emerged from another teleportation circle while being focused by the camera.

When their fans saw the distance crossed, they could only shake their heads in dejection. 

The unlucky dogs had been teleported to the 2nd teleportation circle, crossing merely 5 kilometers just like Krialder.

Meanwhile, Blade Curser, and that Orc were at least 15 kilometers away from them. 

'Give me a f*cking break already.'

Vexed with his streak of garbage luck, Felix could only w.h.i.n.e about it in his mind while detaching himself from Wild's Breath.

'Poor thing, he would have ended in the first place by now if he didn't ally with a burden like you.' Asna fired shots with a taunting voice.

Totally ignoring her remark, Felix searched in front for Saltz Master, wanting to check his current position.

Saltz Master and a few more players had entered the circle before them.

He had already noticed that multiple players had ended up either near them or five kilometers ahead of them.

However, there was no sight of Saltz Master no matter where he looked!


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